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Photo samples from the 16MP camera on the HTC TITAN II

So did you hear? The HTC TTTAN II features a massive 16MP camera--one of the highest we've heard of on a mobile phone. We're still pretty blown away by it. HTC doubled the "old" TITAN's 8MP camera in less than six months.

Now yes, megapixels aren't everything, in fact compared to the sensor and lens, megapixels are near the bottom. Still, for cropping and detail (resolution), we'll take a 16MP on our phone, thank you.

Our favorite thing about this feature on the TITAN II is that there's no difference in performance: they process just as fast and the camera just hums along like it was shooting at 8MP. No lag whatsoever, which we're very happy about.

How's the over all quality? Hard to say as we only had a few moments on a very, very bright day. Above are a couple of samples resized for our site. But we'll do you a solid and provide the untouched originals for you to download. That way you can tinker around. Cool? Only the best for you guys...!

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Full sized (16MP)and untouched photo samples from the HTC TITAN II

  • Picture 1 (1.3MB, panoramic resized by HTC)
  • Picture 2 (4.07MB)
  • Picture 3 (4.82MB)
  • Picture 4 (5.27MB)
  • Picture 5 (4.76MB)
Daniel Rubino
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  • Thanks Dan.
    Will be most interested in a sidexside low-light/regular light comparison of the Lumia 900 and Titan II please.
  • As expected from the 16MP spec, there's a ton of noise in those images.
  • Well, that decides it for me.  Turns out, the TItan 2 camera isn't anything special, and I'll wait for Titan 1's on the used market drop in price.
  • I dunno. I just don't see 16mp of resolution there. Might have been a better idea to automatically down-sample them to 12mp or even 8mp so you'd get better pictures at those resolutions. Take a look at the picture of the printouts on the carpet; you can make out almost zero detail in the carpet itself. In the following outdoor picture near the pool and palm trees, theres very little definition in the tree trunks and the foliage.
  • Like stated in the article, megapixels aren't everything. More megapixels require a larger lens, otherwise you get unwanted side effects. So give me a better lens with 8 MP versus the same thing with twice the resolution. Also, when are we going to get optical zoom in these things? That's what is really keeping them from being a viable alternative to a decent point and shoot.
  • In fairness, the lens IS huge on the TITAN II...significantly larger than the TITAN. Still, the images may be more noisey...
  • why cann't I download the photos?
  • The increased noise is the result of high resolution and a small sensor - nothing to do with lens size. Give me good optics (esp with a tiny sensor and fixed lens common to cell phones) and 8-10 megapixels max...
  • Agreed. Aside from the noise, I find the colors (especially in the outdoor shots) to be quite muted, and that's viewing them on a monitor which has been decently calibrated. This appears to be a case of "mine is bigger" bragging rights rather than an actual upgrade.
  • Did they double the size of the sensor? These 8 megapixel cell phones were already at or past the diffraction resolution limit so unless the sensor was doubled in size with the same f stop. Or the f stop was halfed this has absolutely no effect on the sharpness of the picture. And is there solely for marketing purposes which is a shame.
  • A proper comparison would be to downsample the Titan II images to 8MP and compare to the Titan that way.  Or compare large prints.  Looking at two different sized images at 100% isn't going to tell you much that is useful.