Blizzard's popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch has kicked off its second season of Competitive Play with a bang following a new patch on both Xbox One and PC. In Season 2, Blizzard has dialed in Overwatch's Competitive Play mode even more by adding skill tiers and switching the skill rating system to a 1-5000 scale. The developer says Sudden Death is going away as well, and a match that is tied when the clock runs out will be counted as a draw.

Overwatch kicks off Competitive Play Season 2 with new map and more

Of course, the update also introduces a brand-new map with Eichenwalde, which is an Assault/Escort map centered around a German village. Blizzard says:

The forest has slowly begun overtaking the abandoned village of Eichenwalde, but the scars will never completely fade. During the Omnic Crisis, Eichenwalde was the site of a key battle. General Balderich von Adler took a handful of crusaders to the village in an effort to outflank the omnic army. Balderich's soldiers were able to break down the enemy forces, giving the German military an opportunity to push back, but the Crusaders didn't make it out of the battle. General Balderich finally collapsed in the castle's great hall.

Of course, there are an absolute ton of fixes and balance changes to take note of as well. Be sure to check out the full list of patch notes for a detailed rundown, as well as some of the developer comments behind each balance change.

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