PDF Reader for Windows Phone 8 gets a minor bump in second update

We’re not everyday users of Microsoft’s PDF Reader for Windows Phone 8 but we know many of you are, hence this post. Just a day ago, version 1.1.4784.14585 went live in the Store with some important new features, including opening password-protected files, which is pretty huge.

Today a slight revision has gone with version 1.1.4785.5817 rolling out to devices.

Seeing as that is such a small change, we’re presuming there aren’t any new features or UX changes to the app but instead a quick bug fix or optimization instead. If you’ve had problems with the last update or need this app daily, you’ll want to grab the latest version that is available now.

And if you happen to discover something new (or better), feel free to share with others in comments.

Pick up PDF Reader here in the Store.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Yep it fixed sharing which was broken in prior update if you shared, it would take you to a zero byte file. Seems to work now. Hurrah!
  • Hurrah indeed! :) Wish Microsoft would update all their apps and the OS this quickly.
  • Awesome, that is fast response time for Microsoft! Great job guys!!
  • I can finally keep a PDF of the NYC MTA Subway Map on my phone, finally. Which is all I needed it for, so I'm happy. (An official MTA app would be nice)
  • There is an MTA app in the store, lame one but works.
  • MTA Information (in the Marketplace) comes in ad-supported & paid versions. It provides service updates, line info, maps and more. Very nice UI, and tons of useful info.
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  • Nice dream.
  • It's called PDF Reader, not Acrobat Creator.
  • Yea, this fixed the sharing bug.
  • Wish they made one for Windows Phone 7.x.
  • I can't keep my train schedule because IT WON'T ZOOM ENOUGH!!!!
  • Yep. Good fix, now just Twitter lock screen and tile count? Oh, and a notification centre if I may be so cheeky...if no notification centre more than five lock screen notifications :)
  • No thank you. I'm fine without the center.
  • I dont need a notification center too. Live tiles are a better approach, more clean and modern.
  • The tile dynamic won't change and is still the primary method of getting notification details for the apps you care most about, however there are many who would like a place that aggregates missed toasts and/or other notifiations that you don't see unless you look right when they arrive.  Nothing will make those not wanting it HAVE to go look at it and it won't change your current use of the Home screen.  This is like saying don't bring Instagram to WP8 because I don't like or use it.  The bottom line is you still want these features/apps to come to the platform so it will draw more people over, which in turn will get more developer support and keep the platform growing faster.
  • Well I need a notification center, forget what they're saying; they don't have to use it..
  • We can now delete files!!!
    So sad that it took so long.
  • They enabled PDF sharing! But its trough SkyDrive! The hell! Some times people would just like to attach the PDF rather then link them
  • Try PDFSend app for this.
  • Or send it via bluetooth, no?
  • Still crashes when I try to open my password protected pay stubs...
  • I still have a problem opening a PDF from a specific website. This PDF opens on computer and from my wife's iPhone. Any ideas? https://www.bowlerexpress.com/NP_standingsShowPdf?f=S0096-0631.pdf
  • We can't test that link as it requires you to be logged in as a member to their site.
  • You know I'm glad someone else has brought this up.  I've been on the Microsoft site asking why I can't do this several times and have not once gotten an answer.  I love WP8 but its just plain clueless on some very basic things.  Works on Android, works on iOS, works on PC's...
    I think the issue is that the pdf reader wants the file in the "documents on your phone" area.  IE must be sticking it in a tempory directory where the pdf reader can't get to it.
    PDF reader problem ? WP8 OS problem? IE problem?
  • Drat!  My most important feature didn't make the cut. 
    I need internal hyperlinks within a PDF to work.  Please?
  • Again, why is there such a low level limit on zooming? I even need to review surveys and the lack of greater zooming is killing me. When is adobe coming out with their reader for WP8??
  • Still won't open password protected files; type in password, hit checkmark and crashes...back to home screen