New Microsoft PDF Reader available for Windows Phone 8

PDF Reader is a documentation viewer that can open and display PDF files. As well as being able to access said formats on Windows Phone, the app enables users to bookmark pages, manipulate zoom levels, search content, and resume viewing from last saved point. It's a fully featured PDF viewer.

As an alternative to Adobe's Windows Phone offering, Microsoft's PDF Reader is a free app that sports the following:

  • Quickly open PDF files
  • Bookmark pages and jump back to the bookmark from anywhere in the document
  • Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer view
  • Search text to find specific information
  • View documents in single page mode or continuous mode
  • Resume document reading from the same point you left it last time.

While it may come across as simple and slightly basic, the app is solid and gets the job done. The UI is easy to navigate around and it's free, which is always a welcomed touch.

PDF Reader App

You can download PDF Reader from the Windows Phone Store for free. Unfortunately the app appears to be restricted to Windows Phone 8 handsets.

QR: PDF Reader

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Does this become the default PDF viewer? Also can you email PDF's from the app?
  • Yes, this is what I want to know. Can we attach PDF files now on WP8? This a feature that I've been looking forward to.
  • Another review (PocketLint) demonstrated that yes, you can tap and hold from the Office Hub and share a PDF via email.
    (Thankfully, because otherwise I'd probably have had to switch platforms.)
  • That is great news. Thanks for sharing.
    Note:  I am using Windows Phone 8 on Nokia 920 (AT&T)
    I downloaded several PDF files from my email and they do not show up in the Office Hub anywhere.  The only place a PDF file will show up for me is when I open the Microsoft "PDF Viewer" and it displays "My Library" listing the PDF files on the phone.  "My Library" does not have the capability to share or delete PDF files, so once you download a PDF file it is stuck on your phone and you cant send it to anyone.  To add insult to injury you can only attach pictures to emails when composing a new message inside the email app; thats right people, no PDF, no Word, no Excel, Nothing.  Currently I can only email Word, Excel, and PPT files from inside the Office Hub by long tap then selecting share option and then selecting email but this only allows you to share one document per email there is no way to attach multiple files to one email much less different file types.  They need to fix this pronto.  Also, where is the Adobe Reader app in the store? Our only option is a basic Microsoft app.
  • Microsoft was probably tired of waiting for adobe to update their own app so they made their own PDF reader
  • I'm tired of waiting between Adobe updates. I'd rather have this one.
  • It's almost a shame that Adobe's PDF software for Windows Phone just became a decent program.
  • So... for Windows Phone 8 only?  Here we go....
  • I wonder if it would work on 7.8
  • Nope
  • Me too
  • There is a reason behind that. On WP8 you can make this the default PDF handler; something you can't do on WP7. Sure, it is a weak excuse but ideally, this should have been built into the system than (like iOS) instead of relying on Adobe (which are awful at optimizing software or supporting products). Obviously, the lack of extra effort to port this over to WP8 is another good reason.
  • But if we don't have any other app installed (adobe reader), wouldn't MS reader becomes default?
  • And so it begins.  A new ap that doesn't work on WP 7.5.
  • Strange. Relatively, a PDF reader is not a complex app so why would it be built just for Windows 8.
  • Was always going to happen. Windows Phone 8 is current. Windows Phone 7.x has been out for 2 years, and is now legacy. Get onboard the WP8 train :)
    Come on, who doesn't upgrade their phone every 18 months/2 years?
    Less whining, more buying. Call yourself gadgets geeks, pfff. :)
  • Some of us can't upgrade till next year :-/
  • Too bad if you bought a wp7 device this year and happen to be Canadian with a 3 year contract, eh? :(
  • Buy one outright for $600 :P
  • Are you obligated to use your old phone? Can't you just go to a store and buy a new one for a mere 200-500 dollars?
  • Seriously? Not everyone can get a new phone offline!
  • Why not? I seriously don't get it.
  • Yet another Windows 8 app appearing on WP8. On Windows 8, this app works great.
  • I think you mean it works gr8.
  • ?
  • M8 that joke is outta d8 :P
  • This is indeed just a "port" of the Win8/ WinRT app called "Reader".
    The reason for being for WP8 only is prolly because the codeing has roots in Win8, and Win8 share 90%+ of its code with WP8.  
  • Available for WP8 but WP8 is not available
  • That depends on where you live :)
  • states man
  • So... available & unavailable for WP8 at the same time? :P
  • App is, phone is not
  • In Europe you can buy a WP 8X for only 500 eurodollars at expansys.
  • Love Europe but f*ck 8x if i spend that kind of money i want next gen phone and its lumia 920
  • Sooooo, ATT, when are you going to announce the 920? Just wondering. :P
  • +99999
    And how is that 8X and 920 review coming along Daniel?
  • 920, doesnt matter what anyone says
  • I thought it is confirmed as of this morning that 920 will be available for preorder on 8th for 11th delivery. In stores on 11th.
  • I guess not, on official att page its still says coming soon, but i just noticed on pictures on 920 and 820 times are 11:20, i hope its a coincidence and not a hint on release date
  • We already have it in stores in Ukraine, la-la-la :-P  
  • Excellent. I can uninstall Adobe's thing in two weeks.
