Star Wars Battlefront review: is it the game you're looking for?

Video games form a significant pillar in Star Wars' galactic licensing Empire, and the latest is Star Wars Battlefront.

Published by EA and developed by in-house studio DICE — best known for the Battlefield series — Star Wars Battlefront held a lot of promise, particularly as the game's brand already enjoys an established fan base.

Star Wars Battlefront began life as an original Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows game back in 2004. Developed by the now-dissolved Pandemic Studios, the original Battlefront won praise for recreating famous Star Wars battles in a robust multiplayer setting, but received criticisms for its lack of single player content. Battlefront is back for 2015, and you're hearing a lot of the same themes.

"The game lacks depth," "there's no single player campaign", and so on. I was prepared to dismiss Battlefront based on my early impressions. However, after a month with it, I now think it sits among the best casual shooters on Xbox One. I think the perception story of Battlefront is a general failure to manage expectations. A question of value hangs over Battlefront's base content line up.

Disclosure: This review was conducted on Xbox One using a retail copy purchased by the writer.

Criticisms of Battlefront tend to miss the point when it comes to gameplay. Battlefront has a responsibility to the Star Wars audience beyond that of a typical FPS game, and in that respect DICE has performed extremely well with the game's design and execution. Still, there's a persistent, nagging feeling that Battlefront could've been so much more, and I expect DICE and EA know it.

Capturing Star Wars

Star Wars Battlefront setting, visuals and audio

Despite the well-documented resolution disparity between the Xbox One and PS4 versions, Battlefront is incredibly beautiful, detailed and majestic, boasting impressive draw distances and environmental density. The Frostbite engine has really come into its own between Battlefield 4, Dragon Age Inquisition and now Battlefront. DICE's homage to Star Wars is a treat for fans and newcomers alike.

On Xbox One, Battlefront runs at 720p, sacrificing resolution to maintain a stable 60 FPS framerate. Usually, resolution doesn't present itself as much of an issue, but given Battlefront's impressive level of detail you end up with characters, props, and environments reduced to pixelated squiggles more rapidly than they might in a smaller-scale shooter. When you combine this with Battlefront's minimal anti-aliasing, the game's impressive art direction and detail can suffer from jagged edges and blurry models — perhaps revealing how far the current-generation consoles are already behind the latest PC hardware.

Regardless of the technical balancing act, Battlefront captures that nostalgic, unique Star Wars feeling with impeccable authenticity. DICE is keen to show off the lengths they went to when detailing the game's various models, placing random objects into the menu screen for you to examine more closely. From the painted plastic of the 80's Stormtrooper helmet to the prop circuitry in an X-Wing's cockpit, DICE has created an incredible array of high-quality assets that'll likely see use in other Frostbite engine Star Wars games EA has planned. The game even allows you to unlock characters and models to create virtual dioramas, which gives you a better look at the digitized Star Wars designs than the game's fast-paced game modes will afford.

To compliment Star Wars Battlefront's masterful recreation of the movie franchise's iconic visuals, every laser blast, AT-ST lunge and lightsaber swing transports you straight back into the movies. As a Star Wars fan, there's something gratifying about steering a TIE fighter through a narrow canyon as it screeches through the blazing remnants of an exploded A-Wing.

When it comes to representing existing properties, authenticity is critical, and EA and DICE nail the Star Wars basics with confidence. EA has a 10-year licensing deal with the now-Disney-owned Star Wars franchise, and at the very least, we know the atmosphere is firmly on task.

Still, Star Wars Battlefront is a video game, and authentic soundscaping and artwork can only take it so far. How does Battlefront stack up in the gameplay department?

Star Wars: Battlefield?

Star Wars Battlefront gameplay and content

Given the fact that DICE, famed for the large-scale military FPS Battlefield series was tapped to develop Battlefront, the comparisons began even before the game got shipped. One immediate criticism I've repeatedly encountered of Battlefront is to call it a Battlefield re-skin. As a Battlefield fan, this couldn't be further from the truth. I'd go as far to say that I'd like to have seen more of Battlefield in Star Wars Battlefront.

Let's not beat around the bush, Battlefront is casual almost to the point of being emasculating. Every aspect of Battlefront's design caters towards accessibility and pure spectacle.

At first, I found this direction to be distasteful, having leveled my own expectations with the crowd that foretold a reskinned Battlefield. I expected an epic-scale tactical shooter that rewarded patience and strategy over twitch skills and run n' gun gameplay. Battlefront has the scale part down, even to the point of delivering those impressive "Battlefield moments" that usually involve gigantic explosions or unexpected kills as a result of dynamically interacting game mechanics. But no, Battlefront is not for those expecting a deep shooter that asks players to manage risks and leverage strategic thinking to gain the upper hand — but upon reflection, I don't think that's necessarily a problem.

Star Wars has a broad fan base, from the nostalgia-hunting 30-something to the sugar-addled 9-year old to the hardcore gamer of any age, and I feel that EA and DICE knew they had a responsibility to cater to that broad swath of potential players. In that endeavor, they've done extremely well.

