Ubisoft is betting on a huge update to make you try Tom Clancy's The Division again

In September, The Division developer Massive announced that they would be overhauling most of the game. This took priority over the expansions they were working on, Survival, and Last Stand, which have both been delayed to get the patch ready. The intention behind this was to strengthen the core game first, before adding new content.

While The Division was given mostly positive reviews, many people found fault with the game and its lack of variety in activities and dynamic encounters.

General initial reactions to this announcement have been mostly positive, with many stating they would be happy to return to the game once the patch has been implemented from the 25th October.

Here are a few highlights from the full patch notes:

  • World tiers: When players reach level 30, they will be able to select their World Level Tier which determines the level of the enemies they encounter in the game's overworld, and the quality of loot the enemies drop.
  • Many UI improvements: Mark as junk, mark as favorite, buyback from vendors, deconstruct items from The Stash.
  • Gameplay changes: Increased Ammo capacity after level 30, matchmaking slots are auto-filled if host's privacy allows it, player health regenerates out of combat.
  • Activities, loot and rewards: Roaming bosses and NPCs now respawn every 4 hours, Weekly and Daily assignment loot caches drop items scaled accordingly with players current gear, all mission rewards have been updated, and there are new targets in the High-Value Target contract pool. The idea is every level of play will provide rewards and meaningful gear progression.
  • Gear stats: Geat items with a Gear Score of 182 will offer fixed stats in the main attributes. Toughness now takes Resiliency into account. Many Gear Talents have been rebalanced, and various armor items have been overhauled.
  • Skills: Hard caps on most skills have been removed. All skills except signature skills now have a 5-second cooldown. First aid healing has been increased, and the majority of skills have seen alterations to promote balance. Previously, certain talents and skills were just far more powerful than others, resulting in cookie-cutter gameplay.
  • Weapons: Named weapons are no longer locked to Gear Score. Weapon Talents have been rebalanced, and most guns have seen various tweaks.
  • Gear sets: Changes to all Gear sets. See the patch notes for specific values.
  • Bug fixing: Bug fixes to UI, Gameplay, Skills, Underground areas, Talents, Controls and Gear sets.

