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Pandora for Windows Phone updated; likely contains minor improvements

The official Pandora app for Windows Phone has been updated, but does not come with a change log and appears to be a minor version bump. The new release is and we can only assume minor improvements have been bundled. We last covered the release of the official app back in May.

Some reviews on the store have highlighted issues with multiple elements of the experience, so it would be nice if those were addressed. If you happen to notice anything we've overlooked, be sure to shout at us in the comments. You can download Pandora from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only and region restricted). Thanks, Eric, for the tip!

QR: Pandora

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  • What kinda phone is that lol jk
  • I think it's one of those few, scattered Samsung devices :P
  • Could be worse, it could be one of those ubiquitous Nokia devices :P
  • Still no pandora for other countries? :(
  • With windows phone 8.1 you can use it anywhere in the world via VPN. If you want to know more go to 
  • Every once in awhile my Pandora app would start playing a song then suddenly stop and go to the next. Maybe that is fixed.
  • It seems like it is worse after the update!!   Play a couple seconds of a song, and it would go on to the next one.
  • When I disconnect my BT headphones or car, pandora would start playing, even it was stopped. Lets hope this fixed that!
  • ^THIS!!! Funny...was typing the same thing at the same time
  • For the love of god this needs to be fixed. I use BT in my car, BT in my home, BT at work... anytime I disconnect a BT source, Pandora will unpause whatever I paused prior to backing out of the app. Drives me insane and it can be embarassing/annoying as hell at times.
  • Same thing happens with Slacker, and iirc, Nokia Music. I don't think it's the app's fault.
  • Yeah this happens all of the time, same with disconnecting headphones. I believe the feature is supposed to toggle the 'Play' swtich when an audio accessory is disconnected. Makes sense. But it still goes into effect if your music was paused prior to disconnecting.
  • Looks like its fixed! Yeah! How about everyone else?
  • Yes, fixed for me.  Lumia 928/Verizon
  • Hopefully the issue when you disconnect from a Bluetooth device or from a hard cable, but the music keeps playing on the phone speaker is fixed...Pandora is the only music app that I'm aware of that keeps the music playing after disconnecting from Bluetooth or aux cable
  • BT issue fixed! No more playing music randomly :) 
  • I wish I Heart Radio would come out for WP8.... It is soooooo much better...
  • Skipping songs is a lot quicker for me now
  • Pandora is missing offline play... until its put in, nothing will take preference over Nokia music. its sad because pandora's mix and music analytics is a million times better :/
  • Pros: Plays Music Cons: Where do it start Contains none of the features found on other Pandora apps (e.g Bio, Lyrics, Similar Artists, Similar Songs, Etc.) Missing management functions like "Move track to another station:, Thumbs up list, Thumbs down list, station details, etc. Always defaults the list to "Date Created" even if user choses alpha Has a "Stop Playback" function but its under "Recent Stations" not the song actually playing so you have to go back and find it. Here is the biggie...  Maintains a list of songs played of what appears to be the last 17 songs (17 huh?) BUT it randomaizes them and appears to choose from you larger played list so you have NO IDEA what really just played to if you are listiening and can't look right away but remeber that it was a couple songs past... good luck you will never find it because it will be randomly scattered amoung the list. Doesn't anyone responsible for the app (Product Owner) actually use the damn thing or know anything about the market. MS really just phoned this one in, most likely driven by their delusional thinking that someone would choose the grossly over-price Xbox music over Pandora if they make the app crappy... Wake up MS that is NOT how to compete.  I am and have been a loyal MS supporter and I obviuosly have a WP, but come on MS this is just embarasing.