Battlefront's guns can be fired almost indefinitely, overheating instead of running out of ammo. There's next to no respawn timer, meaning there's next to no penalty for dying. Some of Battlefront's weapons and power-ups are incredibly overpowered, allowing even the least experienced gamer to rack up tons of kills. Some of that might sound like criticism, but it doesn't have to be, because it all feeds into the main point: Battlefront is fun. A crazy notion, I know.

Despite its lack of complexity, Battlefront is my current shooter of choice, and I'll explain why in a moment. But first, I must concede that it's true what you've heard: Battlefront is somewhat lacking in depth and suspiciously thin on content. I've played the game for well over 20 hours, and I've almost unlocked every weapon and equipment piece the game has to offer. By comparison, I've played Battlefield 4 for 120 hours, and I'm nowhere near unlocking everything its base game has to offer. Regarding dollar value, there's simply no contest between the two titles — a fact that is somewhat hard to overlook, given the similarities Battlefront has with DICE's other Battle-named blockbuster.

However, I can't impress just how awesome it is to soar above the frozen plains of Hoth, firing lock-on torpedoes into a complacent Rebel' snowspeeder's rear thrusters. Battlefront's blasters are so satisfying to wield, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Watching the Frostbite Engine's natural ragdoll physics grip a defeated player as he's blown up by a Thermal Detonator; shooting an enemy Stormtrooper mid-air as he attempts to jetpack across a chasm; jumping into an AT-ST walker and wreaking havoc, getting dozens of kills with its utterly overpowered cannons. Battlefront is awesome, casual fun, wrapped in an industry-leading Star Wars fantasy.

Battlefront is awesome, casual fun, wrapped in an industry-leading Star Wars fantasy.

As mentioned, there's no respawn timer, and this is to compensate for the sheer amount of instakill weapons and power-ups available en masse. Glowing tokens litter the game's iconic Star Wars battlefields, providing access to devastating vehicular staples like the AT-AT and AT-ST walkers; power-up weapons like the mega grenade Thermal Imploder, lock-on Smart Rocket Launcher and various stationary turrets. The power-ups also allow you to play as heroes from the Star Wars mythos, complete with boosted health and potent weapons. All of these abilities have one thing in common — they allow the player to kill scores of enemies with ease, to varying degree. Being killed by these mechanics is never frustrating, because getting back into the game is near-instantaneous, and you know just how much fun it is when you're in the driving seat.

Having your team rally behind you as you press forward as Darth Vader, deflecting blaster fire, with a lightsaber in one hand and Force Choked victim in the other is an incredible experience — and one even the most casual gamer can enjoy.

Simply put, Battlefront has more in common with the likes of Call of Duty than Battlefield. Every aspect of the game is refined for accessibility. The server matchmaking is among the fastest I've ever seen, and not once have I been disconnected. You're barely punished for dying, and there are plenty of ways for even the most casual gamers to get the upper hand in battle. Battlefront is not 40-minute-long slugfests, it's not patiently waiting prone on a mountain side with a sniper rifle.

I realized that as I've aged and my free time has become more limited, my gaming needs have shifted. Battlefront is brief and explosive, easy to pick up and play in short bursts with a forgiving learning curve and minimal frustration. It won't meet everyone's needs, but it just might be the casual shooter you're looking for.

Simply put, Battlefront has more in common with the likes of Call of Duty than it does with Battlefield.

Even if you're within its target audience, a question of value hangs over Battlefront like a looming Star Destroyer. Its single player and cooperative missions are painfully shallow, amounting to simplistic shooting galleries that offer you a chance to unlock some of the game's assets for view in a collect-a-thon menu. Battlefront is a multiplayer game, through and through, but even its online portion is thin on replayability. As I mentioned earlier, just 20 hours in and I've unlocked every useful item. There are no weapon attachments, and there are very few equipment pieces, which not only makes the EXP accrued after each game meaningless — but also means that the unexpected rarely occurs in battle.

Those dynamic, Battlefield-like moments are fewer in number as a result of fewer mechanics. Battlefront has a season pass that boasts an additional 16 maps on top of the current 12, plus 20 new unlocks and 4 extra Hero power-ups, but it costs as much as the game itself — a fact I find to be a little questionable given how miserly the base game feels. EA have yet to even reveal what'll be in the season pass, making the investment all the more suspect. Although, we do know it won't contain any content from The Force Awakens, disappointingly.

I do think that Battlefront is the best casual multiplayer shooter on the market right now. Allowing inexperienced players to take control of Darth Vader beats unfair spawn mechanics and slow matchmaking algorithms designed to level the playing field.

Still, EA could've gone all out to create something truly grand, built to stand the test of time. The Star Wars license is ripe for new story content — especially given Disney's retconning of the "expanded universe" of novels that followed the original films. Battlefront was intended to be accessible, but I wish there was a little more Battlefield meat in my Battlefront.

A roll of the DICE

Star Wars Battlefront: The Bottom Line

For what it accomplishes well, Star Wars Battlefront is a tremendous game. Star Wars fans, old and young, FPS veterans and newcomers alike will find joy in piloting AT-AT walkers, swinging Luke Skywalker's lightsaber or cooking Rebel scum with Boba Fett's flamethrower.

