Update: Opera Mobile not coming to WP7

Earlier, it was reported that Opera would be bringing their mobile browser to Windows Phone 7.  We have now received word that Opera Mobile is not heading to our Windows Phones.  While there was a glimmer of hope that the press release from Opera Mobile contained a typo when it read,

"The Opera Mobile 11 will bring the music on the Android, Symbian, Windows 7 and MeeGo platforms."

We have received confirmation from Opera that this wasn't a typo and the company was referring to Windows 7 (the desktop OS). The reasoning, there are a few tablets out there running Windows 7, technically are mobile, and will be receiving the new Opera mobile browser in the near future. Quoting Falguni Bhuta from Opera,

"Yes indeed Opera Mobile is headed to Windows 7 - the desktop OS which is also used on certain tablets and touch desktop devices."

It wasn't that big a stretch to think that Opera is referring to mobile operating systems when they discuss their mobile browsers. Right?  I guess Windows Phone 7's loss is Windows 7 gain.

Thanks goes out to DavidK for tipping us on this!

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  • who? cares.
  • It's nice to have browser options. That's all. Opera makes pretty standards compliant browsers, and any time the bigger players throw their hat into the WP7 mix is a win for us and the platform.
  • You sir, are a champion with the English language.
  • that is correct, you know I tried to download Opera for WebOS, so I've never seen it in action, I just don't know. And if they are snubbing us, then it's their loss.
  • I care. And so should anyone interested in consumers getting the best choices they can. An example from Windows Mobile is that there are some websites I visit that don't render properly with Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. Yet those same sites work perfectly on Opera for WM 6.5. It is nice to have options and not be reliant on only one vendor. It's a shame that they won't be coming to WP7. I wonder if it's the lack of access to a native API?
  • OH well, maybe in the future but by then we'll already have IE9 so the need probably won't be there for a 2nd browser.
  • "then we'll already have IE9 so the need probably won't be there for a 2nd browser."LOL....that seems to be the motto of WP7....fewer choices is better. ;)
  • btw moderators, can we start seeing Arrive cases up there. I'd like to support my new favorite site.
  • With regards to the Arrive, look for something in the morning. As far as cases are concerned for the Arrive, I'm finding every case I have for the AT&T Tilt2/Touch Pro 2 fits the Arrive rather nicely.
  • This should come as no surprise to anyone. Realistically, who in their right mind would spend the time and maybe even money to rewrite all their multiplatform C/C++ code in C# just to support one platform. Sorry, but that just isn't going to happen. It sucks for us, but that's the way it is.
  • I would like to see it-I never used IE on my Q9h. A lot of unique features that WM6.1 IE never had..What is up with the spam? Daniel, George please delete!
  • working on it. Unfortunately, the 'bots don't need sleep.
  • Okay, sure choices are good, but I've used the native browser (albeit only in the store...Verizon is absent WP7 at the moment). It seemed pretty good to me. Does WP7 need Opera?
  • Unless IE 9 is a vast improvement over the cobbled together IE 7/8 that's on the device now, then I'd love to see alternative browsers on my WP7 (LG Quantum for those keeping score).As a user and developer for WP7, I'd say that so far the browser has been the weakest link. Compared to Android, iOS and even WebOS (all web kit based browsers), the browser is sub-standard in my opinion.The nature of my current app in the catalog has required me to spend more time than most with the browser and browser control.Fr'instances:1) Gradients in images show up in all their mid-90s, banded glory. Example: http://galacticbeacon.com/16 This is a lame comic I made, but the point is on WP7 the background is badly banded, whereas it is smoothly rendered on EVERY other device I've tested (various Android devices, iOS, WebOS, Windows 7...).2) Browser control can't find files in isolated storage about 20% of the time. This one is bizarre. My app is an eReader for my comics and sci fi stories, so I load the html files into isolated storage. When you try to launch one, it works most of the time, but around 20% of the time the browser control says it can't find the file. I check for that condition and tell it to try again and hey presto it works...3) Slooooow. Even on wi-fi. Compared to other devices I use.4) Landscape takes away address bar. Really? At least give us tap and hold to make that pop up.5) No Silverlight in browser. REALLY? Silverlight is a 1st class citizen on this device otherwise. I love Silverlight, by the way.That's enough to make me want an alternative.Despite the better screen and better processor on the Quantum, I find myself resorting to my Pre Plus (WebOS) for web browsing much of the time, so I'd say that WP7 very much needs alternative browsers.Overall I like WP7 and hope it succeeds. Browser options can only help it.