Photos emerge of what to expect at Surface Experience Centres

Photos have been sent in to that show one of the Surface Experience Centres up and running. Microsoft is erecting such temporary establishments to offer consumers the opportunity to have some hands-on action with the Surface tablets before looking to purchase from the company.

The photos suggest the centres to be relaxed and more about allowing attendees to browse around what's new in Windows 8, while being able to ask for assistance should it be required. This particular Surface Experience Centre is located at a Motel One in Berlin, Germany.

Be sure to check when local centres open up (opens in new tab) for you - Australia, Germany, France and the UK are listed, while the United States is labelled as "coming soon". We'll be checking out our local centre as soon as it opens, so be sure to stay tuned for more details and photos to come.

via:; thanks, Inan, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Looks nice and comfy. Too bad the next one is 200km away from me....
  • Is that colored brick pattern on the exterior typical of a hotel one or is that some metro-esque detailing done for the Surface preview?
  • Wondered the same.
  • There is a Win8 shop in Amsterdam.
  • Where?
  • Kalverstraat. The street with lots of shops.
  • Awesome.
  • What's Han Solo doing there?
  • +1 clever
  • Nice! Lol
  • Looks good. Can't wait to pay day!
  • Han's showing Princess Leia the Windows 8 experience
  • Princess Leia can experience my Windows 8 anytime if you know what I'm saying.
  • I think she would rather kiss a Wookie.
  • There's a Metro joke in there somewhere
  • I fail to understand why they're not selling anything at these locations. A piles of surfaces (logistical nightmares aside), boxed copies of win 8 and a cash register. Would be like the popup shops in the states.
  • I believe you would find that is precisely why they are not popup shops as in the US.  There is a different level of EU ayering, including tax and VAT issues that probably make such stores less feasible. 
  • So I understand that these Surface Experience Centers are inside a hotel (Check the locations for Germany, they're all inside a hotel).
    Who is going to extra go into a hotel to check out the surface?
    The clients of the hotel alone will not be very many.
    Did anybody go there and give his opinion on the location?
    To me it doesn't make much sense, form what I see in the pictures.
  • I think it is a bit odd as well. I am going to pop by the one in Berlin here shortly and see what it is like, but there are so many other places that would be better. The one here is very close to a huge thoroughfare, but not quite on the main path. MS also had a little area set up in one of the malls nearby, but there were no Surface tablets there at all.
    Stopped by one of the ones in Berlin today and it is absolutely not anywhere that most people would generally go. It isn't far from huge areas, but just far enough. I went in and played with one for a while, but was the only one doing so.
    Have to say, however, I was quite impressed!
  • Shall I or shall I not go to one of the locations? As for now, there isn't a single surface delivered in germany and I am eager to try this out...
    Would be a 5 min bike ride at -2°C, worth it?
  • Damnit, it's getting warmer. Heading out now...
  • Should have stay inside and wait two more weeks, because it isn't in Hamburg, the second biggest city of germany, yet.
    Someone doesn't want me see happy, I guess. :D
  • Should have stay inside and wait two more weeks, because it isn't in Hamburg, the second biggest city of germany, yet.
    Someone doesn't want me see happy, I guess. :D
  • Hey, what happened to the list of centres in the UK? When i checked the link this morning, it was there, but now it isn't!
    That aside, I remember that, apart from one, every single centre in the UK was based in London. I know its the capital city of the country, but there are other places!!