Optus believes Samsung Omnia 7 runs Symbian?

This is certainly an odd observation, but yes it appears Optus, an Australian carrier, has got their Samsung Omnia 7 packing Symbian according to promotional material (see above). Obviously this is a simple error when creating the sheet, but it's amusing to see the Metro UI being displayed with Microsoft Office and Xbox functionality, powered by Symbian. We bet the folks at Optus are having some giggles behind the scenes.

Source: WinPhoneXAP, thanks Gaille for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • And these are the kind of people you ask for advice when choosing a new smartphone. Geezz. Glad they don't fill prescriptions.
  • I'm so going into an Optus store today to correct them.. have a laugh at their expense.
  • Optus are also selling this phone for $249 outright, but none of the staff know about it.
    I had an argument with rude staff in one store who wouldn't check the computer for pricing before driving to another store that would check the price.
    For $249 it was the perfect phone for my mum.
  • It's pretty dumb for a carrier who sells Windows Phone doesn't know what it is. They should be taught by Microsoft.
  • Hey - that's my photo! LOL
    Picture was taken in the Victorian (Aussie) city of Cranbourne.
    The store was Cranbourne Central Optus store bu the food court.  The price was pretty good however, at $249 outright for the handset.  Fairly cheap for AUS - and we still don't have any GEN2 device announcements!
  • u guys are in the same boat as us? (canada) that makes me feel a tiny bit better :P
  • In Telcel, from México, they say the LG E900 runs java applications..