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Pandemy Flu Alert: Because you can't be too careful (or panic too soon)

We're really trying not to chuckle over this one, but swine flu is serious stuff. So if you've just got to know who's sick around you, Pandemy Flu Alert's got you covered. It'll tap into your phone's location services – GPS, tower location, etc. – check with the "Internet database" (whatever that is) and plot the nearest H1N1 report on a Google map. Handy for all you hypochondriacs out there. Says it works on all Windows phones. (If you actually try this, let us know in the comments.)

As for the other diseases you may have picked up over the weekend? You're on your own there.

H1N1 Pandemy Flu Alert [via]

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  • lol,I had just found this too and gave it a spin JGUI's stuff is always...interesting but his coding is a little strange. Works pretty well though (Treo Pro), even if a bit silly. No alert for my location though. W00t.
  • You wanna know what kills more Americans than the Swine Flu?
    The normal strain we deal with every winter! You know what kills more Americans than that?
    Media Overhype!!
  • You got that right. 25,000 to 36,000 Americans die each year of the regular old flu, usually the elderly, infants or others with supressed immune systems. I want to be sensitive to those who lost a love one to this. At the same time, no one gets out of here alive, everyone dies of something! I just wish the media would subdue the hype (with these facts). Having said that, Mexico (who is revising it's numbers downward) did the right thing to speak up sooner rather than later. Geez, I can't believe I just posted about flu on a geeky web sight. Unforgiveable! Sorry guys!