You can’t pawn your Chromebook for a ticket to Hollywood

Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign is divisive to say the least. Its drawn equal amounts of criticism and praise on the internet. Some call it cheap and tacky, while others don’t mind the campaign that highlights Google’s advertising products. Either way, the latest ad with stars from the reality show Pawn Stars highlights the dangers of the Google Chromebook and doesn’t stop being polarizing.

Here we see a lady trying to pawn her Google Chromebook so she can go to Hollywood. What did we learn? That buying a Google Chromebook won’t get you to Hollywood. It’s not a bad ad if you’re fans of the show, but we still can’t help feeling that the Scroogled campaign is a bit tired at this point.


  • I have one and it sucks now.. I mean it has gotten slower, but still works.. I regret not taking it back.. Battery life is awesome though..
  • I work as a supervisor at hp tech support for us and really chromebook Sucks in big time... Once call hits for chromebook the technician are like wtf why chromebook :D
  • This ad is really funny!  LOL!!! The Scroogled campaing is not only funny but educational.  A lot of people don't know how Google operates and they need to be educated about it.  Scroogled campaing is necessary, apart from entertaining, I love it!!!   I ordered two mugs (Be calm ... ...) and they are still backordered, :-(      
  • I thought the ad was pretty clever.
  • Agreed!
  • This one wasn't too bad, but I think the overall campaign feels like a bit of desperation on Microsoft's part. Like in fast food, you generally don't see #1(Mcdonald's) targeting ads at #2 and #3. It's usually the other way around. In my opinion, their money could be better spent focusing on their own products and highlighting specific things that are great that never seem to make it into the (broad) general ads.
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • Microsoft isn't #1 in the personal computing space ...not by a long shot ...haven't been for several years.  Tablets dominate now ...and MS has about 5% market share.
  • I know. That's why in my analogy, Google is more like McDonald's and Microsoft is #2 or #3 taking shots at number one.
  • And yet 9 out of 10 computers sold are Windows. Always been number one.
  • But for this discussion, we're talking more about areas Microsoft is behind- search engine, email service, tablets, phones, etc.
  • I just don't see how they are behind. How are they behind on search? Bing crushes google results. Results on google are like it threw up. Very 2005, and completely useless on mobile. I think you're confusing market share with actual technology.
  • I'm not confused. All of my statements were meant in terms of users/marketshare. Google has something like 65% (if not more). Bing is costing Microsoft about $1 billion a year, while Google is probably making about that much a year with their search engine.
  • Blinkers on, American view. Bing is SHIT outside the US.
  • I have literally never seen a "Scroogled" ad. I haven't even clicked that one yet. So I guess I'm not tired of them?  :)
  • This..... Was fantastic.
  • +920
  • +920
  • +1020 and +2520 for christmas
  • +920 gdr3
  • Honestly, people need to know the truth. I don't think its tiring at all, its genius.
  • If they wanna know the truth, they should look elsewhere. I'm not for Chromebooks at all... but saying that they're ONLY good for web-based applications lets everyone who's even remotely tech savvy know that they're listening to an amateur. Yeah, Chromebooks kinda suck... but this ad isn't even accurate. Go to any reputable tech source and see how long it takes for someone to unload a big 'ol bucket of truth to people thinking that Chromebooks have no office substitute or offline apps... that's almost as ignorant as the people who "Make the switch" because they think Macs don't get viruses.
  • They should have stopped at the 38sec mark, and toss the rest of that clip, and it would be a lot less cheasy.  
  • +925
  • Yep, exactly what I thought.  Was contrived to begin with, but when the real old guy steps in and asks 'what's scroogled', that's where it lost me.
  • You must not watch the show
  • I don't watch it but I've seen it.  I get the dynamic between the guys and how the show plays out.  But like the OP said, at the 38sec mark it was fine and followed the show fairly well.  The rest after that just seemed too forced.
  • +620
  • This ad is super genius. In my opinion the best so far. ^^
  • To be fair, they should have said "It isn't a real laptop, it doesn't run windows or OSX
  • Sure thing but this ad is from Microsoft so it's only normal to talk only about their products but that's why I don't get why they mentioned iTunes. ^^
  • But Office runs on both Windows and OSX, also he says iTunes along with Office.
