Orange UK Exchange newsletter promotes EE 4G hardware including Lumia Windows Phones

We're almost at 4G - Lumia 920 promoted for EE

Orange UK has issued the September edition of its Orange Exchange email newsletter, which includes information on upcoming 4G hardware that will be launching on parent network EE (previously known as Everything Everywhere). We were at the EE launch event in London last month where the new network announced an array of 4G hardware including the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

EE is kicking off the UK's first LTE network with four cities having their "4G turned on" - London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol. By the end of 2012, EE expects to have 16 UK cities live, increasing data speeds for more than 20 million customers by 2013.

UK cities to be covered by EE LTE by 2013

Alongside the iPhone 5, which is the prominently advertised smartphone on EE's website, the network also unveiled both Android and Windows Phone devices at its event. Both recently announced Lumia Windows Phones were present, and both will be sporting LTE speeds on the new network.

It seems EE is set to use Orange and T-Mobile as temporary stops for those seeking extreme speeds. Should you wish to make use of EE in the future, one can kick-start their contract with either Orange or T-Mobile and then subsequently switch to EE when possible. Be sure to sign up to receive updates (opens in new tab) to be alerted when EE launches LTE in your area.

Thanks, Dave, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hd Voice? Interesting if this will be in US as well or if it will be skipped like iPhone.
  • awful render...the display is too close to the buttons.
  • Great promotion... It should also mention that Nokia Maps and Nokia City Lens work "offline"-- a fantastic differentiator I believe.
  • This should be standard promotion for Lumia 920 everywhere... Very clear and concise... Would definitely get me interested in buying Lumia 920... Or at least take a closer look
  • Amazed "Taking photos and videos" was not under "Best for"
  • look and read again buddy...
  • I'm an orangeUK customer and to be honest im not that fussed by this.. Orange has this lovely knack of saying you have one thing and then taking it away when they feel like it. They cap data at 500mb normally and then rinse you for cash when you want more. I've had the emails about this and I've signed up for details but unless they remove their tiny caps then I'll stick with my all you can eat data sim (caps at 80gb) from 3 for £25 a month. That's handles streaming pretty well (Netflix nd google music)
    Come on orange... Prove me wrong coz I would love love a lumia 920 with 4g.