Most of Battlefront's unlocks are cosmetic and, well, pointless, and the meaningful unlocks like blasters, grenades, and jet packs are few. Sure, you can spend points to upgrade those items, but the upgrades usually amount to cool-down decreases — Blizzard removed similar mechanics from World of Warcraft's progression system, citing how boring such minor upgrades are.

Still, as a Star Wars fan, Battlefront is a wonderful experience. DICE has delivered staggering authenticity, and it's gratifying to see how that expertise could extend to future Star Wars titles that EA produces with their 10-year license exclusivity. I'm sure I'll still be able to double my hours in Battlefront before fatigue actually settles in, and I'm eager to see what the season pass will deliver.


  • The most authentic Star Wars experience on Xbox One
  • Rapid matchmaking speed, robust connectivity
  • Easy to pick up and play, regardless of shooter experience
  • Intense casual fun


  • Thin on content compared to similar titles
  • Lacks depth for long-term play
  • Single-play and co-op mission content is painfully shallow

Battlefront doesn't bring anything particularly new to the table, but if you're looking for a casual shooter for quick 15-25 minute bursts, Battlefront is far more accessible, responsive, stable and epic than comparable titles on the Xbox One. Battlefront bound to be ten times more gratifying if you're a Star Wars fan, and really, that's who the game is made for. No need for Jedi mind tricks here — it's a game that's designed for sheer enjoyment.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Game looks good, might try it someday but really not a fan of full multiplayer games. A single player experience would have iced the cake for me
  • Aye, they really missed a trick there. Might be one to try when it hits the EA Access Vault, but I'm not sure it'll remain populated long given the lack of content... heh
  • One thing I really love about the game is the switching from first person shooter to third person. That's a unique style I wish most games would pick, I think GTA on Xbox One started, gives gamers the free choice. I have a friend on Xbox Live who plays and buys only 3rd person shooters cuz he feels dizzy and can faint when he plays 1st person.
  • Yeah, I actually forgot to mention that in the review. I tend to use first person because sometimes the third person view doesn't indicate when your shots will clip an object, so sometimes I've been trying to shoot someone but I didn't have actual line of sight.
  • Hahahah....I perfectly understand that. Unlike 3rd person, you can really aim well at your target in 1st person mode. 3rd person aiming is a little out of balance cuz then the aiming is in your character's line of sight and not you the player. Ooh man, I love gaming, soo many challenges.
  • I have the same problem as your friend, I don't faint, but I do get dizzi and start gagging and with gases as if about ot puke, it's pretty weird.   So while I would love nothing more than to play Halo, I have to stick with such games as Gears of War, Assassins Creed, basically anything that is 3rd party. Through the Access Vault, I got to play with game with the 10 hour trial, it is great, and love how I can play 3rd person, but if nesesary I can switch to first person, and then back before my stomach starts acting up.  I could even say that the graphics are smoth enough (and the sides of the screen do not get as distorted) that I wonce played for a full hours on first person and did not get sick. This indeed is a great game, just with it has a single player campain, not just those short matches...
  • Really interested in what causes this...and if possible find a solution.
  • Most likely its the narrow FOV. Some games let you change the FOV, but unfortunately its rare on consoles, and is starting to be phased out on PC as well.
  • I honestly don't think a single-player campaign belongs in Battlefront, nor would it have changed folks' minds. Being a random drone soldier wouldn't have been a game-changer. The single-player experience needs to be something much different from Battlefront, IMO. Sstar Wars is built on major characters and Jedi and Sith--that's what a campaign would thrive on. Here, you'd build a campaign as Han or one of the Fetts, I suppose? I don't think that's as intriguing. Instead, I want the single-player to be like Jedi Academy, where I'm running onwalls and building my own lightsaber.
  • We don't want campaign. We want instant action bot matches like all the other Battlefront games. The multiplayer is broken and dying. That's what we mean when we ask for SP.
  • I don't see it as broken, what do you mean? I think it's SHALLOW, but it's not functionally flawed, beyond the lack of voice chat, to me.
  • So you and your band of "we" don't want it, but there are lots of other "we" groups that do.
  • I think I just wanted more content for my £45 quid, whether it was more weapons, environments or depth, at least a real campaign would've traded off some of that disappointment. With you on Jedi Academy
  • 5 more maps and voice chat, and I'd be totall fine with the game. I don't need more wepaonry, because if I find something I like, I'll stick with it and ignore the rest. I don't need more solo content, because it'd probably be a glorified tutorial with no quality storytelling.
  • Star Wars single players games have already been tried.  The trend of a good amount of FPS's is going the way of being a multiplayer game.
  • Based on player population numbers (, which are a third of what they were just two months ago (that PC population is, this is probably the last game you want to be waiting to play. If you have any inclination to be playing it, you need to play while there's still enough people to make matches. 
  • I love this game... big star wars experience.  Looking forward to the added content coming
  • Me too, I just hope it's worthy of the wait!