  • I agree, not so much to be fair, but I think the ad would be more effective if it included Mac laptops with Windows laptops as "real" laptops compared to Chromebook, the fake laptop.
  • they did throw itunes in there though.
  • BURN
  • awesome commercial
  • Meh, pathetic... Both the Chromebook, and the ad.
  • The ad was great for the first 38 seconds, and maybe it's the same with the Chromebook.
  • Eh. Very lackluster.
  • Although a bit tacky, but it gets to the point.  It works.
  • I liked it, not a fan of the show but everything he says is true.
  • I like the old guy. "Whats a scrooooogled...?" I also like how they post these on YouTube.
  • This is hilarious!
  • Chromebooks are not for me
  • I actually like that show...why on Earth do they air it at the History Channel here I have no idea. Then again...they translated the title into "The Price of History" so... Well, anyway, I actually found the ad funny, even though I think the entire Scroogled campaign is as childish as it is stupid.
  • Lol.. Cant wait to see Google reply
  • How does this product have a function when you can't use it without an internet connection? Ok, consumers claim confusion with windows RT, how are they not confused with this. Oh I got now, THE PRICE!
  • Although it is primarily designed to work with an internet connection it can and does work offline.
  • Easily one of the best Scroogled ads. And the most sincere too. This needs to be aired during peak viewer shows/ sports games. It almost felt as if it was just another episode of PawnStars, great ad and it will stick to people because of the similarity.
  • I like MSFT's new approach with GOOG. Right up in their face talking smack about their Mama! MSFT obviously wants them to swing. I'm anxious to see what happens here.
  • Pretty clever and not as cringe-worthy as other Scroggled ads. I just wonder if it stretches the truth a little. I've never used a Chromebook, but when I Bing how to use a Chromebook offline, there's a support page that lists a lot of features that are available offline.  
  • i liked it  and yes chromebooks are not laptops 
  • Tacky? Yes. Reeking of desperation? Definitely. Amusing? Oh yeah.
  • Ahahah!! I love this one!!
  • Wow Microsoft is trying really hard to put google down.
  • Dear god, when will they stop...
  • What's a "chromebook"? ;-)
  • I actually thought this was a hilarious ad and much better than anything else they have done.
  • This version is much better:
  • Maybe Microsoft should stop wasting money on these childish adverts, and use the money to make the Surface cheaper to buy. I wonder how much money has been spent so far? End of the day consumers aren't stupid, they know what Google do. I think if Microsoft carry on with these adverts, it's going to damage them in the long-term. I thought the basic rule of business, is not to dog your competition and let your quality products speak for themselves -- these adverts are on the verge of making out that Microsoft are jealous.... Just my 2 pence....
  • People aren't really aware of the google business model. They're not a tech company. They're an ad platform.
  • ThePKReddy -- are you serious mate? People have been using Google search for the last 16 years, thus the only people who don't know what they do, must of have been living in a cave. Also, Microsoft need to stop living in the past -- this isn't 1984 when Apple likened IBM to an 'Orwellian Big Brother' type company. Times have changed, consumers are smart -- they know what they want (for the exception of iSheep), which is reasonably priced products, and are not bothered about privacy. If people were bothered about privacy, the likes of Facebook would not have become so popular in the last 6 years -- which it still is. Also, people wouldn't be using Instagram either -- you know the same apps that 'many' members on WP Central, were crying about not having an official version of. Therefore, I think these types of adverts are a waste of time and money -- which could be used for more productive things, hence the comment about using it to try lower the price, of their hardware. End of the day, there's no better advertisement than consumers being seen in the 'wild', using your products -- and 'this' advert isn't doing that. Come on Microsoft show all the world how good your products are, not this rubbish!
  • If consumers are buying Chromebooks then I'm sorry to say that YES they are stupid. A majority of consumers can't think for themselves, they buy what others buy and believe everything the media says. The only advantage of a Chromebook you hear people talk about is battery life, but you also get a lot less just for that advantage.
  • I have a chromebook... Dont understand why it makes me stupid.
