Perfect Pad, an unofficial Wattpad Client app for Windows 10

Perfect Pad is one of the latest offerings from Perfect Thumb available in the Windows 10 Store. It is a universal app that is an unofficial client for Wattpad users.

What is Wattpad? Wattpad is a place to discover and share stories in a social platform that connects people through words. The site invites you to discover stories from a community that crosses borders, interests, languages and styles. You can also contribute your own stories to share your interests, experiences and styles.

Thousands of stories are added to Wattpad daily and Perfect Pad taps into that library to give you access to millions of stories. It is a Windows 10 universal app available for desktops, laptops, tablets and Windows 10 mobile devices. We took the Windows 10 version out for a test drive from a Surface 3 and found it to be an attractive client app (unofficial) for the Wattpad service.

Perfect Pad

The layout of Perfect Pad follows suit with all of Perfect Thumb's offerings in that it is a simple, user-friendly design. Your navigational menu lines the left edge of the screen. Compressed the menu will only display icons and if you tap the hamburger menu, the menu expands to reveal labels for the icons.

From top to bottom the navigational menu includes options to:

  • Recent: Here you will find a listing of stories you have recently viewed
  • Search: A keyword search option that will generate search results for stories, people and reading lists associated with your search criteria
  • Discover: A listing of the Hot, Featured and Undiscovered stories
  • Categories: A boatload of story categories to surf through that range from romance to Sci-Fi to ChickLit (chick literature?). Each category will list the Hot, Featured and Undiscovered titles.
  • Library: This section will display your current reads, archived reads and reading lists.
  • Log in: Access to your Wattpad account
  • About: This will be your standard About Screen with the developer credits, contact information, privacy policy, etc.

Pulling up an individual story will provide you with options to add the story to your library, add it to your reading lists or read the story. A brief description is provided along with a list of similar stories. You will also find a chapter listing (if applicable) on the adjacent screen.

Perfect Pad

Stories have the options to change the font style and size, as well as toggling between day and night views (white or black background). You can check out the titles without creating a Wattpad account, to dip your toes in the water so to speak.

Perfect Pad

The account is free, with the option of logging into Wattpad via your Facebook account and opens up the social aspects of the service (commenting on stories, etc.). It also opens up the ability to save a story to your library for offline reading.

Overall Impression

While Perfect Pad may not be a Windows 10 title that everyone is knocking down the door to install, it does have a nice level of appeal. The stories range from those that can keep you on the edge of your seat to those that might give you a little insight to other parts of the world.

Perfect Pad

I did like having the ability to save stories for offline reading. If you are going to be in an area without data connectivity, this can really come in handy. The only glitch I ran into with Perfect Pad occurred when I tried to log into Wattpad with my Facebook account. It took several attempts to get the app to accept the login credentials. Nothing catastrophic, but noticeable and logging into Wattpad with an independent email based account went smoothly.

Overall, I found Perfect Pad to be an attractive Windows 10 app. If you have given Perfect Pad a try, let us know what you think of the app in the comments below. Keep in mind, while there is a mobile version of Perfect Pad out there, it is for Windows 10 Mobile.

Download Perfect Pad from the Windows 10 Store (Free)

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