Titanfall 2 Xbox One review — why isn't it selling?

Titanfall was among the Xbox One's first great exclusives, securing a sequel under EA publishing.

Developed by the team behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Respawn Entertainment promised to inject more context into the Titanfall universe with a full blown campaign for its sequel — fixing one of the previous game's biggest criticisms.

Launching alongside the likes of Gears of War 4, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, and indeed, Modern Warfare Remastered, has undoubtedly hindered Titanfall 2, which has apparently so far failed to achieve sales of its predecessor despite going multi-platform.

Is the launch window entirely to blame? Did the beta's mixed-reception hinder the game's launch? Or is there something wrong with Titanfall 2? Here are my thoughts.

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Titanfall 2 visuals and sound

Moving from Titanfall 1, described by Respawn as a low-budget effort, one would expect Titanfall 2 to pick up significant upgrades in the visuals department, but I'm not sure this is the case on Xbox One. Titanfall 2 runs at a pretty ugly 720p on Xbox One, giving it a blurry appearance. Considering the gargantuan open-world battlegrounds of Battlefield 1 managed to achieve 900p resolution fairly easily on Xbox One, it's a hard pill to swallow.

Most AAA titles manage to hit higher resolutions on Xbox One in 2016 with the latest SDK updates, so I'm not entirely sure why this isn't the case for Titanfall 2. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, for example, manages to hit near-full HD on Xbox One, giving it a crisp veneer. I'm not usually particular about resolution, but in shooters, being able to see snipers who otherwise appear like pixelated blurs makes for a better experience, and Titanfall 2 already feels dated in this department. That said, Titanfall 2 does massively improve its lighting effects, texture detail, and frame rate stability, perhaps at the cost of those extra pixels.

Even if it looks a little blurry, the game's art direction is on point. The new weapons, sound effects, music treatment, and new Titans are brimming with personality and authenticity. The campaign's eclectic cast of villains, alien creatures, and sci-fi structures also gives the franchise some much-needed context. I find myself intrigued to learn more about Titanfall's world, and the execution of the game's characters, particularly the campaign's stoic Titan "BT," certainly help proceedings.

Titanfall 2's visual treatment is something of a mixed bag.

Some of Titanfall 2's visuals occasionally appear dated by time constraints, rather than the limitations of its engine. The game's campaign makes heavy use of flat, 2D static skyboxes that look woefully obsolete. They are gorgeous renderings for sure, up there with other high-quality space, sci-fi vistas, but it's hard to ignore their compressed quality in 2016. I'd argue they belong in a concept art book, rather than attached to the game's backgrounds.

Ultimately, I felt as though Titanfall 2's visual treatment was a mixed bag. Obviously, they have made some significant improvements with their customized Source engine, building in new effects and tech that give the series new dimensions. However, Titanfall 2 still feels like it's lagging behind the competition in the graphics department on Xbox One. Titanfall 2 launched along far more visually impressive titles like Gears of War 4 and Battlefield 1, which perhaps exacerbated my assessments. But with EA's backing, I expected more from the team behind Modern Warfare.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer gameplay

For my gripes about Titanfall 2's presentation, I'd never suggest they trade performance for pixels. One of the things that typified Titanfall was its sharp responsiveness. Titanfall 2 delivers that with gusto.

Titanfall 2's parkour gameplay was also a strong feature. Double-jumping, wall-running, ledge-vaulting, Titanfall 1 had it all, and so does its successor. Not a lot has changed between the first game and the new regarding movement, the sci-fi acrobatics feel as fast and fluid as ever, and the very rapid time-to-kill allows you to pull off some stunning moves that are usually only possible in action movies. Titanfall 2's new sliding and grappling hook mechanics adds new ways to capitalize on momentum while transitioning from the air to the ground, and some of the new multiplayer maps allow well-learned players to exploit these new features to powerful effect.

