Opera Mini browser is currently unavailable from the Windows Phone Store [Update: it's back!]

Update: All is well in Opera land, and the browser is once again available on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Malcom!

Just one week ago, Opera ditched the "beta" label for its Opera Mini web browser for Windows Phone. Now that same browser is currently not available from the Windows Phone Store, but this may be a temporarily situation.

The removal of Opera Mini happened earlier this morning, and the official Opera Twitter page has admitted the browser has been taken down, but did not give a reason:

"As some of you have noticed, #OperaMini is currently not on the #WindowsPhone store. We're working to get it back to you soon :)"

Based on the message, we would assume this a minor hiccup and that the browser will be back in the very near future. We have contacted Opera to see if they can offer any more information on this removal.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Source: Opera (Twitter)

John Callaham