  • You mean like the stuff that SHOULD have been included to begin with?
  • Pretty much heh
  • What I love the most is the big bombs (you get em with a power up) most predominantly during the walker fights especially with big sound/subwoofer like I have.
  • DICE sound treatment is always awesome :3
  • Thermal imploders are incredible
  • Had it a week and felt there was not enough to keep me wanting more, shame because the graphics are brilliant
  • I felt the same way from the beta, but it grew on me a lot. The gameplay kept me coming back, but yeah, it is thin on content. Reminds of Titanfall in that respect.
  • But at least titanfall was fun with some unique (and now much copied) mechanics, unlike this dreck.
  • I think Battlefront is fun, when you look past the problems. I enjoy it a thousand times more than CoD.
  • Garbage, this game is a pathetic disgrace and a great shame to EA, not surprised. If you ever played Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2 on the original Xbox, this new EA one is absolute shiatzhu in comparison.
  • How so?
  • There's soo much they Should have done, instead it's Soo much they removed... And it just reeks of DLC, disgusting man.
    -No space battles
    -No classes
    -No ground to space transitions
    -lack of decent saber combat and lack of heroes (think action figures hitting each other in ea battlefront)
    -lack of maps
    -lack of modes
    -lack of campaign
    -lack of galactic conquest
    -lack of factions (empire and rebels only, really?)
    -disgusting lack of vehicles
    I could just go on with everything they did not either add or improve upon. I knew EA making battlefront would be a horrible idea :( I'll stick to Battlefront 2 on PC (yay mods) and my 360 thanks.
  • This is how the first version of any series is on a new platform. They build the basis of the game then just add on in the sequels. For someone that claims to know so much about gaming, you'd think you would know this.
  • He's talking about this game not the sequels. We should just excuse the game lacking in every area and just buy it and shut up?
  • First off, I'm talking about this game also. THE FIRST VERSION OF A GAME ON A NEW PLATFORM IS ALWAYS LACKING IN A TON OF FEATURES. They build the basis of the game. Go look at the EA sport titles. Prime examples. I never told you to buy it. Buy it, dont buy it...I don't care. Your reading comprehension is lacking more than this game is missing features.
  • You're just making excuses for it either way. Maybe instead of putting everything in DLC they should give us a fully featured game. It's a joke. Typical EA. Milking it for all it's worth without putting in any effort to make a proper game. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is no excuses. This is the format that games take with new platforms. If you dont like it, then dont deal with the newest version of games on newer platforms. This is how it works. Dont like it? Dont buy it. But dont come on here and act shocked as if you didn't know the first version of a series isn't going to be just the basic game.
  • By your logic Halo 5 should be lacking content that it had before? No that's bull. This is just lazy, rushed game making. People try to say it's the first of it's series. No it's not. There were TWO battlefronts that existed before that this game was obviously based off of. There's no excuse for the lack of content. This game is absolute **** in comparison to battlefront 2 in everything but graphics.
    Now, if we ignore the other two games, then sure, this game is a solid 8/10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't claim to know anything about gaming, all I'm saying is this game should not exist in its current state, anyone who has played the older games can agree this new battlefront is complete garbage.
  • I played the older. This is far from "garbage".
  • The success of the next game won't excuse the failures of this. The failure of Forza 5 to deliver content didn't get saved by Forza 6, Forza 6 just succeeded in spite of its predecessor. CoD didn't have its content suffer, the games are just much worse now. Halo 5's content didn't suffer, it's just built rather poorly, in many respects. Battlefront is like Forza, but not typical problems. It's lacking content, while the usual problem for established franchises is the erosion of quality. This game's well-built, just missing stuff to do.
  • Bro calm down. The game was just released not too long ago so give it some time before you make a statement like this.  The next DLC could have half of what you're crying about.
  • Yep, bought BF2 from GOG recently, I forgot how good it was. EA could've just remade BF2 with more modern graphics and it would've been 500% better in my opinion.
  • "Battlefront bound to be ten times more gratifying if you're a Star Wars fan​" If anything, I find the opposite to be true. What makes this game so frustratingly dull and disappointing, especially as someone who played the original Battlefront games, is that you can no longer do all those things you wanted to do in a Star Wars game. And having so few locations in the game (not to mention how badly laid out the maps are) doesn't help at all!
  • True.
  • Exactly!!! Just read my post right above. This reiteration is horribly disgusting ;-;
  • It's still ten times more gratifying, just the original games might be a hundred times more gratifying. ;)
  • Sorry but I still won't buy into EA's rip off strategies. A game that's sold half and half isn't worth buying. You pay 60€ for it and then find out if you want the full game you need to spend another 60€ on DLC? No thanks. The game is bad enough for the lack of real single player mode, but the DLC crap just puts it out of the question for me. Go to YouTube and watch Jeremy Jawn's video on Battlefront. My opinion is pretty much aligned with his. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Xbox still with this 720 p crap ! Yes it looks better on the ps4 and why?
