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As the old saying goes: it's always better to work smarter, not harder. Boost Your Brain 101 Course: Memorize 10x Faster (opens in new tab) is a one-hour course that shows you how to remember everything you learn without weeks of revision. In a special deal, the course is currently 87% off at just $25.99 (opens in new tab).

You may have seen people memorize a whole deck of cards in order. This remarkable party trick might seem like magic, but it's actually based on a very simple mental technique.

The Boost Your Brain 101 Course helps you acquire these mental superpowers. Through 14 concise lessons, you learn the tricks used by memory experts to store information faster and make it easily accessible in your mind.

Your instructor is Eralp Sendan, a memory coach who has studied the mind for 10 years, and his course is rated at 4.6 stars. Whether you're a student or trying to learn skills for work,  you should come away with invaluable tips.

Normally priced at $200, the course is now only $24.99 (opens in new tab) for a limited time.

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Boost Your Brain 101 Course: Memorize 10x Faster – $24.99

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