PDF Assistant Pro is a Swiss Army knife of a Windows 10 app

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, PDF Assistant Pro not only allows you to view pdf files but also mark up and edit files. PDF Assistant Pro includes OneDrive support and saved files can be shared within the app.

If you are looking for a Windows 10 app for dealing with pdf files that have a little more meat on the bones than other options, PDF Assistant Pro is worth a look. There is a time sensitive trial version available for PDF Assistant Pro with the full version regularly priced at $7.99.

PDF Assistant Pro has an incredibly simple layout that makes it easy to pick up and use right out of the gate. The opening menu holds the sole option of opening a document. Document access includes locally stored files, files on an expansion card and files saved to OneDrive. PDF Assistant Pro has support for password protected files with a prompt for the credentials appearing after you select the file.

The layout of both the Windows 10 PC and Mobile versions of PDF Assistant Pro is somewhat uniform with the PC version making the most of the larger display. A menu button in the upper left corner reveals options to open/save documents and edit them. Editing tools include selecting portions of the pdf, erase edits, add or select text, access drawing tools, and markup tools. Most of these options have additional features that are revealed when you tap on them. For example, the markup tool has options to highlight, underline and strikethrough text.

In addition to the menu bar options, PDF Assistant Pro has three buttons that are constantly present along the left side of the display. They include buttons to rate the app in the Windows Store, share the document via email and share the document using the Windows universal sharing menu. The Windows 10 PC version has three more buttons on the opposite side of the display to zoom in/out and hide/view thumbnail pages of the full document. The Windows 10 Mobile version relies on touch to zoom in or out of a document.

The editing tools share the overall simplicity of PDF Assistant Pro. Just tap on the tool, choose your option and go to town. You can choose the font size, weight, and colors when adding text. The markup and drawing tools also have color options. Along with the eraser tool, PDF Assistant Pro has an undo and redo button for corrective actions.

Once all your markups and edits are done, documents can be saved locally or to OneDrive, as well as shared through the Windows universal sharing menu.

Simple and effective PDF app

PDF Assistant Pro

PDF Assistant Pro is a simple option in the Windows Store for working with pdf files. While the simple design offers a user-friendly experience, PDF Assistant Pro had plenty of features to set itself apart from similar options.

The Windows 10 Mobile version makes it easy to work with pdf files while on the go and the PC version benefits from the larger display. While a handy app to have around, there is some room for improvement. For starters, I would like to have the option to hide the side buttons or incorporate them into the hidden menu bars. Having them in constant view bites into the clean appearance of the app.

I'd also like to have the ability to create pdf documents from scratch and a print option (at least from the Windows 10 PC version). I don't know if those options are feasible, but would raise the appeal factor of PDF Assistant Pro tremendously.

As is, PDF Assistant Pro is a fantastic option to consider if you are looking for a simple Windows 10 pdf file app. In case you missed out on the recent myAppFree deal, the regular price of $7.99 has been cut in half. Through June 21, 2017, you can pick up PDF Assistant Pro for $3.99.

Download PDF Assistant Pro from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Given PDF Assistant a try? Let us know what you think of this Windows 10 app in the comments or chat it up with the developer over in this Windows Central forums discussion.

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  • Can it print?
  • Download the trial version n check the options. Am goin to do it anyways.
  • Go with Xodo instead. Full featured, no ads, mark up and wait document Support, and it's 100% FREE.
  • Yes..but sometimes crashing but..nice..(1520)
  • Yes, from time to time I am simply unable to start it... Such a pity, Xodo would be awesome otherwise.
  • For me too, I have to reset the app before start it.
  • Really wish they had the PDF Expert app that's available on iOS
  • Try Xodo, fully featured and free.
  • I was about to say this... I have them both and xodo does everything I need.
  • I have used xodo a couple of times. I didn't really like it, because I couldn't scroll vertically. Is that possible somehow?
  • Indeed, there's an option to change the scrolling mode from the default.
  • Oh, in that case I'll give it another chance. Thanks! :D
  • Yes you can.
  • Xodo is pretty damn slick... I helped one of my favorite authors proofread one of his books prior to release using Xodo. The markup abilities are really stellar.
  • Actually Xodo is too buggy, and UI in PDF Assistant is better, as for me
  • Jesus, I literally just said almost the exact same words right before I saw your post 😁
  • I'm tempted to try this out. I deal with PDF's quite frequently for work. Since I have a Surface 3 it came with DRAWBOARD PDF which is terrific for editing and marking PDF's. It's got Pen support and runs $10.00. For those wanting to Delete pages, merge or split PDF's or rearranging a PDF, I found PDF JACK (it cost $5) as a terrific option to accomplish the more serious arranging tasks.
  • I got this from the myappfree deal. Couldn't be any happier!
  • Wow, i already own it though myappfree for free
  • Great app, recommended
  • Foxit Reader is better, faster and more fun to use. This app even can't use shortcuts or link from the table of content.
  • Sumatra > Foxit
  • I love xodo!!
  • Is this not a UWP? I note there is a lot of reference to the mobile app and the desktop one. If you run the mobile app in Continnum, do you not essentially have the desktop app? That is what I would expect with a well done UWP. Try this with MS's, weather, maps, etc apps.  One thing I noticed. If an app has a permanent on screen option to rate the app, that is going to affect my rating. Not positively. I also wonder why I need a button to mail and a button to share taking up screen real estate when the first option in share is mail.
  • Can't combine PDF's either.
  • Downloaded, but found it to be not as good as Xodo
    I opened a pdf magazine and it didn't load the cover page image
  • Naaah, it's rubbish!  At least on my desktop PC. Two basic problems.  1/ The text is blurry.  2/ You can't scroll page-by-page using the mouse scroll wheel. Waste of three quid.
  • Just tried Xodo.  It's LOADS better.  Text seems slightly sharper (but not as good as MS Word, for example).  And you can scoll page-by-page.
  • Xodo is generally great, though this carries some potential. For a start they need to get rid of the the permanent buttons and enable landscape viewing, I mean how can you read a pdf on mobile when stuck in portrait?!