PC Building Simulator

Putting together a PC that works as soon as you hit the power button can prove to be an adventure. If only there was an easy way to visually install components and build some confidence in the process. It's always easier to perform a task if you've seen it done before, or better yet, entered into a simulation. This is where PC Building Simulator comes into play, and it does exactly what its name suggests.

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A PC build sim you have to see

This interactive simulator lets you put together numerous components without having to order anything, remove packaging, or make errors that could potentially set you back a few hundred dollars. And it goes one step further than online part-picker tools by allowing you to see just how everything goes together. Not only will you be selecting parts in this game, but you'll also be responsible for hooking up power and screwing a few things into place.

It's early days and the developer plans to release the game on Steam at some point this year. It's a great concept, however. And PC part manufacturers think so too, as NZXT has teamed up with the developer to include the S340, liquid coolers, and more. It wouldn't surprise me if we see more companies get on board with this.

But the best part about PC Building Simulator is that it's not just incredibly useful for learning how to put together systems. The "game" puts you in charge of your own PC build and repair shop, where you need to complete various challenges to develop a reputation and progress down this career path. Some highlight features, from the store page:

  • Learn how to build high-end gaming PCs without purchasing costly parts or the risk of electric shocks!
  • We are in discussions with your favorite hardware partners to bring their components into the game so you can build the rig of your dreams.
  • Run a PC building and repair business and progress through the career mode. Fix customer's PCs, perform upgrades and build rigs to strict specifications all while balancing your books and beating the competition!
  • The tutorial guides players step by step through the PC building process and uses detailed instructions to explain each component and its function.
  • Take part in challenges – build to specification, overclock your PC and more!

The game is not complete state and is only available as a demo. The UI needs work and more content added ahead of release, for sure (we've seen some advancements made in the video above. But what's included right now is the foundation of a solid simulator.

It's worth checking out if you're new to the world of PC building, or simply wish to enjoy a simulator that allows you to run your own PC repair business. For now, you can download the PC Building Simulator demo from itch.io, but the game will be hitting Steam later this year. We'll be sure to take it for a spin and throw together a full review once it's out in full.

Download PC Building Simulator