Here we are folks. The massive (and quick update) to the HTC TITAN, the HTC TITAN II. Expected to launch "in the coming months", this is a true beast of a phone with a next gen 1.5GHz CPU, 16GB of storage, 16MP camera (!) and of course 4G LTE.


The phone feels great in the hand with a slight lip near the bottom. Silver in color and sporting the same HTC Radar unibody design (non-removal battery), the device is truly a sight. The 16MP camera has zero lag and to be honest, you would never know except for the super high resolution. The speed of the device is up there with the current TTIAN and over all, this looks to be a real attention getter for Microsoft, Windows Phone and AT&T/HTC.


The Super LCD feels the same as the current TITAN, that is no complaints. At 5.2 ounces, it's a bit heafty for a Windows Phone but honestly, you don't feel it. With the 1730mAh batter, you should be able to last the day with it but watch out for that LTE.


16MP Camera

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