List of Xbox Series X, Series S games with 120 FPS

Gears 5
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With a new generation of consoles comes new hardware capabilities. One of the exciting new features of the Xbox Series X|S console family is the ability to run games at 120 FPS, providing a smoother experience than previous generations that capped out at 60 FPS. We've tracked down all the games so far that support 120 FPS, even if it's only in certain game modes or resolutions. Here's the complete list of Xbox Series X and S games with 120 FPS support — that we know of so far.

With the power of Xbox FPS Boost, even older Xbox games can experience higher framerates across the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, even up to 120 FPS! This means the list of Xbox Series X|S that can push all the way to 120 FPS will grow even faster with favorite games from the last generation of consoles.

Why is 120 FPS support important in games on Xbox Series X|S?

Gaming on a console can be an excellent way to experience the broad world of video games, but consoles have historically lagged far behind powerful gaming PCs for sheer power. Next-gen consoles like Xbox Series X|S and the PS5 begin to unravel these precedents by officially ushering in hardware support for up to 120 FPS in select games. But what does this actually mean?

Simply put, running games at a higher framerate allows for more animation detail, reduces input lag, and generally allows for a better gaming experience. For games that require or benefit from faster reaction times, a higher framerate can be the difference between victory and defeat. This is primarily useful in multiplayer games, but the benefits can also be found in single-player titles from time to time.

You can see these benefits in action thanks to the video above, which shows the incredible Xbox platformer Ori and the Will of the Wisps running on the Xbox Series X in 120 FPS, and even shows a side-by-side comparison of the game slowed down at both 120 FPS and 60FPS.

120 FPS support is still limited on Xbox Series X|S, and it does come with some caveats like downgraded resolution, lesser visual fidelity, 120 FPS being restricted to certain modes, differences between Xbox Series X and S, and specific hardware requirements like a high-end TV with HDMI 2.0 or 2.1. Still, 120 FPS support in console gaming is, well, a game-changer for a lot of players who seek the fastest performance they can.

List of games that support 120 FPS on Xbox Series X|S

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GameXbox Series XXbox Series SOptimized/FPS BoostFree/Paid upgrade/Smart DeliveryUpgrade/game release date
Apex LegendsYesUnknownOptimizedSmart DeliveryUnknown
A Plague Tale: InnocenceYes, 1440pYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryJuly 6, 2021
Battle Chasers: NightwarYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Battlefield 4YesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Battlefield HardlineYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Battlefield 1YesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Battlefield VYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Borderlands 3Yes, 1080pNoOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 16, 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarYes, ~1200pNoOptimizedPaid upgradeNov. 13, 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Yes, dynamic 4KYes, dynamic 1440pOptimizedPaid updateOct. 28, 2022
Call of Duty: WarzoneYes, 4KYes, 1080pOptimizedFree-to-playNov. 10, 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone 2Yes, dynamic 4KYes, dynamic 1440pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 16, 2022
Call of Duty: VanguardYes, 1536pYes, 1080pOptimizedNoNov. 5, 2021
CrossCodeYes, 4KYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNovember 2020
DeathloopYes, dynamic 1440pNoOptimizedSmart DeliverySep. 20, 2022
DescendersYes, 1080pNoOptimizedSmart DeliveryJune 8, 2021
Destiny 2Yes, 4KNoOptimizedSmart DeliveryDec. 8, 2020
Devil May Cry 5 Special EditionYes, 1080pNoOptimizedNext-gen exclusiveNov. 10, 2020
Doom EternalYes, dynamic 1800pYes, dynamic 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryJune 29, 2021
DiRT 4YesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
DiRT 5Yes, ~1440pYes, ~1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
Don't Starve Giant EditionYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
ExoMechaYes, ~4KUnknownOptimizedUnknownUnknown
FortniteYes, 1440pYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
Gears 5Yes, 4KYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
GhostrunnerYes, 4KNoOptimizedSmart Delivery2021
Golf with Your FriendsYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Halo InfiniteYes, 1440pYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart Delivery2021
Halo: Spartan AssaultYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionYes, 4KYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 17, 2020
Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeYes, dynamic 1080pNoOptimizedSmart DeliveryAug. 9, 2021
Hollow Knight Void Heart EditionYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Hyper ScapeYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Island SaverYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
JYDGEYes, 4KUnknownOptimizedSmart DeliveryNovember 2020
King OddballYes, 4KUnknownOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
Knockout CityYes, 1440pYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart Delivery2021
LEGO Marvel's AvengersYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
LEGO The HobbitYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Mad MaxYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Mass Effect Legendary EditionYes, 1440pNoOptimizedSmart DeliveryMay 14, 2021
Metro 2033 ReduxYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Metro: Last Light ReduxYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Minecraft DungeonsYes, 4KNoOptimizedSmart DeliveryFeb. 24, 2021
Mirror's Edge CatalystYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Monster Boy and the Cursed KingdomYes, 4KUnknownOptimizedFree upgradeUnknown
Monster Hunter RiseYes, 1080pNoOptimizedFree upgradeJan. 20, 2023
Moving OutYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
My Friend PedroYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
New Super Lucky's TaleYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleFeb. 17, 2021
OlliOlli WorldYes, 4KYesOptimizedSmart DeliveryHoliday 2021
Ori and the Will of the WispsYes, 4KYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
Orphan of the MachineYes, 4KUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Overcooked! 2YesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Overwatch 2Yes, 1440pYes, 1080pSmart DeliveryFree upgradeMarch 9, 2021
PaladinsYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Persona 3 PortableYes, 4KNoSmart Delivery Free upgradeJan. 18, 2023
Persona 4 GoldenYes, 4KNoSmart DeliveryFree upgradeJan. 18, 2023
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2YesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for NeighborvilleYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Power Rangers: Battle for the GridYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Prince of Persia: The Lost CrownYes, 4KYes, 1440pOptimizedSmart DeliveryJan. 15, 2024
Psychonauts 2Yes, 1440pYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryAug. 25, 2021
QuakeYes, 4KYesOptimizedSmart DeliveryOct. 25, 2021
Quake 2Yes, 4KYesOptimizedSmart DeliveryAug. 10, 2023
Rainbow Six SiegeYes, 4KYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryDec. 1, 2020
Realm RoyaleYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Resident Evil 2Yes, 4KYes, 1440pOptimizedSmart Delivery2022
Resident Evil 3Yes, 4KYes, 1440pOptimizedSmart Delivery2022
Resident Evil 7: BiohazardYes, 4KYes, 1440pOptimizedSmart Delivery2022
Rocket LeagueYes, 1512pYes, 756pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
Rogue CompanyYes, 4KYes, 1440pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 25, 2020
Samurai ShodownYesYesOptimizedSmart DeliveryMarch 16, 2021
Sea of ThievesYes, 1080pNoOptimizedSmart DeliveryJan. 28, 2021
Second ExtinctionYesUnknownOptimizedSmart DeliveryApril 28, 2021
SMITEYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Star Wars BattlefrontYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Star Wars Battlefront IIYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Star Wars: SquadronsYes, 4KYes, 1440pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 26, 2020
SUPERHOTYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Super Lucky's TaleYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
The FalconeerYes, 1800pYes, 1080pOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
The Gardens BetweenYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
The LEGO Movie VideogameYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
The TourystYes, 4KYesOptimizedSmart DeliveryNov. 10, 2020
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands1080pNoOptimizedPaid upgradeMarch 25, 2022
TitanfallYesNoFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Titanfall 2YesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2Yes, 1080pNoOptimizedPaid upgradeMarch 26, 2021
Totally Reliable Delivery ServiceYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Unravel TwoYes,YesFPS BoostBackward compatibleApril 22, 2021
Unruly HeroesYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Untitled Goose GameYesYesFPS BoostBackward compatibleMay 3, 2021
Zombie Army 4: Dead WarYes, 1080p/NoRow 95 - Cell 2 OptimizedFree upgradeApril 8, 2021

