Pick up MyTube for free for the next two days

If you're on the lookout for a solid third-party YouTube app, MyTube is currently completely free on the Windows Store (opens in new tab). The app normally costs $0.99, but you can grab it without paying a dime throughout the next two days.

The timing is no coincidence: MyTube just got a massive update that marked its official launch on Xbox One after a long period of testing. The update also rebuilt the app from the ground up, bringing in a new design with acrylic elements from Microsoft's new Fluent Design language.

MyTube has always been one of the more solid YouTube alternatives for some time, but its most recent update makes it a no-brainer to check out. If you want to give it a shot, you can grab MyTube for free for the next two days on the Windows Store.

Thanks to @MohammadMSFT for the tip!

Download myTube from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • I got it, 1st heard of it free on AppRaisin :)
  • Even though it's free for the next 2 days, please donate to this developer. Even $2 can go a long way and it's great to support devs that love Windows 10 (PC and Phone)
  • The Best YouTube client.
  • Don't. Pay this guy.
  • Hey there. You can always donate! I've both bought the app and donated.
  • I bought the app 6 months ago and even paid $20 to the developers. I totally recommend myTube! previous was using Tubecast but that wasn't being updated to W10 anymore :(
  • Yes, the fluent design language is awesome.
  • This is superb on all devices 🙂
  • The new UI is amazing. My donation is in well worth showing support
  • I always was a fan of TubeCast and I really like PerfectTube but the new myTube! Update just killed the other YouTube Apps for me. On every platform.
  • Downloading now at work...been using MyTube for years now. Awesome dev. SN: Didnt know the store was updated with Fluent design too. Cool...
  • no free for me!
  • Wuuuttt I donated 4.99 yesterday! :)
  • I already have it (grabbed it when it was free last time), but I still prefer to use Awesome Tube over it.
  • Love this app.
  • Great app. Except I can't see the "home" tab where YouTube recommends other videos similar to your watching history. This is my primary way to discover new videos. I don't care for the trending tab or the suscriptions that much. Or maybe I'm missing something?
  • I have bought it before and I have donate 2 times !!! App worth it !!!
  • No longer free, only a day after this article.