Pretty good run here, lolz. #Titanfall2 pic.twitter.com/r6qS1fnxj9— Jez Corden (@JezCorden) November 20, 2016

The weapons of Titanfall 2 are as satisfying as ever to use in combat and feel well balanced in general, rewarding your skill with gory impact kills, visceral execution animations and satisfying sound effects. Titanfall 2 makes up for the previous game's shortcomings by adding a much wider arsenal for gamers to play with, allowing you to mix and match different playstyles to tailor your experience. You don't need to take anti-Titan weapons at all in Titanfall 2, you're free to wield a pistol in your off-hand, but the game's notorious Smart Pistol is now part of Titanfall 2's new Boost system.

Spawning Titans and using Boosts are now based on a meter that charges by performing competitive actions in multi-player. The meter also builds up passively if you're not having the best luck. Typically, obtaining Titans feels largely at a similar speed to the previous game, which was a big concern from Titanfall 2's tech test.

On the way to obtaining your Titan at full charge, you can use a Boost in the middle. Some of the abilities include amplified damage, sentry turrets, the ability to see through walls, and the aim-botting Smart Pistol. The system adds a much-needed extra way to customize your character.

Given the speed of Titan accrual, and the brief 5-8 minute length of Titanfall 2 matches, the Boosts feel a little fire-and-forget while you wait for the main event — your Titan, which will override the need to use most Boosts anyway. But sadly, even the game's signature feature now feels a little anti-climatic.

While there are some awesome new Titans, such as the katana-wielding Ronin and the fire-spewing Scorch, Respawn has significantly weakened Titan durability for this game. The logic behind the move, according to the developer, was to promote team play. You see, Titans in Titanfall 1 had regenerating shields, but in Titanfall 2, their shields deplete permanently and can only be replenished with shield batteries, dropped or ripped from enemy Titans. Players can steal enemy Titan shield batteries and deposit them into friendly players, and you can also jump out of your own Titan to scoop up batteries of your own.

The sentiment is fair enough, but the execution wreaks havoc on Titanfall 2's flow and feel, forcing you to play a World of Warcraft-style "fetch the glowing Duracell" quest in the midst of what is otherwise one of the slickest, most fluid shooters out there. It just doesn't feel good, and the risk vs. reward of running towards these objects, displayed on the map, is rarely worth the effort. The entire shield battery mechanic feels like the product of overthinking, rather than good design.

The entire shield battery mechanic feels like the product of overthinking, rather than good design.

Even with a shield battery, Titans die incredibly fast compared to the previous game. Each Titan gets defensive abilities to mitigate incoming damage, but overall, they stop feeling like your wildest anime mech fantasy and feel like little more than a fleeting power up. Hiding around corners in your gigantic, gattling gun-wielding mech makes you feel a whole lot less powerful than you did in Titanfall 1.

The new Titan design detracts from the entire experience for me, neutering Titanfall 2's key differentiator in a busy shooter scene. Titanfall 2's parkour combat is as resoundingly exciting and fluid as ever, but the same was true of the first game. For me, on balance, there's simply more to be annoyed with than excited about in Titanfall 2's multiplayer.

Titanfall 2 single-player campaign

So, what about that campaign everyone's been talking about? One of Titanfall 1's biggest criticisms was its lack of story content, and Respawn has attempted to address that with Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 follows the story of a lone rifleman and a Titan, BT, who acquires the unqualified Jack Cooper in the field. The story throws a spotlight on the battle between the IMC and the Frontier Militia, who's war over resources and self-determination has destabilized the galactic region.

Throughout the campaign, you're steadily introduced to the game's various mechanics, including Titans, parkour combat, and more. It even makes a plot point out of the shield battery mechanics I'm really not a fan of, but for some reason, BT has the technology to acquire batteries simply by running over them, which makes it a little less annoying than in multiplayer.

Titanfall 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

I played Titanfall 2's campaign on hard difficulty and found it to be a satisfying challenge that utilized Titanfall's unique mechanics in extremely creative ways. My favorite level took place in a gigantic assembly line, which was effectively 3D printing buildings for rapid colonization. Wall-running, shooting and leaping across shifting platforms in this gigantic factory made for exciting play, and really speaks to Respawn's creativity. Platforming gameplay in the campaign's imaginative environments was very satisfying across the board, and while I decried some of the visuals at a technical in the above section, the art direction is on point.

