Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is committed to getting as many consumers on-board with its Surface Windows 8 tablets as possible. To help achieve this goal, the company is opening up a number of Surface Experience Centres where consumers will be able to get some hands-on milage with Surface hardware. There's nothing compared to actually using a product before making the purchase, right?

Where will these centres be located? Microsoft has published a page listing all the locations where such places can be found. Note that only Australia, Germany, France and the UK are listed. United States is labelled as "coming soon". But should you reside in the states, at least you have actual Microsoft Stores.

Surface Experience Centres

We're not entirely sure what will be present at the Surface Experience Centres, but we'll definitely check them out once they open up. Be sure to look at the list to find a centre near your residence and double check the opening dates and times so you manage to turn up when they're actually presently available.

Source: Microsoft; thanks, KustomAU, for the tip!

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