Phone modder adds big Wi-Fi antenna and CPU fan inside Lumia 520, because why not?

A Windows Phone hardware modder named Marc, who also goes by the handle "Core Down", says he has successfully added a huge W-Fi antenna to a Lumia 435 and Lumia 520 smartphone. He went even further on the Lumia 520 and soldered in a CPU fan to the smartphone as well.

Wi-Fi Mod

According to (translated):

"And he has opened the device only to the motherboard and searched for the operating WLAN module. After that he had to remove the built-in antenna and has the new to the appropriate contact points soldered. When Lumia 520 he has even installed a fan which prevents the excessive heating during the game."

We would imagine he doesn't have any problems with Wi-Fi reception either. Hopefully he will publish a guide on exactly how he accomplished this mod in the future. It goes without saying that making these kinds of hardware changes will void any warranty that might be available for those phones.

Source:; Via: Neowin

John Callaham
  • It was worth it
  • I loved the title of the post. Why not? B-)
  • I wish I had this much hardware knowledge
  • To put it to such a good use??? :D
  • How do I do this? Jiminy Crickets, my WiFi would never be low on signal!
  • It's not actually HARD... The tiny cable going from the wireless radio has just been rerouted to that huge SMA connector onto which an antenna screws. That said the SMA does not look to be anchored very well... In fact I doubt any part of the phone is designed to hold up to the sort of leverage that long antenna will place on that connector... I foresee hardware failure.
  • Maybe he just unscrews the antenna when he doesn't need it?  For instance, when he wants to put it into his pocket.
  • Custom Phones? Anyone?
  • It would be cool if we change Processors, RAM too :P
  • Look up Project Ara.
  • That's scroogle.... But nice project ara.
  • Google instead of ms just asked the maker of phoneblocks.
  • Probably not the best implementation due to communication protocol overheads.
  • No images of the installed cpu fan? I would love to check it out...
  • Check the source link, they are there. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • LOL, how can u post one comment using 4 phones?
  • All 4 of them are not phones..
    A phone , A phablet & two Tablets
  • Oh that explains multiple posting devices for a single post
  • He could've set a signature or even just typed it in? Posted via Gameboy Color/A Typewriter/Your Mother's Washing Machine
  • Ah! Now it makes sense
  • Typed one letter in each device.
  • Lol Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • / = and, OR. Meaning OR in this case. ;) Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • He made a modification.... All in one device..... The 2520 containing all of them.... Lol!
  • I'd love to see something like this, but one that mods the cellular antenna.
  • Having a larger antenna is one thing, but you also need to tell the WiFi chip to boost power via firmware to utilize the larger antenna. Kudos anyways. I am sure it helps if even a little bit.
  • I took a WiFi antenna from an external WiFi card and replaced the original factory (ie garbage) antenna on the router with the external one. Now I can get reception all throughout my house without a problem. I didn't need (nor could I) change any RF settings on the router.
  • Ah... The good old days
  • Haha ya... I remember getting aftermarket coolers for my gaming rig's cpu... And now everything is ultra low power...
  • You still have to get them to cool down an i7 at 4.4GHz, for example :)
  • i7-6700K @4.7 GHz running at 23 Degrees.
  • Makes it look like 90's Ericsson phones.
  • I miss my gh688 ;(
  • Now I need someone to show how to increase phone storage and RAM on my lumia 640xl. 8gb doesnt cut it. RAM I can live with.
  • You never heard of sd cards? I hear they are quite cheap now.
  • He is a RETIRED iPhone guy it seems
  • always makes me giggle
  • Would it be technically possible to cannibalise phones to create a fan-phone that is based primarily upon one model? For instance, using the internals of a 950 but replacing the rear camera with the 41MP 1020 sensor to finally give that camera the power it needs? There's undoubtedly some sort of technical barrier, but how possible is it to overcome? This is asked entirely from the persepective of someone completely unknowledgeable in these sorts of things, just something I was curious about.  
  • I suppose technical hardware-wise you can do it. The firmware and OS would be a challenge because they would need to recognize the custom setup you have. And I don't think any lay people have access to rewriting that on Windows Phone.
  • Possible but not doable.
  • Many issues with that particular mod since W10 does not support the resolution of that camera (hence it uses the legacy Lumia camera app). However, it is a misconception that the 1020 camera is better than the 950. It has a higher resolution, but the optics, OIS, and processing are all worse. I've had both, pixel peeped the RAW files and the JPEG and the 950 is just better.
  • As a 1020 user myself, I was wondering how the 950 compared. It's likely to be my next phone, but the biggest just from a 1020 will always be the quality of the successing camera - a 20MP Pureview shooter will never be substandard, but there was always for me an uncertainty over how it did differ from such a larger camera (in both MP and overall size) after three years of refinements compared to the 1020. That's interesting to hear. I had forgotten about the W10 issue, but that particular one could be worked around by using a 8.1 930/Icon, perhaps? No doubt there's a ton more issues, but I'm just curious to see if that OS could recognise a new and different camera module.
  • Yeah.... Like taking the internals out of a 950 or 950XL and installing them into a more aesthetically pleasing outer shell.
    Heh heh
  • We need this guy..hahaha.. We change the chip ram / camera module / processor / internal memory..
  • Good for him. He should work for Microsoft!
  • And Satya fires him for not agreeing satya's suggestion to make same for Android & iPhone
  • i wish i could
  • For those of us that want a modern smartphone with the huge antenna from the 80's cell phones.
  • Badass
  • Toilet paper is the best part
  • Realistically, the fan is the only practical option here. Im sure others would do this if we could see pictures.
  • Don't think he's a genius... These are simple tasks. He just happens to be the only person to care enough to do it lol. I've installed fans in many things. And antennas... Well... Those are hardly complicated. Tinfoil is a damn antenna lol.
  • First of all, he should have soldered a huge battery on it, then the CPU fan, then the antennae, then it will work just how he wanted it to.
  • What warranty these phones are eol
  • How about a combo battery/cooling case for extended gaming sessions?
  • That's when you move to a dedicated gaming device
  • Voiding the warranty... On a $30 phone. The antenna, fan, and soldering iron/solder probably constitute 25-50% of the value, of the 520.
  • With the news of custom Roms, here come these custom WPs !!
  • I wouldn't mind a better wi-fi atenna one some of my devices