  • Even if it was 1080p@60fps this Battlefront still be a crap. Awful game.
  • Inferior GPU and memory, that's why. It's also why the console is cheaper than the PS4.
  • Rubbish.  Look at Halo 5 (1080/60fps) and tell me that PS4 games look better than xbox ones can.
  • I get what you're saying with the DLC stuff, but I never understand the criticism directed at this game for not having a single player campaign. This has always been marketed as an online multiplayer title that allows for big multiplayer battles. I don't see that as a fault, I see that as what the game is at core, what it was always intended to be. DLC should be free when you've forked out for a game, though. If it comes later because of time constraints with getting the base game out in time for the movie, then I'd be alright with it, so long as I don't have to pay more. Unfortunately, EA aren't doing that - though they have said there's still more free DLC and updates coming up.  
  • EA won't do free DLC.  Take what they say with a grain of salt. This game is pretty much dead now. People abandoned this pig of a sinking ship due to its utterly pathetic 4 maps and YES IT IS a reskinned Battlefield. Looks pretty, but it plays like crap, thats when you can actually find anyone to play with/against other than annoying squeakers.
  • Battlefront is far from dead, there's thousands of people online. It's not like Titanfall where you can't get a full match anymore.
  • Star wars battlefront EA in short : Great sound, and graphics, and decent till okey gameplay. But that's it. Content rushed to release, EA money whoring with rhe name star wars, no server browser, no guns , no long play value and completely dumbed down for even dumber casual gamers. No campaign und bad voice acting. Also EA is making us pay 120$ for a full game worth 40$-50$. So if you wann buy a unfinished , empty game with game mods that are hardly populated, loosing in walker assault if you're on the rebel side, and having a game that just ***** in battlefron3 1 and 2. Then go for it.
  • For what's there it's not worth $60. Or even $40.
  • Agree with you there
  • It'd be fine for $30, but you'd be a **** if you paid more now that the game's MANY failings are well known.
  • Maybe if it was cheaper to start with or if it had more content to justify the aaa price tag I might have stuck with it
  • The content is a bit lacking, but not terribly so. In all honesty, the free DLC of Halo 5 makes it look worse than it is, as does the insanely priced Season Pass.
  • I use a 12yo computer with 4g/3g modem, it can run Battlefront II in all high setting but can barely handle online multiplayer, a lot of internet hiccups. Sure this is indeed the game I was looking for.......blowing up my computer!
  • I really wanted this game.... I really did.. After a quick browse on metacritic and now this... Gosh, I expected so much, now I think I'm going to wait till I get it for at least $ a decent PC owner, I heard the dogfight mode's controls are pretty screwed up, (I was looking most forward to that). I am renowned for judging a book by its cover, but this time it might keep my wallet fat. At $60 I'd expect a more decent bang for my buck...
  • Flying really is a bad time. I get the power-ups in the other modes (never tried dogfight because of the flying in th other modes), and I last maybe 40 seconds. There's not much vertical room to maneuver, so it's hard to get anything done. That probably changes in the Dogfight mode, but the mechanics still feel claustrophobic and clunky.
  • Doesn't change in dogfight mode, it's pretty much the same. It's supremely casual though, nowhere near as complex as Battlefield.
  • I've basically never played Battlefield (just a few rounds of the BF4 beta on 360, which wasn't ever in a vehicle-based mode), so IDK how that goes. To me, this isn't casual at all. It's clunky and stressful, the opposite of what a casual player would probably want, I'm guessing. Maneuvering is rough, there's very little vertical room, and nothing feels right, but that's just the opinion of someone who's barely flown vehicles in this game and doesn't play much in the way of games that have you flying (I avoid using the Banshee in Halo, for example, as I suck with it).
  • I don't know the technical terminology but Battlefield lets you control your jets and choppers more precisely/realistically. You need to position a BF4 jet on its side and pull up to do sharp turns, more like Elite Dangerous, but in Battlefront you guide the ship using 1 joystick, controlling speed with the other. It's not explained very well in-game though, but its super easy once you know how. I'd recommend finding a quick guide, I think Battlefront's flying is super fun.
  • Oh man flying is my favourite game mode! You gotta learn to use the directional pad for evading, and don't always lock on to your target as they get a warning. Fighter squadron is by far my favourite and wayyyy easier than battlefield flying.
  • Good review. The game itself is very very fun, as you say, and although I would have loved an excellent single player campaign, I remain conscious that it would have involved a trade-off in the multi player mode. From my experience, I never ever play both single player and multi player campaigns of a game. It's just too much. They are better off focusing on one of them and making it epic. I don't demand much more than 20 hours of a game either, I am quite satisfied if I get a strong 20 hours and enjoy it. I wonder if they will release a single player game based on the same mechanics at some point?
