Poll: What's the best material for a smartphone's body?

Surface Duo 2 rounded corner
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Leaked images of a canceled Microsoft Surface Duo topped the headlines this week. The device would have been a more affordable alternative to the Surface Duo 2 due in part to its plastic body. Many flagship devices feature metal or glass bodies, while several of the best cheap Android phones are made with plastic. The leaked Surface Duo got us thinking about which smartphone material people prefer.

Just because something is expensive doesn't make it the best. Glass and metal phone bodies have their benefits, but some people actually prefer plastic. The cheaper material supports wireless charging, is quite durable, and is lightweight. On the other hand, plastic phones can feel cheap compared to robust flagship devices.

Metal provides benefits for durability and usability. It dissipates heat well, allowing devices to run closer to optimal temperatures. It also doesn't shatter when it's dropped, though it can get nicked or damaged in other ways.

Glass is the trendy pick for smartphone makers. It feels premium, works with wireless charging, and doesn't disrupt wireless signals. It can also act as a fashion statement since it can be painted or even transparent. On the flipside, even the toughest glass can shatter when dropped with enough force. It's also a fingerprint magnet, though some manufacturers get around this by using frosted glass.

Ceramic isn't as common as glass, metal, or plastic, but it is a useful material for making smartphones. It's scratch-resistant, looks nice, and doesn't block wireless signals. The downside of ceramic is that it can shatter and scratch. It's also quite expensive.

Which smartphone material do you like the most? Let us know in this week's poll. Additionally, please hop on over to our official Discord server to discuss the Surface Duo, smartphone materials, and more. We have a forum thread on this poll already and would love to hear your thoughts.

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