Google's rumored Pixel Fold looks like a Surface Duo if it had a foldable display (updated)

Google Pixel Fold fan render
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What you need to know

  • Renders of Google's upcoming Pixel Fold have appeared online.
  • The renders are third-party but are based on real images of the hardware.
  • The design resembles that of a Surface Duo but with a foldable inside display.

Update (Dec 8 2022): New details

New details about Pixel's upcoming foldable device have been leaked, now confirming the actual dimensions of the hardware. Like the original renders suggested, it looks like the Pixel Fold is going to resemble the Surface Duo in shape and size. Featuring a 5.8-inch external display, and 7.7-inch internal foldable display.

The dimensions of the Pixel Fold are rumored to measure 139.7 x 158.7 x 5.7mm when unfolded, which really is similar to the Surface Duo 2 at 145.2 x 184.5 x 5.5mm. It'll be similar in all dimensions.

So far, it's looking like the Pixel Fold is going to be everything a Surface Duo with foldable internal screen would end up being, should Microsoft end up venturing down that path with the Surface Duo 3.

Pixel Fold render

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Original article (Nov 14 2022)

A leak from reliable source Front Page Tech has potentially revealed the design of Google's upcoming rumored Pixel Fold, which is said to be targeting a May 2023 release window. The device is notable to us here at Windows Central as it looks to resemble that of the Surface Duo, with its characteristically wider body which many have described as "passport-like."

In fact, other reports over the last several months have claimed that the Pixel Fold is codenamed Passport, and if these renders are anything to go by, that codename makes sense. When open, the Pixel Fold features a large single-screen foldable display in the landscape orientation. The Surface Duo's default orientation is also landscape, albeit with two screens instead of one.

This device gives us an interesting look at what a Surface Duo with a foldable display could look like. It's no secret that the dual-screen design on Surface Duo 2 was met with criticism among reviewers and tech pundits, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise if the next Surface Duo ends up adopting a foldable display with the dual-screen multitasking aspect simulated in software. 

Either way, the foldable phone market is heating up, and Microsoft is interested in remaining part of it. My sources tell me that Microsoft is in the early planning and engineering stages for the next Surface Duo and is currently targeting a 2023-2024 release window for the hardware. 

In the meantime, Microsoft just shipped Android 12L for Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2, which brought with it a brand-new design that implements the company's own Fluent design language and brings the OS more in line with what the company is shipping with Windows 11. 

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