Opera unveils Neon, a concept browser that changes how you browse the web

Opera is looking to spice up browsers once again with its latest project, simply called Opera Neon. Meant as a kind of concept browser, Opera Neon changes up what has become a relatively staid desktop browser market by offering some interesting new ideas on how to browse the web.

Upon starting up Opera Neon, you'll immediately see some big differences between it and your usual browser of choice. The browser automatically pulls in your desktop wallpaper to act as a backdrop to its start page, while easily identifiable bubbles on the side of the app replace the typical tab bar up top. Neon also includes video pop-out and split screen modes, allowing you to easily watch a video while you browse other sites, or simply stack two windows next to each other with just a click.

Neon also has a number of other cool flourishes, ranging from easy screenshots to a physics engine, that are worth checking out. Keep in mind that Neon isn't meant to fully replace whatever browser you currently use, as the emphasis is definitely on the word "concept" here. However, it is definitely an interesting experiment in how the browser space could be shaken up in the future. Plus, as an interesting (but unrelated) aside, the browser just happens to share a name with Microsoft's Project Neon, Windows 10's upcoming visual refresh that's meant to be a "UI that transports across devices."

Interested in trying out Opera Neon? If so, you can download the experimental browser and give it a shot from Opera now. Also be sure to chime in and let us know what you think in the comments!

Download Opera Neon

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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