Will more games add 120 FPS support on Xbox Series X|S?

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The list of games that support up to 120 FPS on Xbox Series X and S is pretty paltry in the grand scheme of things. The list of games that support 120 FPS on PS5 is considerably smaller, though still growing, with some notable first-party support. However, we're only a couple of years into the life of a new generation of console gaming, and it'll take a while for 120 FPS support to feel like a standard feature rather than an occasional extra. It's also worth keeping in mind that some game developers may choose to enhance other aspects of a game instead of running it at 120 FPS.

With so many older games updated to take advantage of the technology, the number of new titles supporting this kind of framerate has slowed down in more recent months. As of 2024, there are still games being added with this feature, such as Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, but these games are the exception, not the rule.

Still, the list of 120 FPS games on Xbox Series X|S has already grown considerably since the consoles' launch. Older games are becoming Xbox Series X|S Optimized with 120 FPS support, new games are beginning to launch on next-gen consoles, and Microsoft is even taking it into their own hands to bestow 120 FPS support on older Xbox games with the power of FPS Boost.

FPS Boost, especially, is an innovative feature applied to a select few backward-compatible games to double or even quadruple their framerates. This is an evolution of the Heutchy method first used on Xbox One X and promises to make our favorite older games run the best on Xbox Series X and S. A solid handful of titles support FPS Boost right now, though unfortunately this program has been ended, with Microsoft noting it's reached the limit of what games can be enhanced using the current methodology.

Will more games add 120 FPS support to Xbox Series X|S? It's almost certainly a yes.

How do I take advantage of 120 FPS support in games on Xbox Series X|S?

It's clear that 120 FPS support in games can be a huge benefit, especially for competitive or challenging games that beg for fast response times and fluidity. However, it's not immediately clear how to obtain 120 FPS even in supported games. It turns out it's slightly more complicated than it would immediately appear. In this section, I'll go over the three things you need to keep in mind to take advantage of 120 FPS support in games. Choose your console, choose your TV, and choose your game. Let's get started.

