Opera for WP7 launching at CTIA

Opera has announced that it will be releasing its first WP7 browser, Opera Mobile 11, at CTIA next week.  Along with Mobile 11, the launch will also include Opera Mini 6.  Between the two versions Opera plans to cover a wide range of mobile operating systems: Windows Phone 7, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian/Series 60, J2ME and MeeGo. Commenting on the versatility of the cross-platform browser, Lars Boilesen, CEO, had this to say:

"In our lineup, all players are equally important--we leave no device behind. Our small and clever pieces of software will give you a 5-star experience, no matter what hardware you prefer"

Details are scarce, so we'll just have to wait and see develops at CTIA.  If this holds true, Windows Phone 7 users will finally have an alternative to Internet Explorer.  It will also be interesting to see how the Opera announcement will effect the Mango update and IE9's transition to the mobile platform. 

Source: Opera (opens in new tab); Via: PocketNow

Update: False alarm

Seth Brodeur
  • Yeah, baby!
  • Fantastic news, it's my browser choice on desktop and was brilliant on both Symbian and WM6.5
  • Yes, Opera was a must have for browsing on WinMo, I'm happy to see it on WP7
  • "In our lineup, all players are equally important--we leave no device behind. Our small and clever pieces of software will give you a 5-star experience, no matter what hardware you prefer"Unless you're WebOS, apparently.
  • Yes, yes, yes! I'm glad this is finally happening. I've been using Opera on my computers and phones since I've had a data plan. I mean, even my Helio Ocean had Opera Mini on it!
  • I hope this pushes MS to release IE9 on WP7 faster, on it's own even, no need to wait to add it with a huge OS update. It's just an app in the end. Though on the other hand lots of apps do use the IE engine to show things/pages so maybe that comes into play.
  • Just read Opera's press release, it doesn't say Windows Phone 7, it says Windows 7.Though this could be just an error, it could also mean they are releasing Opera Mobile for Windows 7 tablets. Can you guys reach out to Opera and clarify this?
  • If they deliver the same level of poor support they did for Windows Mobile I see lots of frustrated forum posts ahead for those who use this. I am personally happy with IE, and IE9 will be even better.
  • Some competition doesn't hurt though, and maybe we can get IE9 faster.
  • @Chris S, they're referring to Opera Mobile 11 so we have to assume they mean windows phone 7, rather than windows 7 tablets, mainly because windows 7 on tablets at the moment usually just uses standard windows 7 interface, and there are very few tablets available that run on windows 7
  • Hmm...if this doesn't webkit than I don't know what it could offer over IE8. That is really my only complaint about IE8 is that mobile sites look better in iOS Safari.
  • Huh? iOS Safari as a browser isn't better at rendering websites than WP7. Have you even seen it in action?!?!
  • My biggest complaint is that pages that are optimized for webkit browsers refuse to display properly in IE8. Yet they run fine on iOS, Android, and even webOS.
  • Exactly. Compare Engadget which is optimized for webkit on iOS vs WP7. On Safari you get a scrolling top news pane at the top, formatted text for size, etc. On IE8 you just get a bunch of lines of varying sized text. Same for youtube. Browse to youtube on Safari mobile and check the difference with IE8 on WP7.I would agree that for full sized websites I like IE8 better, but mobile versions of sites are easier to browse on a phone and webkit is huge these days.
  • I've been very impressed with IE on WP7 overall, renders almost every page I've been to spot on, but of course HTML5 support will be very welcome with IE9.Oh and just as an FYI, it's not IE8 running on WP7, primarily IE7 with what I understand to be 'aspects' of IE8 added in.
  • I want to add also that not all Android browsers support webkit either...some do some don't. I am curious if IE9 will, but I doubt it. It was invented by Apple, and MS's most recent press release said they were not going to support it because developers complained or something (don't know why that would be).
  • Either you have no idea what you are talking about or you are trolling. Webkit is not some web technology that browsers need to support, its a rendering engine, the component that takes the marked up content and "paints" it on the screen. Internet Explorer uses the Trident rendering engine. IE Mobile on WP7 uses Trident 3.1 a quite old version, given that IE8 uses v4.0 and IE9 uses v5.0Webkit is the rendering engine of Safari, Chrome, Android Browser, Blackberry Browser, WebOS browser and a lot of other mobile browsersGecko is the rendering engine of Firefox and all other Mozilla based browsersPresto is the rendering engine of Opera
  • So then it the webpages are optimized for webkit then. I thought it was the other way around. Fine, that explains it. I know that on Android webkit-optimized pages look differently on 2 different browsers, which is why I said that. I guess that if the site is webkit-optimized then, that IE9 would not be able to render it in the same way a webkit browser does. That is all I was getting at. It would be nice if IE9 could display the pages in that format because it is far superior on a mobile sized screen.
  • I certainly enjoyed Opera on Windows MOBILE, as Pocket IE SUCKED. However, with WP7 and it's version of IE, there is very little need for another mobile browser. Yes, there are limitations to IE in WP7, but it is a damn good browser.