Paladins open beta brings free team-based shooter action to Xbox One

In case Overwatch isn't quite enough team-based shooter action for you, Hi-Rez Stuiods' Paladins is now available to play for free in open beta on Xbox One and PS4. The console release comes after a period of closed beta testing, opening up the free-to-play shooter to everyone.

Paladins comes from the same developer behind SMITE and serves up a choice of 24 different characters to play. Each has its own unique powers and can be further customized by leveraging a card-based loadout system. And though the game is free, players have the option to purchase access to every current and yet-to-be-released champion via a founder's pack.

Paladins has certainly caught some flak for its similarities to the aforementioned Overwatch, but it looks like a fun romp for anyone willing to try it. The console open beta joins ongoing open betas on PC and Mac that have drawn plenty of players so far. In any case, you can check out the free-to-play shooter now.

See Paladins at the Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

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  • It's free to play on PC since months and great !
  • Overwatch copy and paste but at least its free
  • No it isn't. I hate when people say that. It was in closed alpha (which I was a part of) a year before Overwatch existed! My friends that have both say that they are very different and that they prefer Paladins.
  • Nope, you are wrong I_am_flashfire4, this is clearly an overwatch for poors... and I'm not trolling, but is a good copy/paste.
  • No. I know what I am talking about. You clearly don't!
  • nuh uh! neener neener
  • Let's be real here, team based shooters have been around a lot longer than Overwatch.
  • One is complaining the other is copying, yet they are both copies of LOL which was inspired by StarCraft, an RTS which was inspired by dungeons and dragons. 
  • Damn plagiarism, we should burn everything, burn it all!
  • Starcrat, which was inspired by WarHammer 40K
  • Inspired by Unreal/Tournament