  • Does this open password protected files??
  • can you guys do a roundup of these wp8 apps in maybe 2 or 3 weeks, being that the overwhelming majority of your readership doesn't have access to wp8.
  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again... all things Adobe can SUCK IT! :)
  • Agreed. I've been bugging Foxit to make a Windows Phone PDF reader since I got my arrive. To no avail.
  • Oops wp8 only
  • Can it also open XPS files?
  • Unfortunately, no.
  • WP8 only though
  • Older devices are left behind.
  • Oh God,  now the comments of every WP8 app post on WPCentral is going to be full of  "why no 7.8?" QQing"
    SIgh. That's about as an effective use of your time as complaining about every iOS and Android app that isn't ported to WP7.x....
  • The port from Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8 shoudn't be surprising.  This is one of the benefits of the new kernel and unified platform.  I'm sure as both OS's mature we will get some pretty slick apps and seamless integration amongst devices from third parties.  Until then you are going to see Microsoft homebrew apps go from the desktop to the phone, but only if it's Windows 8.  If Windows 7.8 gave current generation device users access to Office 2013, etc but lacked the new dual core and NFC elements more people would feel confident about upgrading or staying put.  
    I personally want to upgrade but I know that isn't financially responsible.  If AT&T or Nokia tossed in an offer to current Lumia owners to upgrade at $250 with trade-in of their device it would be a no-brainer.  I am surprised that something like this hasn't been announced.  AT&T, Microsoft and Nokia would have to worry about one primary OS to support, and not the mix of 7.x and 8.x devices they will have here in the states coming up sooner rather than later.  $250 without adding a line of service to my account would be wonderful.  I would trust that the Lumia 900 gets recycled properly or refurbhised and sold off.
    I think my Lumia 900 still has legs and I can ride with it for a while.  But, if support for 7.x is going to feel like support for old Palm OS apps after webOS was introduced I won't be pleased.  
  • I can see where you are coming from to a point. Thing is WP8 JUST launched and devices aren't even widely available yet so why don't we actually wait and see how things shake out for real instead of speculate?
    There are many instance in life and epecially in consumer electronics where you have to live with what you got, there will always be something new and shiny on the horizon.
  • This.
  • Watch out, that brilliant idea of a trade-in program does not fly well with some users on this site who think you should have just skipped the 900 and waited for November.
  • Oh God, sigh, another gullible fanboy. If consumers don't complain, company's won't have any reason to do right by their customers. You are more annoying than the complainers, because you add nothing.
  • Just bought a wp7 with cash. Looking forward to when my contract is up and can get a wp8.
  • this looks really easy and enjoyable to use, cant wait to try it
  • WP8 only - and being a forgotten userbase begins for WP7.x. Can't wait for the WP8-only XBL games next. I've really got to stop being an early adopter of tech like this - buy myself 2 WP7 and my wife one and convince work to give me one. Buy about 100 games on it and then receive the big ole F U from MS. No migration path for app data still, expensive hardware - I'm near done with it, and I was such a proponent of WP. Convinced quite a number of people to try it and switch. I feel I led them down the wrong path. Should have simply waited for WP8 and skip 7, wouldn't have wasted so much money on a dead platform.
  • All apps are going to work on WP8, what are you talking about? Just download them again and you'll be good, as long as you use same "windows live id"
  • Can't wait to use this app, I read ALOT of documents on my phone and this is a must for me. Microsoft FTW!
  • Now that they got this worked out, maybe Microsoft can figure out how to make an XPS viewer for Windows Phone. Just sayin.
    Frustrating that I can't open XPS files on a Windows Phone.
  • Maybe it does?, windows 8 reader can read .xps
  • :'( first app I can't put on my lumia 900
  • Microsoft will not understand succeed in mobile operating system later. Microsoft does not know how to manage a mobile system. Microsoft can denigrate your own product and making people angry. Congratulations, Microsoft.
  • The first chink in my Lumia 900's ability ... Oh well at least it will run on my Surface RT... Still not happy my phone is outdated so quickly.
  • Still not possible to send a .pdf from this app via email. We need this! Help!
  • Feel frustration to have Windows Phone 7.5
  • Did microsoft make this app? I do hope they make it available for 7.5.
  • Don't care who supplies a pdf reader. But make it work. This one wont open the pdfs that i have on my L920. Not properly anyways.
  • So I lost track somewhere. Can I or can I not delete a stupid .pdf file from my Nokia 822?
  • I installed the programme but does not show any of the pdf I copied to  my phone!!! Why did they remove the pdf reader that was default in Xperia X1 or Aspen?
  • I need a program that will open pdf documents attached in email.  These are basic business documents, and it's ridiculous that a pdf attachment can't be opened. I love my new 920, but this is a serious oversight on Microsoft's part.
  • hi does anyone know how to access pdf files on my memory/SD card? it used to "belong" to an android phone of mine, then i bought a lumia 820. now i can't read the e-books (in pdf format) on the card. i tried downloading via email, but they don't appear in the library. help!
  • You can use this app for pdf on sd card