  • I'm in complete agreement with this.  I think the game is great.  While I can understand some believing it should have more content, I think people are taking it waaaaay too far.  So many people whining and saying it's "horrible" or whatever... couldn't be farther from the truth.  You need to look at what's there, understand what's there is very high quality, and decide if it's enough to get your money.  For me, it certainly is. I would have LOVED a single player campaign.  As for multiplayer, I do feel there's a lot there if you haven't played 10 Call of Duty games.  Personally, I never play CoD multiplayer because there is way too much complication... much less Battlefield... I don't have the time to make a carreer out of this (seriously not to slam those that want this depth... I wish I had more time, and I think it would be a satisfying and fulfilling experience)/  But this game presented just enough of a learning curve to pull me in. And it's fun as hell, and looks phenominal.  Well worth the money to me.
  • The complaint for me, is missing core things. I can't talk to people in-game. I can't make friends. So, the game's constantly lonely. It's fun, but lonely wins out over fun in gaming for me pretty quickly. It needs more content, but it needs in-game chat MUCH MORE. I could probably play this game for a whole day once a week, with people to talk to and play with. Instead, it's once every couple of weeks for half an hour or so, because I jsut hate playing as one of 16 or 40 people, having little impact (even though I do pretty well), and never getting to talk to anyone.
  • Basically mindless killing, might as well be Call of Duty : Star wars edition. Just running around killing things, lacking a tactical core as well as gun balance. Not that I am to judge, yet it is my viewpoint, exactly the opposite of what I loved in the first games... Gosh those maps were great, not to mention space battles, classes.
  • Not even close to how I feel. I think this game's a great change from Call of Duty. People complain that classes are missing in this game. I barely played Battlefront 2, so I don't remember them. However, I love that there AREN'T classes like Black Ops 3 and Rainbow Six: Siege. I like that the game is much more simplistic than the overly complicated Halo 5 and BO3 we have as alternatives. Tactics can exist in this game, but they gave us few means to use them, since in-game chat isn't part of it.
  • Well, this one looks pretty...
  • I agree - this game rocks!!!! I'm a huge Battlefield fan and played all of the well-known FPS multiplayer games - Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike, Tribes, Medal of Honor, COD, as well as the other two Battlefront games. This game is so much more fun than any of those, especially in the Heroes vs. Villains mode. I absolutley hated Battlefront 1 and 2 - they had no play control whatsoever and it was like watching a horrible cut scene everytime you pushed a button to attack. In this Battlefront you actually feel like you are playing as Vader, the Emperor, Han, etc and the graphics are phenomenal. However, I would like to see squads of 5 as opposed to simply partners and classes (Medic, Assault, etc) like Battlefield. Also, the vehicles should spawn like the Speeder Bike rather than through power-ups. I don't really see an issue with the lack of single-player content as there are a ton of different play modes that I don't think many people realize - Blast, Supremacy, Droid run, Hero Hunt, etc. I just wish there were more useful unlocks that are somewhat difficult to gain. I've been playing this game nonstop since release and at Level 50 have nothing to play for in terms of XP or unlocks. Yet its addictive, nonstop fun and I can't think of any other game I would want to play more.
  • Thanks for reading. :) And it's pretty much confirmed that EA are working on a single player, open-world Star Wars game using the Frostbite Engine, lead by Jade Raymond (Assassin's Creed)
  • Amazing!
  • Although this review is for the Xbox One version, I must say that Battlefront for the PC looks absolutely amazing with maxed out settings in 4K. Easily the best game I've seen visually yet.
  • You should see Tomb Raider on the XO. Incredible.
  • Agreed. This game on PC with max settings and 1080p or higher destroys the visuals on console. Unfortunately auto aim doesn't exist on PC so playing with an Xbox controller puts you at a big disadvantage. Partly why I spend majority of my time playing the Xbox One version.
  • WHy on earth would anyone EVER play a twitchy shoter on PC with a controller instead of mouse/keyboard. You're whats wrong with the world lol.
  • The game is pretty awesome looking but really needs a hard-core mode. So frustrating to sneak up on three guys, shoot all three of them in quick succession, and they casually turn around and kill you.
  • Played the beta and the ea access full trial, still playing halo5. 343i shooter offer the best fps multiplayer experience, ea swbf is simply the worst bf to date.
  • Depends on perspective. I am constantly playing Halo as well, but it feels like such a giant pile of trash at times. The matchmaking is some of the worst I've ever experienced, quitters aren't deterred AT ALL, and the maps just suck. Halo 5 is my go-to shooter because of how CoD has gotten, not because 343 made a really good game. Warzone is a failure (to me), and Arena's an imbalanced mess (factually).
  • The quitters kill Halo's arena mode for me. Too frustrating to go 3 v 5 at the start of a match and know you're gonna lose. They need to sort that out.
