Adobe Photoshop for Windows 10 on ARM finally arrives in beta

Photoshop on Surface
Photoshop on Surface (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Photoshop for Windows 10 on ARM is now available.
  • This first release is beta and available for Creative Cloud subscribers.
  • More Adobe apps should be coming to ARM in the future.

Adobe has released the first beta build of Photoshop for Windows 10 on ARM, bringing with it native support for ARM64 versions of Windows 10 that runs on devices like the Surface Pro X. Adobe announced support for Windows 10 on ARM over a year ago, and the first of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite to get official ARM support is Photoshop.

The ARM version is available now for Creative Cloud subscribers in the "Beta app" area in the Cloud Desktop app. Once installed, Photoshop will run natively on a device powered by Windows 10 on ARM. In our early testing on a Surface Pro X with Microsoft SQ2, the application is quick to launch, and pen usage is no longer laggy. Exactly how it should be!

Photoshop Arm Tag

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Adobe should be bringing more of its applications to Windows 10 on ARM in the future, including Adobe Fresco which it demoed at Microsoft's Surface Pro X unveiling a year ago. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Photoshop coming to Windows 10 on ARM? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
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  • That's really good, ARM devices were already good (and vmeven better) for 95% of people, now with Adobe apps alot of the 5% can already use a ARM device. Now we just need the 8cx 3rd gen to use the upcoming Cortex X1 cores to go fight Apple and AMD in performance. We already know with Apple that ARM already destroys Intel in performance, so there is hope for Qualcoom (or other ARM SoC manufacturers) to do the same.
  • "We already know with Apple that ARM already destroys Intel in performance" Was bound to happen one day with Intel's inability to go below 14 nm. For reference, Apple Silicon is 5 nm IIRC.
  • Indeed, Cortex X1 would be a nice upgrade for the Surface Pro X line. We are talking about more than 60%+ faster per core than the current Cortex A76.
  • We know Apple Silicon is performant. Says nothing about ARM generically.
  • Better late than never.
    I guess it's things like this Windows 10X is being delayed. Not the OS itself. MS is waiting for third-parties.
  • Windows 10X isn't Arm-only. I'm not even sure they even talked about an Arm version of it. The Surface Neo, for example, was using an Intel chip.
  • "Interestingly, I'm told that with the removal of VAIL, Microsoft can now proceed with Windows 10X on ARM powered PCs in addition to Intel. Originally, VAIL was the reason why Microsoft was limiting Windows 10X to Intel-based PCs, but with ContainterOS gone, that limitation is lifted. We'll have to see if any ARM based PCs will be ready when Windows 10X launches next year."
  • I guess this is a good fallout of Apples release of M1 based Macs. Now after Adobe have released their suite for Macs with ARM, Windows on Arm will be next in queue.
  • I see now that Adobe have not yet released for Mac Arm after reading up a bit on the subject. They are still using emulation but it looks like it is working very good.
  • Actually their Beta for Apple Silicon is out as well. With a list of unsupported features as long as that on WOA. It is interesting that AS Macs are barely out and the Beta is here, while it has been promised for a year for WOA.
  • Adobe was aware of both Microsoft's and Apple's internal ARM roadmap way ahead of all these public announcements. They were probably working on both versions side by side.
    Looking at the list of unsupported features on both Windows and Mac, it is clear that this is a non-trivial effort - even after a full year since announcement.
  • I didn't know Fresco was Windows bound. Thank you.
  • It's time for ARM !