Nokia Lumia 710 & 800 now available in Indonesia [Photos]

We mentioned that Indonesia was slated to receive the Lumia 710 and 800 sometime in February and it looks like that day is today February 17trh. We have some photos from one of the launch events, presumably Jakarta, and it looks to be quite a blast.

And in the image below is a shot of some of the 800 coders on hand for Nokia Developer Day which was run in conjunction with Microsoft. The goal: 800 devs for 800 new apps. Now that's a way to kick start development in Indonesia.

Seems like a lot of action is going on in Indonesia as Nokia also appointed a new country manager in the last day. As reported in the Jakarta Post, Martin Chirotarrab is taking over operations in that country and will focus on the Windows Phone Lumia devices and developers “One of the keys is to let consumers know what the Lumia phone is. We are going to put forward ways for people to experience the phone”.

Sounds good to us. Congratulations to Indonesia on the launch! Big thanks to Aca S. (@superaca) for the images

Daniel Rubino

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  • I would have to say that if Microsoft would make more efforts to advert their os as much as Nokia does for their devices. Then there would be turning of tides dramatically. Nokia is doing it big.
  • No doubt.  That display is really cool ... would like to see one come to Chicago.
  • People queueing in Jakarta for Nokia Lumia 800 launch because of full bonus.
    First 50 lumia 800 buyers get laptop HP (11.6' AMD 2GB RAM 320GB HDD) everyday (event close on 19 feb), lucky dip: many xbox 360, monster headphones. discount 15% if you pay using credit card.
    All lumia purchase include free 1 year data plan with 1.2GB monthly limit.
  • Wow! If this promo was to happen in the states there'd be a frenzy. Awesome job Nokia!