  • 100% (well, 90%, because Team Slayer's not 5v5, haha). I was playing yesterday, and I had 4 straight matches where a teammate quit. In the first 2 of those, 2 teammates quit before the halfway point, at which point I left. The third, we actually won playing down a man, and the fourth was kind of close. Thing is, when playing Halo 4 on the 360, they replaced quitters in games. They took this out in The Master Chief Collection, and left it out in Halo 5. I think it's part of their totally moronic (to say it nicely) strategy of basing ranking solely on wins and losses. They couldn't be bothered to build a reasonable, complex ranking system for the game, so they dumbed it all down and decided to let it suck. It would be super simple to set a conditional in the rankings that if you join a match in-progress (maybe as long as the kill total in the game is less than 10 or 20), you can't be handed a loss, but can earn a win. Instead, we have a system based on wins and losses that doesn't even work logically or consistently that punishes you because your teammate quit when the match started because, why not? Seriously, why is it that my friend was given a Diamond 1 ranking after his 10 matches, and I was given Gold 5, yet I had a higher win percentage and KDA than he did? Why is it that once you reach a level, you can't fall out of it? I was Diamond before my friend before the new season, and I stayed Diamond 1 while he dropped from Platinum 5 to Platinum 3 due to a rough stretch we had. Something similar just happened in reverse yesterday, where I went down within Platinum, but he didn't go out of Diamond. It's just bad.
  • I don't think I even managed to get ranked in Halo 5 yet tbh, how sad. Just isn't my kind of shooter I think. I like the rapid kills of Titanfall / Battlefront/field.
  • You die much faster in Halo than Battlefront, in my experience. BF has about twice as many players on the field as Halo in its smaller matches, but the maps are probably 4 times larger than Halo's. I can spend 3-5 minutes alive in BF, no problem. Halo, I'd say 1 minute is a long life. Acouple of days ago, I was having an especially bothersome time with bad spawns, and I started counting my lives off. I was having several of them last 15-20 seconds. It all depends on play style and weapon choices.
  • Bad wording by me, I mean I prefer Battlefront's time to kill over Halos. It's annoying having to peel off someone's shield first, while they line of sight to regen and so on. I get that some people enjoy that strategic element that Halo's positioning and maps can introduce, but, idk, I like becoming Darth Vader and just wrecking 15 people with insta-kill abilities. I've become casual. :'(
  • Nope. BO3!
  • Lets put it this way, I am very much regretting the fact I spent $108 (or whatever the price was after the EA Access discount). I do enjoy it, but it's way overpriced and had I tried it beforehand I'd have passed. Especially since it was further discounted the other week.
  • Def overpriced, the fact its price dropped so much since it launched is pretty telling.
  • Here's what it comes down to with me: Though they tout 12 or 15 maps, they basically have 4-5 environments, and that's disappointing. If you put this against Halo, it kind of makes my point. It carries 22 maps, and even similar ones like Truth/Regret and Plaza/Overgrowth have a drastically different feel. Additional content for Battlefront is an absurd $50. Like with Titanfall and Halo 4, I expect this game's going to have a somewhat small following of users who get driven away from the game as the DLC splits the community and severely limits variety in opponents. No in-game voice chat makes this a VERY lonely experience. You can't make friends playing the game, so if you don't go into it with friends, you'll never have them, and you'll always be alone in it. This is the #1 reason I've barely played the game--no one else is ever on and playing it, and no one can be talked to, so I can't build up a group of friends to play with. All of that said, the game does carry a "pure fun" element that even I can't ignore. I didn't grow up on the franchise (just watched the 6 moviesi n their entirety last week, still not seen the new one). I still recognize aspects of the movies, and did before I watched the movies in their entirety recently. It looks and sounds amazing, and it's a lot of fun to not be playing in the overly cluttered CoD (and even Halo 5, in some respects) environment. Not having to remember my 15 things like CoD, not having to manage 2 guns, 2 equipment, perks, scorestreaks, and a player class, that's a big piece of the appeal. You know, this kind of feels like Forza 5. It's as if they were so desperate to cash in on the new movie (in Forza's case, the new console) that they decided in a meeting "something is better than nothing," so they put this out there. Forza 6 doubled the content of its predecessor, which about halved the content of Forza 4 in the first place. So, I can't say that they held things back for DLC, but it feels like they didn't do as much as they could/should have, in the rush to get a game out there.
  • I didn't consider the voice chat part, Europeans tend to never use the mic with strangers anyway for some reason, so I'm just used to not having voice chat in games. I think it's part of the reason I didn't enjoy Rainbow Six Siege any of the times I tried it. Thankfully Battlefront doesn't need a great deal of co-ordination to find enjoyment. Just give me a Darth Vader token :3
  • It's not a Euro thing. It's rare for people AT ALL to use mics, because they either don't have one, are in a Party with others, or they just don't want to. My friend and I are always in Party Chat, never talking to others. When playing solo, I rarely use my mic, though that's because I'm pretty sure the percentage of teammates using mics is under 10%, and 50% of them are just playing music into a headset or talking to someone else on the phone with the mic on as a fun joke that no one laughs at. In fact, that's why I don't own Siege. I played the beta, and I think there was 1 person, maybe a couple, out of the dozen or so matches I played, where a mic was used. A tactical game with no one to communicate is a disaster that I don't want to bother with, so I passed on it.
  • Get 4 friends and party chat with them. Siege is a blast but you need good comms and cooperation.
  • I really enjoy Battlefront, for me it lived up to the hype. It looks, sounds and plays awesome and so authentic. And I agree, it's an amazing casual shooter - and I don't spend hours each day in front of my Xbox, so that suits me perfectly.
  • Same :)