The campaign doesn't outstay its welcome, clocking in at around 5 hours depending on your playstyle. It does offer some limited opportunities to stray from the main path, exploring for collectible helmets and so on, but it's a mostly linear affair that offers little replayability. Respawn knows multiplayer is the main event, and the studio seems to have prioritized appropriately.

The campaign plays almost like a tutorial for the game's mechanics. BT can inexplicably switch between any of Titanfall 2's mech loadouts, and each boss battle allows you to explore the capabilities of each enemy mech in combat. Positively, the majority of Titanfall 2's achievements are tied to the campaign, giving it an edge of replayability if you're so inclined

Between boss battles and swarms of cannon fodder to slaughter, Titanfall 2's campaign is inter-spliced with epic set pieces and a genuinely heartwarming plot between Jack Cooper and his Titan, BT. It also primes us with information about the game's world, through the cold malevolence of the IMC, the eclectic cast of crazed mercenaries they work with, and the scrappy uprising of the Frontier Militia.

The plot and even the interactions between Cooper and BT will be readily familiar to any Star Wars fan. Cooper and BT's exchanges are always entertaining, playing on the "socially naive A.I." trope that has been prevalent in pop culture since Terminator 2. Titanfall 2's campaign doesn't do a great deal to stray from the mold, and its ending was predictable even before launching the game.

At least during gameplay, Respawn combines elements from other games with their unique brand of first-person parkour gameplay. One level, in particular, stands out in this instance, where the player obtains a time manipulation gauntlet which allows you to switch between two different timelines in the same area instantly. It makes for some exciting platforming segments, switching between timelines to avoid obstacles. I immediately thought of Raven Software's underrated Singularity during that level, which revolves heavily around a wrist-mounted time manipulation device. It's a little ironic, considering the studio now works on Call of Duty, the former charge of ex-Infinity Ward employees now at Respawn Entertainment.

Overall, Titanfall 2's campaign is as well-rounded as it is well-executed. The characters are solid, the art direction is on point, and the level design plays to the game's strengths. Is it ground-breaking? A must-buy for the campaign alone? I don't think so, but it helps elevate the overall value of the package in a big way. While it's nice to see a multiplayer-focussed FPS produce a decent campaign, I still find myself hoping that the next installment will be a little more ambitious in scale and depth.

Titanfall 2: The Bottom Line

So why isn't Titanfall 2 meeting sales expectations? At least in part, I think it's a case of poor differentiation. Titanfall 1 was pretty groundbreaking, but since then, Activision's Call of Duty has strong-armed its way into Titanfall's sci-fi parkour playground, delivering mechs, space combat and many other tools and tricks that Titanfall loyalists will find familiar.

Titanfall 2 barely even distinguishes itself from the first game, with combat that largely feels familiar, and its biggest changes hindered my experience, rather than improved it. I still think Titanfall 2 is far more exciting and dynamic than its closest twitch-FPS competition. However, with its signature feature, Titans, being reduced to little more than squishy power-ups, Titanfall 2 does less to stand out in a busy crowd than Titanfall 1.


  • Parkour combat is as fun and fluid as ever
  • Campaign is solid and engaging
  • Way more content than Titanfall 1


  • Multiplayer gameplay isn't as good as the previous game
  • Poor resolution on Xbox One, giving it a blurry finish

Titanfall 2 had every opportunity to lean more on its outer-space environments, develop its mech combat, but it shies away from both opportunities. "More of the same" isn't always a big problem. Gears of War 4 makes little room for innovation on its classic formula, but the latest installment had to weather a dormant period while showing long-term fans that the new studio understands the franchise. Titanfall 1 is still fresh in Xbox fan's minds, and with wallets stretched over its launch window, Titanfall 2 simply isn't as critical a purchase as its predecessor.

I still enjoy Titanfall 2, and I'm excited to see what Respawn does with it over the coming months, but EA hasn't proven itself to be the most committed publisher out there. Respawn should be praised for offering all future content for free to keep the community in-step with each other, and Titanfall 2 already boasts a strong community. I can only hope the franchise pulls through with mainstream gamers and realizes its full potential.

