Out numbering your enemy in the Windows Phone game The Viking’s Revenge

The Viking's Revenge is an interesting Windows Phone battle game.  Instead of relying on combat sequences and action packed graphics, the game relies on your powers of concentration and speed.

The Viking's Revenge is a game of conquest where you are called upon to defeat your enemy strongholds and occupying all the islands on the gaming screen.  At the same time, your enemy is trying to do the same.

Battle is done solely by numbers in that you need more attacking forces than your enemy has defending forces.  Game play is rather simple but the pace of the game creates the challenge.  It may not be everyone's cup of tea but The Viking's Revenge makes a decent first impression and isn't a bad gaming option to consider.

The Viking's Revenge’s main menu presents you with three options; continue an existing campaign, start a new campaign and access the gaming options.  Gaming options are limited to muting the game’s music.

The Viking’s Revenge has twenty-one levels of play with the first level preceded by a series of tutorial screens.  The game screen has a series of islands (or planets) scattered about the screen.  You control the green islands, yellow islands are neutral and your enemy controls the brown islands.  Below each island is a number that represents troop strength.  Troops occupying neutral islands remain constant but your troops and your enemies’ troops will increase with time.

Game play is simple in that you tap the island you want to attack from then tap the island you want to attack.  A tiny helicopter will appear to transport half your troop force to attack the targeted island.  The number of attacking troops must outnumber the defending troops to be successful. 

If successful, the island color changes and you begin building troops at that location.  Along with attacking other islands, you can transfer troops between islands to bolster up your defenses.

The goal is to occupy all the islands on the screen.

What gives The Viking’s Revenge a degree of difficulty is that while you’re island hopping, conquering lands, so is your enemy.  The faster you defeat your enemy, the slower they can build up troops and counter attack your positions.  As you progress through the levels of play, the enemy gets a little more aggressive which picks up the pace of the game.

While The Viking’s Revenge is not a complicated game there is one annoying quirk hurts the game.  Screen sensitivity often made it difficult to highlight an attacking island or a target island.  With your enemy advancing smoothly, this quirk can become somewhat frustrating.

Otherwise, graphics are decent, game play challenging with a slight up-tempo pace and overall The Viking’s Revenge is an entertaining option for those looking for a Windows Phone game to pass the time with.  It is a free game available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

You can pick up your copy of The Viking's Revenge here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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