Passthrough+ is coming to Oculus Quest, allowing you to see around you without taking the headset off

What you need to know

  • During Oculus Connect 6, Stephanie Lue, Product Manager at Oculus, took to the stage.
  • One of her announcements was the news that Passthrough+ is coming to Oculus Quest.
  • Passthrough+ allows users to see around them without taking their headset off, using cameras inside the headset.

At Oculus Connect 6, one of the new announcements from Stephanie Lue was the news that Passthrough+ is coming to Oculus Quest. This feature allows you to see the world around you in black and white, without taking your headset off. It uses cameras inside the headset to accomplish this. Passthrough+ is currently only available on Oculus Rift S, so this a major feature to bring over.

Samuel Tolbert

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  • The Passthrough+ has been on the Quest for some time now. You can demo the ability at an Best Buy that has an Oculus rep assigned. I demoed the Vader game and right before the game launched, you were able to see the Passthrough+ capability.