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Jez Corden
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  • My brother and I both quite enjoyed Titanfall 1 but neither of us bought Titanfall 2. Why? Because we're still playing Halo 5. I don't know why most people aren't buying Titanfall 2, but, at least for us, the launch of Halo 5 taught us both that we much prefer Halo's competitive arena play to twitch shooters like Titanfall or Call of Duty. We just find Halo 5 to take more skill, more strategy, and more teamwork to win, and that's more fun to us, so we want to keep playing that instead.
  • Fair enough, cool thing is there's something for everyone out there. Halo 5's time to kill makes it feel sluggish for me, but I know that gives it a tactical edge that you don't get in other sorts of shooters. Titanfall 2 is selling, just not as much as they would've liked. They've blamed the marketing for not emphasizing that it is on PS4 (apparently many people still think it's Xbox exclusive), also the busy season prob didn't help, there's been lots of high quality sequels this year.
  • Yeah, my brother and I have a unique gaming background where we were big gamers up until the Dreamcast was prematurely killed, then we both stopped playing then and didn't start playing again till Xbox One came out. So we pretty much missed out on the development of the FPS genre from Halo CE to COD, etc. So it ended up that Titanfall 1 was really the first FPS we had played in like 1.5 decades. Then Halo MCC came out and we played through the entire saga, then Halo 5 came out and we've been playing it ever since. I remember we were both really frustrated initially with Halo multiplayer, coming from Titanfall, because it was so much harder to kill people. We'd have the jump on enemies, get some shots in, only to have them escape while their teammates swarmed on us, whereas had it been Titanfall, we'd have easily gotten those kills. We both hated it! Then we gradually started to appreciate the strategy, skill, and teamwork that goes into staying alive in Halo. Twitch shooters now just feel like a game of 'who saw whom first', but I totally get why many people like that style too.
  • I love Titanfall 2 but when I found out there is no Frontier Defense I stopped playing until it's added and I really hope it will be.
  • Yeah, totally forgot about that! :(
  • Not discounting what you are saying, but please be careful in your word choice. Sales below expectations is not the same thing as "most people aren't buying it". The servers are very full, and the current player base is strong. I think they expected sales to be much stronger, but people are definitely buying it. It's awesome!
  • My word choice is pretty accurate. There are 7.12 billion people on Earth. Maybe a few million own Titanfall 2. Most people aren't buying it. Even if you wanted to limit it to "most Xbox One owners" aren't buying it, that still holds true. There are probably about 25 million Xbox One's out there, and, again, maybe a few million own Titanfall 2. Most aren't buying it, but most people don't buy most games. I didn't mean any offense by it.
  • It's not offense. The game is getting top reviews. It's outstanding. But it's also something new and not familiar like BF or CoD. If people are on the fence about buying it (because it's unfamiliar), a comment like this could falsely lead them to conclude that TF2 isn't worth their investment. It definitely is. Match making is very fast, and gameplay is outstanding.
  • Nah, I'd say it's the opposite problem. Titanfall was VERY different than other games and that's one of the things that attracted people to it. Titanfall 2 isn't different enough to warrant interest during a crowded launch window. Plus it's rather disappointing as an upgrade; to me it feels more like an expansion to Titanfall rather than a whole new game.
  • I haven't played FPS's since my PC games with RTCW. I completely skipped XB360 and it's games. I loved TF1. I tried CoD AW, Destiny and SW Battlefront. They were slow and frustrating, not to mention the 1-2 shot kills. I haven' tried Battlefield 1, but I don't see any reason to since I have TF2.
  • I have played both TF2 (~475 hours) and BF1 (48 hours) and both are fun, but feel very different. Battlefield's destructible worlds, imperfect weapons (bullets and shells arc, most guns aren't as accurate as a laser), and on-point vehicles make gameplay refreshing and realistic. 64 and 40 person matches really make it feel like a battle, where it's virtually impossible to have one person carry the match. (mostly) It doesn't feel like a cheesy COD title and feels like an instant classic game. One that hasn't become another futuristic title with guns that fire 900 rounds a second. It has its small annoying things like every game, but overall, it's a welcome difference from a lot of shooters. Edit: Thought you meant Team Fortress 2, lol. Well, my point still stands. I don't have titan fall 2 though.