Be sure to check out the full patch notes for the full list of changes you can expect. Will it be enough to get you to try The Division again? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I really enjoyed The Division... until I hit 30 and there was virtually nothing to do except get 1-shotted at the entrance to the Dark zone. :/
  • Agreed
  • Hope this update changes things
  • It was still like that when I was playing the PTS. But I stayed clear of the DZ. I stepped into it once and never again. I playing with 3 other people all the time we run around do the dailies and the underground stuff. But we stay clear of the DZ. PS. SO because we actually like the game someone dislikes my comment and the others above. Nice shows me what kind of person you are.
  • That's my experience too: OP bullet sponge, human tanks just camping at DZ entrances and/or hunting down lower level agents to troll them endlessly with no recourse. The DZ was the most unique aspect of the game but because they made an rpg instead of a tactical shooter, they've completely ruined the DZ for everyone except OP trolls. That's the main reason why so many gamers (myself included) have walked away fro the game. And creating more modes like underground (vs bots) is not the solution. We want to be able to compete against other gamers. But not O ly after endlessly grinding. We want a skill based, tactical shooter. That way, SKILL will be the deciding factor -- not ones ability to have nothing else in life to do except grind daily for hours and become a bulletproof, human tank.
  • There was a reason why was this game delayed again and again... and yet if failed. They will destroy Ghost Recon too
  • Man this game is just sitting there on my shelf lol. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Same here....Got it free with my 980ti card when I did my PC build in Feb. of this year.  I had known about it and was looking forward to it since announcement, but I had to spend a bunch of time catching up on the games I've missed (mainly far cry 4) due to an old PC of 9 years.  Still looking forward to playing it.....  
  • I will try the patch out, but there is still a long way. They did fixed a lot tho. Props to that
  • If they have it for $10.00 on black Friday I'll buy it
  • Ubisoft, in general, used to have games of such high quality.  Their more recent releases have been plagued with serious issues - almost every single one of them. I still pop this game in ocassionally but, unfortunately, I think this update falls into the "too little too late" category :(
  • Really? Thinking of Ubi stuff off-hand, I can't recall anything that they released that blew me away after the first Assassin's Creed.
  • Yeah, maybe not blow me away quality, but they usually put out at least 7s on the fun scale I would say. Even though each AC is really the same game with a worse story, I usually do enjoy them. Same goes with Far Cry.
  • Im willing to give it another shot.. I got the base game free with my Logitech keyboard, mouse, and headset.
  • Almost think the game needs some standard mutiplayer modes, ctf, etc etc to make it not just a grind.
  • "Standard multiplayer modes" don't fit this style of game. It would be like asking for TDM in WoW.
  • I like The Division, but with the release of Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 around the same time, I will be awhile before I come back to try this game again.
  • The thing I found the worst was trying to do those level 30 instances, which were way too hard, and waiting 15 minutes for a full group only to have someone bail the first time someone dies. Or joining a group only to be kicked seconds later.
  • Exactly, couple that with those people who ditch people with a gear score that is lower than 300, even if it meets the requirements and those instances become a joke.
  • This game was so glitchy I should have got a refund. I tried playing it several times when it first came out but just gave up in less than a week.
  • I still play it. Once a week or two. Helps that I have a regular group to play with so I've never had to deal with matchmaking. We're pretty casual about progression though... seemed like we were the last ones to reach 30. We still have incursions we haven't tried... just starting on the underground... still lots for us to play around with. Lots of laughs when playing with friends.
  • I still play this time to time but, I got board with it... There was a lot of hype on this game from the release of the Xbox one and delay, delay, delay... Personally, it was ok but, I was over all dispointed in the game...
  • I fell for the hype too, as it initially appeared to be a true, 3rd person, tactical shooter. Instead what we got was an rpg that only promoted an endless grind in pursuance of becoming an OP, bulletproof, human tank in order to troll lower level gamers into oblivion without recourse.
  • I still play this game, it has amazing potential and i think this update is going to bring back so many player.
  • This games need more content ASAP.
  • It already has two expansions released for it. Survival is due not long after the 1.4 update and Last Stand is due next year. They delayed the latter to next year to fix bugs and balance the game, hence the 1.4 update.
  • Nerfs and buffs alone won't change the games convoluted formula, which is the real problem. Had they simply made a tactical shooter (as it appeared to be when they first announced the game) it would have been amazing.
    But the rpg element (endlessly grind for weapons, gear, perks, talents, then meticulously crunch numbers to build your set and then just troll lower level players) completely kills the skill aspect. It's not about aiming ability or tactics. The goal is simply to endlessly pursue becoming a walking, bullet absorbing, OP human tank and destroy those who are lower builds regardless of whether they have more skills and better tactics than you do.
    Last time I played (a week ago) these two trolls that had higher level builds than me kept spawn trapping me. Even though I was better than they were (using cover and emptying magazine after magazine into them and hitting them with sticky bombs, nades, and my "bb-8" when they were rogue they barely lost any health. But after all that they just keep running into my fire and down me with only one hit. That is so disheartening. To know that no matter how skillfully you play, some scrub can just walk through because of his level and not only kill you with one or two bits. But that he can troll you over and over and there's nothing you can do about it.
    Unless they completely abandon the rpg elements and make The Division a true tactical shooter, it'll just sit in my external hdd.
  • You're just talking about the Dark Zone, I steer well clear of that at all costs. They have made some significant changes for high level player who choose not to go into the Dark Zone such as Daily and Weekly Loot Drops with High End weapons and equipment. Oh and your "bb-8" is actually a Roller Mine.
  • The DZ is the thing that sets the game apart form every other game. Hence, it plays a huge part in the game. To be forced to avoid such an integral part of the game and setting for just a bunch of modes where you fight bots is not worth it. They should fix the game so that we all can enjoy the DZ nit just OP trolls. And I know they're called roller or seeker mines. But I'm not the only gamer who refers to them as BB-8.