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S

Two different current-generation consoles. (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

When you're faced with two equally amazing choices, it can seem difficult to pit the Xbox Series X and Series S against each other. However, there are some key differences between the two consoles that can make all the difference depending on what you're looking for, especially for playing games at 120 FPS.

The biggest difference between the consoles is simply price. The flagship Xbox Series X retails for $500, while the smaller Xbox Series S retails for a much more palatable $300. Both consoles are impressively performant as next-gen consoles, but that $200 price discrepancy brings with it some crucial compromises in the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X is the ultimate next-gen gaming console, right alongside the sleek PS5, and boasts the full suite of advanced next-gen gaming features like powerful hardware, a lightning-fast SSD, real-time ray-tracing support, and so much more. It also has an integrated 4K Blu-ray player to play your physical games. Its superior GPU means it plays games at higher resolutions than the Xbox Series S and is more capable of pushing games to 120 FPS.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series S still includes all the next-gen features that make these consoles so exciting, like powerful CPU, the ultra-fast SSD and real-time ray-tracing support. However, the Xbox Series S sacrifices its physical disc drive (it's digital only) and a decent amount of GPU power. This generally means it targets a lower resolution than the Xbox Series X (either 1440p or 1080 versus 4K) and struggles more to play games at 120 FPS.

What does this mean? If you want the best gaming experience possible and the largest number of games playable at 120 FPS, no console is better than the Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S is still an absolute beast that can play next-gen games at a lower price than the competition — you'll just have to give up resolution and support for 120 FPS games in some instances, as well as giving up support for 60 FPS in a much, much smaller group of games. Check the chart above to see which games are 120 FPS on Xbox Series S versus Xbox Series X if you need help deciding which console is best for you.

Stock has improved massively since launch, so be sure to keep an eye on Windows Central, especially on Twitter, for updates on where to find the Xbox Series X and S whenever they do pop up. Generally speaking, you can find a console in stock now whenever you look, with the Xbox Series S in particular never being unavailable.

Picking the right TV

(Image credit: Source: Xbox | CD Projekt)

Arguably even more important for 120 FPS gaming than choosing which next-gen Xbox to get is your TV. A console can only go as far as its TV will let it, and 120 FPS gaming requires brand-new TV technologies currently only found in a select few TVs.

Of course, we have a comprehensive list and guide of the best 4K TVs for Xbox Series X|S, which breaks down everything you could need to know. If you need something smaller or more compact, there are also the best monitors for Xbox Series X|S to consider.

Here's a quick rundown of what you should look for in a TV to experience 120 FPS gaming on Xbox Series X|S.

TV features like picture quality, resolution, display type, HDR support, and more can all make huge differences when it comes to gaming on your Xbox Series X|S. However, playing games at 120 FPS requires a specific set of features in particular: a 120Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1 support.

A TV's (or monitor's) refresh rate refers to how quickly that screen is able to refresh the content on the display. Put simply, the faster the refresh rate, the smoother the picture. TVs that have 120Hz refresh rates can be paired with the Xbox Series X|S for ultra-smooth 120 FPS gaming. However, most TVs typically cap out at 60Hz.

Just as important as a TV's refresh rate, though, is its HDMI ports, which connect your Xbox Series X|S to your TV. To experience 120 FPS gaming, you'll need at least HDMI 2.0 support. However, this slightly older standard (still pretty new in TVs) can only do 120 FPS at a 1080p resolution. Perfect for the Xbox Series S, but an unfortunate restriction on the Xbox Series X. To truly get the most out of the Xbox Series X and 120 FPS gaming, you'll want a TV that pairs a 120Hz refresh rate with HDMI 2.1 support.

Here are three quick picks for awesome TVs that support 120 FPS gaming on Xbox Series X|S.

Finding the games

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Finally, the last step to experience the wonders of 120 FPS on Xbox Series X|S comes down to, well, the games that support it! The list of games that support 120 FPS on Xbox Series X|S, which you can find above, continues to grow over time. Some of these games rank among the best Xbox games around!

What you may not realize, however, is just how many of these games are actually included in Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! Microsoft's revolutionary gaming subscription service includes access to hundreds of games, and many of the titles that now support 120 FPS on Xbox Series X|S stand among them.

Here are all of the games that support 120 FPS on Xbox Series X|S that are currently on Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which bundles in EA Play):

  • Battlefield 4: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Battlefield 1: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Battlefield V: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • CrossCode: Xbox Game Pass
  • Destiny 2: Xbox Game Pass
  • DiRT 5: Xbox Game Pass
  • Gears 5: Xbox Game Pass
  • Halo Infinite: Xbox Game Pass
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection: Xbox Game Pass
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Xbox Game Pass
  • Minecraft Dungeons: Xbox Game Pass
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • New Super Lucky's Tale: Xbox Game Pass
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Xbox Game Pass
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Xbox Game Pass
  • Sea of Thieves: Xbox Game Pass
  • Star Wars Battlefront: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Star Wars Battlefront II: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • The Falconeer: Xbox Game Pass
  • The Touryst: Xbox Game Pass
  • Titanfall: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Titanfall 2: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Unravel 2: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/EA Play
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War: Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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