  •   So most people aren't buying any game.    You sound like someone that finds your way out of anything you get challenged on in life.  Nice try!   
  • True. Love breakout n I like breakout 2.0 even tho breakout was way better. Also love how 343 keeps adding content. 15th anniversary maps were cool af
  • I'm gna get trolls for sure but I'll say it any way that's what they get for going multiplate form. Should of stayed a Xbox one exclusive.
  • I think there is some truth to the claim that that the first one sold as well as it did because it was exclusive, and that exclusivity came with a massive marketing push by Microsoft, who spent millions of dollars hyping up and promoting Titanfall 1, bundling it with the Xbox One, etc. Titanfall 2, being multiplatform, has seen almost no marketing push. I know many people who didn't even know it had launched already, whereas everyone knew when Titanfall 1 launched. I think people who ripped EA for giving Titanfall 1 exclusivity to Microsoft are now realizing that that can actually be quite advantageous for a new IP in a crowded genre.
  • There's some value to being exclusive. Maybe that's why Nintendo won't port their beloved franchise despite many calling them to do so. 
  • Think that's a different scenario... Nintendo don't need to rely on others to help promoting their games (even if it's on xbox).
  • I have really enjoyed the Campaign thus far. I miss a lot of the Titan customization from TF 1
  • Because they are retarded enough to release it week/s after Battlefield 1. Go figure
  • Even an early December release would have been infinitely better.
  • Why not publish the article on the app? It's pathetic practice. Why bother having an app at all.
  • wondering that also... nevertheless did read it via Edge...
  • It's a problem with the way our website parses our review template, it's a work in progress, sorry for the delay on that. Random q: Would you pay for the app if it meant we could speed up development?
  • I would, personally.
  • I would probably do so as well maybe give us an exclusive function? Thanks for finally answering why the reviews only link to the site sometimes. Been wondering that for ages it seems.
  • Hmm, since I posted that comment, the review started working in the app (at least on PC) are you seeing that? haha
  • It's working in the app now :)
  • Absolutely.
  • I also think that their timing wasn't the greatest...
    Like you say in the article :
    "Launching alongside the likes of Gears of War 4, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, and indeed, Modern Warfare Remastered"... Personally I'm playing Gears 4 and BF1 will join the club on black Friday probably. I think I'll give Titanfall 2 a spin when it hits EA Access as I was really fond of v1.
  • Its not selling because they released it with all of the blockbuster releases... It went up against BF1, Skyrim, COD and others. It flopped because of poor release timing. It is a very good game but you can't expect it to perform on the same level as the well known titles and franchises.
  • When TF1 was XB exclusive the Sony fans declared it the most horrible game ever in effort to make themselves feel better about it not being exclusive to their platform. Now that they have it also, they have destroyed the potential sales on the PS4, frightening away people who are not as hardcore about supporting Sony.
  • Got any proof of this?
  • Human nature
  • As of its first week of release, PS4 sales of the game accounted for 54% of console sales, despite having a 2:1 console marketshare advantage and in many markets the XB version is outselling the PS4 one buy quit a lot (UK).
    Thats actually pretty average, as for every 100 games sold for PS4, 89 are sold for xbox (numbers accurate at this tine last year). PS4'ers just aren't generally as engaged and willing to spend on games.
    Perhaps its because they still rely on pocket money...
    Also, a LOT of PS4 owners still think that the game is an xbox exclusive and get confused when told that THEY can play it too.
    And lastly, respawn crapping in their own nest and alienating a lot of the xbox fans who bought the original games didn't help at all.
  • I bought TF2 when it went on sale for $30 recently. I'm enjoying the campaign, but Gears and BF1 took up a lot of my time before I purchased it. COD isn't on my list of games because I despise the direction they're going with it. The launch window was a bad choice for sure. That being said, it's a solid game.
  • Agreed. Titanfall 2 is great to jump on for a quick game when I don't have time for BF1's 30+ minute slogs. CoD just feels like a cynical, annual cash grab now.
  • Well Activision are now saying that the Advanced/Infinite CoD games are a spinoff series, much like Blops was.