  • Hmm, how can you call somebody stupid for owning a product you don't like -- I'd say that was a stupid comment mate. Also, I don't know if you are in the states, but here in the UK, consumers are far from stupid -- 'cash' is 'King' here...
  • Naa. I want to see a fight!
  • This was a decent ad in my opinion. Yes, it could have been a bit shorter but still effective. I don't see why people feel you'd need to be a fan of the show to get this one. It's dry humor but to the point.
  • Only infomercials last this long.  I want to see the 30 second ad that would actually be on TV.
  • "Scroogled !. Who knew?" LOL I sort of stopped liking Google when they stopped being an adorable start up and became an evil, monopoly power abusing wanna be run by a bunch on immature jerks who seem to think they can do anything they want to. (Which it seems they can!)
  • I think the Scroogled campaign is totally wrong of Microsoft, and reminds me of very childish behaviour!
  • I couldn't agree more. It's now just waiting till google finds a weakness in MS that they want to attack, and then MS gets a pay back. This kind of marketing is really bad imo, and MS will regret it after Google stabs them back.
  • where were you when apple released the "I'm a mac" commercials to great success?
  • I was right here, and i didn't enjoy that type of campaign either!
    And when Microsoft is paying back with this campaign, it reminds of a fight between kids that's arguing about which father is the strongest one!
    A company shouldn't need to talk bad about other companys products or policy! The most important thing is to talk good about your own products! Microsoft should fire the art directors of this Scroogled-campaign and start making commercials that shows the benefits of being a Microsoft customer!
  • Antistatic, true words mate. This kind of thing isn't good business ethics, which may damage Microsoft -- stagnant share prices, comes to mind. Also, if they are serious about their devices and services strategy, they need to stop this childish crap straightaway...
  • Excactly! 
  • Shut up or my dad will kick your ass.
  • No, childish is Google's stance with You Tube on Windows Phone.
  • ArgonNJ#CB, I think that was a childish comment. You can't blame Google, when this crap is going on. Fair enough, it was funny at first but it's turning into a hate campaign now, which some would say is a form of bullying. Also, this is like going to see a 1980's comedian in 2013, and he's still telling the same jokes -- it's repetitive and sad!
  • So true Dazzi. I suggest Microsoft stop using money on those type of campaigns. It is much better use of money to develop WP further than throwing money making these campaigns! If Microsoft read this:
    Stop this BS, and start to work harder to take your place in the market the right way! Enough is enough!
  • I totally agree Antistatic. Also, they need to start by sacking that Mark Penn -- the arrogant slime ball -- and all his mates who he got jobs for. Even his own friend supposedly said he has "the IQ of Bill Gates and the emotional intelligence of an eggplant". This is probably true, just look how he ruined Hilary Clintons chance of being president, by bad mouthing Obama. Saying Obama wouldn't get elected because he did not have true American values -- meaning his mixed Irish/African heritage. This kind of hateful talk would not be excepted here in the UK -- saying that, as it turned out the USA didn't except it either. Just my 2 pence...
  • I agree, argon
  • I would have stopped at making fun of the chromebooks. there is really no reason make google look like a creepy company any further than they already do...and it almost feels like its trying too hard.
  • Sorry, but to me it looks childish, pedantic, and pointless.
    No, I don't own a Chromebook, nor I have any intention of getting one.
    But that campaign is a waste of money.
    In fact, I think it'll do the opposite of it's purpose:
    First of all, I don't think many people even heard about Chromebook at all.
    Those who did hear about it probably knows what it's all about.
    So the ad does a pretty awful job at throwing punches at a product most people don't even know about, making uneeded accusations, throwing misinformation (no, it's not pretty much a brick, you can still use Chromebook offline), sounding desperate as hell, hiding advantages like price and battery life, comparing it to products which are in a different category and price (Windows powered laptops).
    Doesn't matter if you hate Google or not, the current Chromebooks - much like netbooks of the past - are cheap platforms with enough power to do the very basic stuff needed on laptops. They are the first attempts to make something with Chrome OS. It's obviously not for everyone, but an ad like that only makes Microsoft look stupid to me.
