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Hands on with the HTC TITAN II from AT&T [Video]

Here we are folks. The massive (and quick update) to the HTC TITAN, the HTC TITAN II. Expected to launch "in the coming months", this is a true beast of a phone with a next gen 1.5GHz CPU, 16GB of storage, 16MP camera (!) and of course 4G LTE.

The phone feels great in the hand with a slight lip near the bottom. Silver in color and sporting the same HTC Radar unibody design (non-removal battery), the device is truly a sight. The 16MP camera has zero lag and to be honest, you would never know except for the super high resolution. The speed of the device is up there with the current TTIAN and over all, this looks to be a real attention getter for Microsoft, Windows Phone and AT&T/HTC.

The Super LCD feels the same as the current TITAN, that is no complaints. At 5.2 ounces, it's a bit heafty for a Windows Phone but honestly, you don't feel it. With the 1730mAh batter, you should be able to last the day with it but watch out for that LTE.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I am watching this video on my HTC Titan and I am JEALOUS...
  • It looks great but I don't think you need to be jealous just yet, the HD7S's upgrade to a better screen was probably more bitter for those with the HD7...?
  • Please, someone ask HTC, Samsung, Microsoft why there is no larger storage option for Windows Phone devices. 16Gb should be the base in the day and age. With a 16MP camera, that will simply eat into the 16GB storage (which we all know isn't all available to the end user, as shown in the pic above [only 13.6GB of total storage that's usable.])
  • There is a Windows Phone in Japan with 32GB, and the original Focus could be upgraded to 40GB.
  • That could be true, but we will have to wait and see how much JPEG compression there is. 16MP images could potentially look like crap if they're too compressed. That said, I'm thoroughly impressed with the camera on my Titan, and anxious to see how this new version performs. Will I upgrade? Probably not- I don't think LTE is coming to my area anytime soon...
  • I think the low storage on all of the phones has to do with price and speed, idk if you can get a 32gb class 4 microsd card for very cheap and especially not a 32gb NAND flash.
  • I've never ever ran out of space with 16GB on my HD7 and im only using about a gig on my radar. stop complaining
  • my mozart has 40g's i have 10 gigs left. alot of music and heaps photos. wish i had more. hope someone opens up the titan and see if it has a mirco slot.
  • Well now that AT&T is getting the "Titan II" can we poor folk over at T-Mobile have the old Titan please? Thanks. 
  • seriously, can we get a high end phone?
  • Or for that matter Verizon please!
  • I second that. Come on verizon.
  •  Daniel, is there an LTE on/off setting?
  • Nope. More on this later.
  • Another reason not to be jealous!
  • As a recent Titan buyer I am not too broken up over this because:
    1) Titan II will likely get worse battery life than the Titan.
    2) It has no removeable battery.
    3) The Titan is still smaller and lighter.
    4) I paid a penny for my Titan.
    5) The Titan 3 will probably be out in the Fall with Apollo, 720p, LTE, & dual core.
    I am excited for it to just help propel the platform.
  • My thouhts exactly....Plus i bought an extended battery for my Titan 1 and its 1930mAH and get 2-3 days of moderate use now
  • dont hold your breath on duel-core......  we probly would of seen them by now if it was a NEEDED harware on WP.. witch is not....
    its only NEEDED for people that think bigger is better.,.... its all about how you use it ;) .. and WP knows how to use it self prety well.. ( it beet duel-core phoens in speed tests )
    maybe titan 4 ;)
  • 1. No we would not have seen dual core by now because as it is right now, WP7 does not support it. The kernal upgrade in the second half of the year will.
    2. No, we don't NEED dual core but why would you refute an upgrade? It's needed for gaming with HD graphics like IB2.
    3. Overall, WP7 tends to lose to the GS2 and the 4S in speed tests. The Titan 3(if it even ever exists) will indeed sport dual core and maybe even an HD screen.
  • hmm duel-core is not need for gaming LOL!!! ... i have a single core gaming PC better then my friends quad-core PC....   ...... riddle me that. 
    duelcore is nice for multy-taskign ( withc WP7 doesnt even do BTW  (its quick resume)  and multi-threaded applications. ( witch games dont do )
    and Since the Windows Phone 7 apps are all written using the same tools used to create Windows 8 apps. duel-core int even needed in WP8 ether.   
    and i never said i would NOT want duel-core . i said dont hold your breath.
  • I'm with those who want to see some 32GB options.  Honestly, why aren't any OEMs offering them in the EU or US?  I mean Dell did it but now they're gone and the only other phone with 32GB is in Japan!
  • Yep, I am glad we only dropped the penny on my Wife's Titan as well.  It will offset th pain of telling my wife this camera maybe better. I know megapixel count is not everything, but I have heard the hardware is better as well.
    But, I love the points about WP Apollo devices.  I will be glad to shell out cash for a new WP if they are tons better, but I am not going to worry about a moderate upgrade.  Hopefully, the LTE will attract new buyers.
  • Can't you guys that are complaining about storage space just up the phone like I did and put in a 32gb sd? That's what I did with my HD7
  • Well the Titan and Titan 2 do not have an sd slot, so there is no way to upgrade the storage. There is not a second generation phone that has a slot and not too many first gens either. I have an original focus with a 32 GB card but unless you have some movies or a ton of music, then you dont need that much storage. Cloud storage is the future anyway.
  • I wannnnnnnnnttttttttt
  • I have a question I'm holding an HTC HD7 I can not tell you how many times I have had to snap the battery out to unlock it from a frozen state. with out being able to do that what do you do when the HTC locks up and it will lock up.... Not sure I want something like that.
  • Haven't had any lock ups since the last update.  I love my HTC but I'm ready for something new and high end.
  • never ever seen a lockup on my HD7
  • The TITAN II uses a pair of contacts on the SIM card slot cover to kill the phone, just like HTC uses on the Radar. You'd just slide the cover off and reattach to reset.
  • Wait, no removable battery?  Hmmm, I do not like that personally.  What about the thickness?  The thin feel of the Titan is one of the reasons I really liked it, how does the II compare there?
    Also am in the camp concerned that there is no on/off for the LTE, I want to be able to disable it and just use 3g for battery life reasons.  Looking forware to the update on that for sure.
  • OS Version: 8107 WM7_Main_Ship
  • I co-sign that.
  • Alot of people are getting salty over this and I dont see why
    1. This is a interm release if you didn't buy the Titan on Black Friday then maybe go for this phone but for Titan users just wait until the Apollo Titan debuts
    2. 16 GB is storage is more than enough Microsoft gives you 25GB of free skydrive with the ability to automatically upload your photos there. 16 GB is good for music and videos and if you have Zune Pass thats pretty much unlimited cloud music every month
  • Take my money! TAKE IT ! 
    -Throws money in the screen-
  • Should have named it ic. Like Titan ic. That's right. I went there.
  • Or SPRINT!  I like my arrive, but the screen is too small and the battery is not super great.  I have a feeling w/ ATT getting the Nokia love/ WP7 love that I will be force to stick with the arrive for years unless I got to the GD iphone.  FU Verizon/SPRINT! FU!
    It is frustrating when ATT and TMobile is just downright worthless in my area.  No service at home or at work so I am truly stuck w/ either crappy A or crappy B.  Granted I like Sprint more than Verizon, but the lack of support for WP7 makes me hate. It is like Verizon/Sprint is Cain and WP7 is Abel