  • Sorry if this is old news, but what really grates with me (and many others judging by EA's forums) is how EA have handled Child aged accounts. Basically overriding the XBOX parental settings and blocking ALL online content for U16s. Making the game useless for much of its core audience.
  • Seriously? I was looking at buying it for my 10yr old's birthday in a couple of months.. :-/
  • That really sucks. :/
  • Just don't put you're under 16 then...
  • I sincerely hoped that EA would really turn this into a worthy successor to the original battlefront games, with awesome single player maps, and more of a plot line. With that in mind, I preordered the game. I agree with the other commenters that the game is flashy. It has cool weapons and the combat gets intense. But I haven't played the game for a month now, despite it's still being a brand new game. For PC, it bugs for me with the audio, and freeze frames during the first minute of every map I play. For $60, I expect a lot more out of a game, especially the long awaited sequel to battlefront I and II.
  • It does seem that fans of the original Battlefront's seem to be the most disappointed. Hopefully EA can do it justice in a future game.
  • Personally not into online only or FPS mutliplayer modes. Mostly because of the fact these games heavily favor the really experienced players or ones who have the time to level up to 50 in the first week. But I decided to give this game a try mostly because I'm a big Star Wars fan. After the first week of getting smoked online I began to really enjoy it. Now I'm about a month in (or 50 hrs) and I've unlocked most of the items I need in the game and jumping into games with friends are actually enjoyable. My biggest regret of this game is the fact they skipped on the single player campaign mode. They couldv'e done something extremely epic with it considering how well they nailed all the minor details of the SW universe.
  • Battlefront has sold pretty well and with 177,000 currently online players it is even bigger than Battlefield 4 which has 130,000 online players. Battlefield: Hardline hits bottom with 30,000 players.
  • Match making on PC is completely broken in Australia making the game sadly unplayable.
  • It lacks a single player campaign and only has content from half the saga. I hate multiplayer games. Not interested.
  • EA are developing a single player Star Wars game too, maybe that'll be more interesting for you :)
  • Where did you hear this? I'd be a lot more interested in that than what they just released. Although it seems like a ploy to charge for two separate games when they should have included single player in the first one.
  • !
  • "Intense Casual Fun". Sounds like it's a real progressive conserver of traditional modernistic gaming tendancies.
  • What do you mean? "Progressive conserver" sounds like a contradiction in terms?
  • Halo 5 was the first FPS I've played since the ORIGINAL Wolfenstein on floppy disk.  I kid you not ... I'm a vertical shooter / platformer guy.  Battlefront, the second.  Absolutely loved the campaign mode of Halo 5, didn't enjoy the multiplayer because, frankly, I sucked at it due to no experience with FPS games.  Fired up Battlefront, shut it down again once I realised there wasn't a "true" campaign.  My 8 year old twin boys, however, got into it and LOVED it.  A couple of weeks later, I'm watching them play a round of Walker Assault, and I thought "damn, that looks like fun!".  Doesn't matter that I suck, or that they suck ... all the things detailed above that outline why this game is just pure FUN are right on the money.  Quick respawns, hero play, stacks of power-ups ... just great fun!  Still ... how bad do I suck at it?  20 hours of gameplay and you've unlocked "everything" ... 70 hours for me, and I've unlocked maybe half the stuff.  Will I put in another 70 hours?  Hell yes.  As will my kids.  Can't wait for the new content!
  • Yeah, that's the awesome thing about Battlefront - anyone can enjoy it. I did play really hardcore to unlock everything in 20 hours, being MVP fairly often (not cus I'm uber pro or anything, just cus I got in early and already played the game quite a bit at events, so already knew how the game worked ahead of others). Thanks for reading. :)
  • Good to see so many game developers in here....smh
  • I like Battlefront because it is a casual shooter.  I'm tired of dealing with overly complecated loadouts and MLG's.  I just want to hop in and have fun.  The loyalty to the original trilogy is impeccable, The sound and gameplay are top notch. With that said, I have not played the previous Battlefronts, so I can understand if previous players feel ripped off by the current EA offerings.
  • Same, I like the casualness of it, just wish there were more unlock, weapon attachments mebbe?
  • How much is the Star Wars franchise worth to you as a gamer?  Strip it of the Star Wars branding, and the game would have gotten panned by reviewers for being so shallow, especially coming from a developer like DICE.  The Star Wars branding does offer value, and visuals make you feel like you are apart of the movie.  Sadly, that's all the game is really worth.  With old games like Planet Side or new ones like Titanfall, we really shouldn't be making excuses for EA and Dice for attempting to milk consumers out of $110US dollars ($60 for game and $50 for season pass) for a pretty, but incomplete game.
  • Great review, Jez! Fair and balanced! It seems from your article that this game is ---AWESOME--- for the right audience and ---AWFUL--- for others. Fortunately for me, I'm like you in hours and hours of gaming every night being less than feasible, and a quick in and out blastfest is probably just what the doctor ordered! So I will most assuredly plan to pick it up. However, as I said in a comment on a different article that we interacted in, I think I've gotta play "bad XBox fan" here, and spring for the PS4 and all. :-) Cheers!!
  • Thanks for the kind comments. They really make my day. :) Haha, PS4 will offer higher resolution.. but a powerful Windows PC will offer even higher ;)