Overcooked 2 Xbox One review: Hectic fun that tests your multitasking skills

Customers are hungry. Get to work!

Overcooked was a hit in the gaming community when it released in 2016, garnering high review scores and universal acclaim. Thanks to its success, a sequel called Overcooked 2 has been developed and is now out on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch. Featuring a charming tone and exciting gameplay, it's one of the best Xbox One indie games in 2018 so far.

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Challenging multitasking gameplay

In Overcooked 2, you take control of a pair of chefs that need to work together to cook meals and get them out to waiting customers. The basic steps to creating a dish are to prepare the food, plate it, and hand the meal to the customer. You can change the chef you're controlling at any time, and if you assign them a task before doing so they will continue to do it. This allows for multitasking; for example, when making sushi, one chef can chop the fish while another cooks rice.

Each level in the game has a time limit, and in order to pass the levels, you'll need to successfully feed enough people in a certain amount of time. Failing to get the customer's order correct will yield lower points, and being too slow will do the same. Therefore, it's critical to use your time effectively and make sure both chefs are always keeping busy.

The game starts out easy, since you only have to make basic recipes in simple kitchens. However, things get tougher as customers order more complex dishes and kitchens begin to have obstacles or hazards. One particular level that takes place on a giant air balloon will cause your cooking appliances to slide across the bottom of the balloon's basket.

As much as I do like a challenge, though, I have to admit that the later levels feel confusing sometimes. There are cases where there's so much on screen going on at once that you'll spend thirty seconds or more just understanding and memorizing the layout of the level. Near the end of the game, that's time you can't afford to waste.

Silly and charming design

Despite how hectic it feels to play, Overcooked 2 is a mellow, goofy experience overall. The game's art direction is cute and comical, which will keep you smiling, and the music is both catchy and relaxing to listen to. When it comes to performance, the title is solid across the board. From start to finish, I had zero problems whatsoever.

Should you buy Overcooked 2?

If you enjoy fast-paced strategy games, than Overcooked 2 is guaranteed to give you a good time, though I think anyone can have fun with this game due to how simple the basics are, how lighthearted the tone is, and the fact that the game doesn't really get hard until later on. People who can't multitask well will admittedly struggle, but in general, I still think Overcooked 2 is definitely a title you should pick up.


  • Hectic, fun gameplay.
  • Easy to learn mechanics.
  • Lighthearted presentation.


  • Confusing in some aspects.

Overcooked 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Switch for $24.99.

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Brendan Lowry

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  • Is this one online MP? That was one down fall of the first even though I loved it.
  • It is thankfully. :)
  • So long as I can continue to shove my coworkers into icy water and lava pits, I'll be happy.
  • Hey Bredan. I feel like 4 player local multiplayer deserves mention in your review. It the main appeal of this type of game. You mention "you take control of a pair of chefs that need to work together to cook meals".
    Whilst that might be true in singleplayer, i think it's important to point out that there is 4 player co-op multiplayer and it is amazing fun!! Thanks