Picasso inspired WP7 wallpapers

Pablo Picasso inspired many, and still remains to do so with both his work and approach to art. ILoveWP at Pixnet have published some Windows Phone wallpapers using the site mascot called Tiler. The designs are on parr with what Picasso is famous for and with the optional transparency they look awesome on WP handsets.

All hail the Cubist movement! We have the following:

Transparent collection

Mozart-the titanium (Music Hub)

Van Gogh-the titanium (XBOX LIVE)

Fanny-a TI (Picture Hub)

Nicole sunshine-a titanium and Goodall-a TI (People Hub)

Source: ILoveWP (Bing Translate); Thanks, Nicholas, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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