    They really should have made a clean break though, and launched those games as a completely new IP. The hate level would probably have been a lot less.
  • I agree with the competition statement of how many other AAA titles have been released. I myself have purchased numerous titles, TF2 was one of them. But with BF1 on sale digitally, Hitman, etc, there is A LOT of competition for people's money. This fall has been amazing for both sequels and new IP to come out.
  • First of all It's not selling because us titanfall 1 gamers to one look at T2 & thought I already have this exact game. Second the story should have been stayed incorporated into the multiplayer. The story was the issue from the first not the gamemode is was in. Also they should of made everything faster. That was the reason I like the first one, so make running faster, make the Titans run & spawn faster. The game is called Titanfall so I should be in a titan most if the game.
  • All of my xbox friends have moved on to Titanfall 2. Everything is faster in TF2. If you do it right, you can get your titan very quickly. Keeping it is the bigger challenge.
  • Its basically just CoD with titans now though. Other than finally getting a campaign, the game is just another boring shooter with not much to differentiate it from all the others, if only that the others 'stole' the best gameplay mechanics from TF1 and TF2 didn't add anything to replace them.
  • Because it will be free on EA Access in several months and there are plenty of other games to play.
  • Its already 1/2 price after only a couple of weeks. Seems EA has no faith in it, especially after the success of BF1.
  • TF1 is so far my favorite MP game this gen. I'm disappointed to hear they nerfed the titans in TF2. I reached an upgraded level in TF1 where I could take down anyone's titan in seconds and it felt like it required skill. Is there any chance that titan durability is related to an upgrade tree? The battery idea sounds terrible. I also felt like Respawn were onto something by doing the campaign storyline in MP. It is a shame to hear they didn't refine that idea and abandoned it.
  • I got the first one on release and loved it. Was the only game I really played for months. In the 2nd one they took away things I liked and added/changed things that made me not like it. It just didn't feel like the same game anymore. When it comes to EA Access I will play the campaign but I have no interest anymore in playing the multiplayer. Just my opinion so don't burn me at the stake thank you. 
  • They miserably failed with the first one. So why should we buy the second one ?
  • Failed how?
  • Titanfall 2 is amazing. So glad I bought it, even with the bad taste the beta left in my mouth. I really think EA should have released this at a different time, as it came out the week after battlefield. Not a good move IMO. Hoping that the glowing reviews and word of mouth help sales, because it's one of this years best.
  • I agree.  I was playing Titanfall 1 up unitl Titanfall 2 came out.  This game is awesome.  The play mechanics are top notch.  It's hard to go back to Call of Duty because it feels so rigid compared to Titanfall.  And when I play Battlefield I constantly want to run up any wall and jump over it.  I can play fast like COD or take my time like BF.  The maps fit both play styles.  I can't say enough except your missing out if your not playing it.  It's like saying I'll watch Star Wars Rouge One when it comes to video, just crazy talk.  Pick this up it's so much fun without the frustration of other FPS out there. 
  • What do you think about the titan gameplay? The batteries/no shields etc? I can't get over how weak the titans feel now.
  • The new titans just require a new skillset. In Titanfall 1, I could pretty much stay in my Atlas/xo-16/cluster/vortex the entire match without dying. It was very easy to go lone-wolf the entire match too. You would also keep somewhat of a distance from your teammates due to the preponderance of nuke/auto-eject. The newer titans require much more skill to manage and keep it alive. Northstar is really the only titan that needs a buff, and possibly a slight nerf for Tone and Legion.
  • I can play Ronin without getting killed through an entire match too, but it doesn't *feel* good, hiding behind buildings and stuff like I'm squishy. Titans should be about going toe to toe, they're supposed to be gigantic walking tanks, not exosuits etc. Just doesn't feel as good as the first game as a result imo.
  • In my Titanfall 1 Atlas, I was VERY good at managing my body shield. Be aggressive, take some hits, get to cover to recharge, repeat. While overall I am very happy with Titanfall 2, the lack of titan bodyshields is my biggest complaint. I'll bet I think the new battery mechanic could be adapted for this. Here's what I propose: Your titan starts with a non-rechargeable shield. If you get a second battery during gameplay, your titan then has the ability to have a rechargeable shield. If someone steals your battery, you lose your titan shield can no-longer recharge.
