Overwatch Xbox Series X/S update brings 120 FPS support and more

Overwatch (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Overwatch has received an upgrade on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, following its latest patch.
  • The update implements three graphical modes, including a new 120 FPS performance mode on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hardware.

Overwatch has received its latest 1.58 patch on all platforms, and for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners, it includes new optimizations for the consoles. Blizzard Entertainment has implemented three new graphical modes on the new Xbox consoles, including 120 frames-per-second (FPS) support across the duo. It's the first next-generation refresh for Overwatch, although with no word on an equivalent PlayStation 5 update at this moment in time.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles assign the Xbox Series X|S Optimized badge to the title following the update, which adds three video settings to the game menu. As detailed via the latest patch notes, "Resolution" mode favors output clarity, "Balanced" compromises resolution for image quality, while "Framerate" achieves a smooth 120 FPS at a lower target resolution.

  • "Resolution" : This mode prefers higher-resolution output at the cost of some image-quality (Series X: 4K @ 60Hz, Series S: 1440p @ 60Hz)
  • "Balanced" : This mode prefers image-quality at the cost of resolution (Series X: 1440p @ 60Hz, Series S: 1080p @ 60Hz)
  • "Framerate" : This mode prefers higher frame-rate at 120 frames-per-second at the cost of both image-quality and resolution (Series X: 1440p @ 120Hz, Series S: 1080p @ 120Hz)

As with any 120 FPS titles, those hoping to leverage the benefits must connect an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S to a compatible high-framerate display. Unlike the HDMI 2.1 connectivity demanded by 4K gaming at 120 FPS, increasingly common among the best Xbox Series X 4K TVs, the 1440p and 1080p targets also work great with HDMI 2.0 displays, including older monitors.

Overwatch now joins the steadily growing list of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S 120 FPS titles, including top shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The support works great with any competitive title, bringing the fluidity and reactivity PC gaming has witnessed for years.

The latest Overwatch update is now live on all platforms, including a limited-time PachiMarchi event, including the full suite of visual enhancements on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Matt Brown

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