    It'd be like Nintendo or Sony making an ad trying to sell their consoles by comparing it to an Ouya or something.
  • She's cute
  • microsoft is getting serious lol i love this ad.  no more sleeping giant. 
  • Google is facing yet another privacy protest in Europe, after Mountain View recently tweaked its terms of service to allow it to plaster its users' profile names and photos over ads. Privacy campaigner Simon Davies has submitted a complaint to 14 data protection authorities in the EU. He is calling on officials in Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Germany (Federal and Berlin), Lithuania, Netherlands and Poland to force Google to suspend the changes made to its terms of service to allow an official investigation to get underway. Google had not responded to The Register's request for comment at time of writing. The ad giant introduced its rejigged policy on 11 November, after running heavy trials on the forthcoming changes to its users by displaying a prominent banner on its services telling them their faces will soon be used to shift personalised ads – in much the way that other web outfits such as LinkedIn and Facebook already use them. Google was up front about the overhaul, which is designed to make more money out of user profiles created in the company's flailing free content ad network – Google+. The company has injected Google+ into its services across the net to better exploit targeted advertising. Google insists it does respect its users' sensibilities – which means it won't suddenly begin displaying everyone's faces in its ads. That said, anyone with a Google+ profile (roughly 500 million people) could be co-opted into the company's so-called "shared endorsements" if they fail to check their privacy settings. In December last year, the company confirmed that the majority of those users signed up to Google+ didn't actually interact with it, so the appearance of their faces in ads might in fact come as a bit of a shock to some people, despite the warnings trailed in the run-up to the terms of service change. Davies argued in his complaint that "full exposure of identities will be a fact known to some, but not all users". He added: Google has triangulated the exploitation of user data by requiring users to create accounts that are content scanned, by merging their data throughout the Google ecosystem and then by linking personal preferences, interactions, associations and views to its advertising network. In October, US Senator Ed Markey expressed concern about the changes to the Federal Trade Commission by warning that Google should make it clear to users that their data is being scraped to sell ads.
  • Love it
  • I love how serious everyone takes all this. Between the video and the comments this is all highly entertaining.
  • Chromebooks eat. I've always been a very platform agnostic guy, and these days it's no different. I do roughly 99% of my computing on tablets and I find the iPad and my Surface RT are both wonderful machines. I like iWork more than Office, but aside from that, they're both pretty equal in my mind. Chromebooks just seem like this weird, zombie-like idea that computers need to be "laptops" to be good, only thing is that these cheap Chrome netbooks are about as useful as my decade old Compaq iPAQ. Meh. I can't be bothered mousing around the design and usability nightmare that are web interfaces. I'm sorry, I can't be bothered suffering through the awful touchpads that these bargain basement trash lappies have. I corrected that so as not to be insulting to computer mice ;p
  • Anyone happen to know what her name is??? ;)
  • Gah this is cringe worthy, I know chrome books suck but saying it isn't a laptop without windows or office is just stupid.
  • Stupid to you perhaps.
  • So a MacBook pro isn't a laptop?
    It doesn't have windows or office preinstalled
  • I don't like em, but they are, by design, considered a "clamshell" laptop. And they do have good screens. (id put win7 on it)^▽^
  • true its a waste of money.
  • You can generally tell who you are by your reaction to the "Scroogled Media" and whether you're a fan of either camp or just don't care at comes down to your point of view, I think it's hilarious! =P
  • Marmite
  • This is stupid, my sister has a Chromebook and they are most certainly laptops, and they most certainly work offline. I like Microsoft in general, but maybe they can focus their money on improving the bugged out Windows Phone 8, Getting the Xbone to respond to more for non US english voice, and less on lies about their compeditors.
  • I love my chromebook!!!! It works for quick things and honestly its so easy my parents know how to use it because its not as full fledged an operating system with all the bells and whistles. Anyway I really dont think I wanna take advice from pawn store workers about being ripped off lol
  • I'd say keep the ads until they give us our YouTube app back, scroogle bastards.
  • "Polarizing" is a really odd/silly term to use.
  • Not tired of the ads, keep them coming. People need to hear the truth. Friends don't let friends get scroogled.
  • Funny!!!
  • Love it.