  • In T1 I was a master of the Rodeo, you could take a Titan down in 1 to 2 jumps.  Now in T2 it takes 4 to 5 jumps on his back to take them down.  I feel they are way more powerful than last game.  So perhaps the Pilot and Titan weapons are more powerful in T2.  If you ever watch the old WWII movies, the tanks always take cover and then come out to shoot.  I feel that's how I have to play with the new game as well.  One thing I don't like is how easy it is to kill pilots with a punch now in T2 from a Titan.  I can be hiding behind a wall and it gets punched and I'm dead as a pilot, in T1 that would never happen.  But in T1 I could be jumping in the air and get bumped by a titans leg (accidently) and die instantly which always sucked. They fixed that in T2.
  • The rodeo was better in Titanfall 1. Very satisfying to shoot into the brains of the enemy titan. My favorite thing was to rodeo while having a titan ready to drop with warpfall. If the enemy disembarked, you drop immediately resulting in a guaranteed crush. Also, after the hatch was popped, you could use stealth kit to ride enemy titans without them knowing. That was useful in a number of ways. I do remember being punched through a wall in Zone 18, however.
  • I would like to see a change in rodeo.  I think the first rodeo you grab the battery.  The second rodeo you drob a grenade in the empty slot.  The third rodeo you would shoot into the whole until titan explodes.  The first two rodeos are automatic and jumps you off the back when complete (like it is now).  But the third while shooting, you stay on until you shoot him down or get taken out (like original).  And have the perk to choose different grenades to drop in, like damage(to titan) or stun(titan can't move for short time) or smoke to force the pilot out of titan automatically.
  • That all sounds good to me. Respawn seems to be nimble and able to react to player input. Hopefully they will make improvements along the way...
  • For me personally, I loved Titanfall 1 because it was the best of the bunch at the time; COD: Ghosts, Battlefiled 4, COD: Advanced Warfare didn't seem to keep my attention like Titanfall did. It was fresh, had some great gameplay and the "bots" in the game added that cherry on top. But now there are some great new multiplayer games that are top of my list. I decided on Battlefield 1 and Gears 4 as my NEW multiplayer games and then I still go back and play Horizon 2, Halo 5, BF4, and even BLOPS (thanks to backward compatibility). I think this year was spread too thin for FPS games and people can only play so many games... I think TF2 might have a life based on LONG TERM sales. Once people get bored of Infinite Warfare, or other games they might pick up TF2.
  • Agreed.
  • Titanfall was my first experience with a multiplayer game and it was terrible. I would set my money on fire before I would buy Titanfall 2.
  • For those Aussies out there Target will be selling TF2 for $36 (as well as some other great deals) from this Thursday. Just don't buy any copies from Highpoint.
  • I played the beta of Titanfall 2 and decided that I wasn't going to immediately pick up the game at full retail price.
    I did pick it up during that 1 day sale last week for $29.98 and played through it. It's a good game but as others have noted, they picked a bad release date. There are annual best sellers coming out these days and trying to face off against them for sales is a mistake.
  •   I enjoyed TF1 a lot. When I saw TF2 at 50%, I bought it. I honestly liked the campaign a lot, and thought the game was very well designed. I loved the graphics and game dynamics implementation. I was actually wondering if I was playing the same game as this reviewer.  I also have BF1, and CoD Infinite Warfare. I haven't yet installed BF1, but CoD in my opinion was a waste of money. I really hate CoD this time around.. almost as much as I hated CoD Ghosts. I feel Respawn did a much better job from an artistic and entertainment point of view than Infinity Ward with CoD, and that Activision just wanted to step into Titanfall's demographic to compete head to head. They have a well established name already in the industry, so a lot of people will just buy it by default, but I think it is terrible and just an effort to reduce chances of Titanfall to step into their turf. 
  • I just bought TF2 at Amazon for $30.00. I think it's excellent I wish the campaign was alittle longer but overall I give it a 4/5. The multiplayer did take a step.back as far as the titan gameplay but I do like the mote streamline customization this go around. There is enough there for any playstyle. My only issue is how squishy my titan is if they patch this and make the battery system like the single player mode multiple will be best yet. At 60fps it is buttery smooth. Ill take that over full HD any day of the week
