PDF Reader updated to open more PDF files and improve stability

It has been a long time since Microsoft’s PDF Reader for Windows Phone has seen an update. The last update we covered took place nearly a year ago. Today we’re looking at a new update for PDF Reader that should make a handful of you happy. Let’s check it out.

So a year ago PDF Reader received a few updates with features and bug fixes for those features. What features? The ability to open password-protected files was the biggest (and most welcomed) change to PDF Reader. Today we have version 1.2 in the Windows Phone Store with the following changes:

  • Ability to open more PDF files
  • Better rotation and rendering of files
  • Increased stability and performance

While not a gigantic update at face value, it’s also appreciated. The new version of PDF Reader can open more PDF files. To be honest we haven’t encountered an instance where PDF Reader wouldn’t open a PDF file, but then again we don’t use PDFs too much. Let us know us if you’ve had troubles with certain files in the past and whether or not they’re working after the update.

PDF Reader also supports better rendering of files and improved rotation. You’ll also see stability and performance increased in this latest version.

Want to try out the new and improved PDF Reader for Windows Phone? Of course you do. So go to the Windows Phone Store to grab it or use the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip Kyle M!

QR: PDF Reader

Sam Sabri