  • I bought TF2 on launch just like TF1... I had both CoD and BF when I bought my Xbox one near launch... I have not bought a CoD. Or BF game since... Ok, I bout Modern Warefare 3 for my 360 a few weeks ago... Thing is TF2 feels different than 1... Maybe cause I just started playing the multiplayer. I have been playing the campaign since I bought it. The old one threw you in with the wolves and you learned. This game i played the campaign and let the multiplayer slide... Same with the other games. . When there is campaign, I rarely play online... Unless coop. I am enjoying TF2 a lot... I does not have the same vibe as one... Maybe they should have just kept it Xbox exclusive... They thought they missed the boat by not having it on both the first time.. I am very interested in BF1 for campaign, but I have no interest in CoD... I have liked it more campaign. Titanfall is the only game to get me online. Love the coop. Taking down Titans as a team, support, etc. It is a fun game. CoD is just a name that everyone knows... Like iphonw, the masses buy it so they have it, but people are missing out thinking that titanfall is less than worth of their time. I find the opposite true... I have not time for CoD. Anywho, nice review. I miss the game right now... I just arrived in Europe and kinda wish I would have brought my Xbox for this game... Maybe I see if I can stream it over VPN to my computer... Or just buy the pc copy. We shall see. Happy Thanksgiving
  • Thanks for kind words matey.
  • Because the majority ( not all ) of the original fans aren't impressed by its lacklustre multiplayer in the 2nd. Reviewers are massively out of touch with gamers these days. TF2 plays nothing like the original. Nothing. Abd I played it because it wasn't like COD. I hate COD multiplayer. So much has been taken out of the game. And after 2 years eagerly awaiting, I chose like many others not to buy the game. Because Respawn refused to listen to any of its fans all over the forums after the beta. People can argue till they are blue in the face its better or whatever. But all the original fans who told Respawn to delay it and fix have voted with their wallet clearly. We never wanted a campaign. I never asked for a campaign to Unreal Tournament. I called the low sales before its release. Going after the COD crowd and leaving behind your fans was always going to end 1 way.
  • I'm a reviewer and a gamer, covered your points, did you read my review? TF2 still has elements of a solid shooter, but the weakling titans and other things are certainly a backslide.
  • Wasn't necessarily aimed at you per se. I did read your review. There is alot of issues in the multiplayer I'm not sure you addressed. The new map design does not allow for anywhere near the same level of parkour opportunities. Pistol or titan weapon being a choice is not good at all. Grapple Is a major balance issue. Campers are a massive problem compared to the first game due to design issues. Orange glow around enemies is game breaking. The mini map is terrible compared to the first game. Major favourites in the original game modes missing in favour of new boring modes. Titans no longer feel an extension of the pilot. No stats for your player. No challenges for gen up which encouraged players to utilize different customisation combos. No burn cards. I could go on and on as to why TF2 is a watered down COD with Mechs. But my issue is most ( not all ) reviewers seem to score games well when they play like COD. That's what I mean when I say reviewers are actually out of touch with the gaming community. After the beta the press were positive. While the TF forums were overloaded with disgruntled TF fans. So I am not surprised TF2 is selling badly. Not at all.
  • Agreed. I actually wrote an article complaining about the beta, I didn't touch on every point you made, but I agree with most of it. The map design is a big problem too.
  • I couldn't agree more with every point you made. I miss TF1 so badly after playing the tech test of TF2. Hard to imagine I'll ever play this sequel and that makes me tremendously sad to say...
  • It's not selling because you haven't done an xbox podcast for a while and they're missing your endorsement!
  • haha, we're coming back soon... maybe with live video, watch this space!
  • Great Review Jez, agree with all the points, and the overall score you gave it, certainly not a GOTY in my eyes
  • It's going to be £19.99 in HMV this Friday for both XB & PS it seems. I have seen the promotion merchandising.
  • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxyHsZDWQAA8slr.jpg
  • It's EA. No one like EA
  • I had to choose between BF1 and this, its a great game but I chose BF1 because I never buy two games at the same time, one never gets played. Perhaps later I will get this game but for now its BF1 for me.