PicsArt for Windows 10 adds one-tap photo editing for quick image changes

The PicsArts image and photo editor for Windows 10 PC and Mobile has received a pretty big update. It includes a new feature called AutoEdit which allows photos to get a quick change with just one tap of the finger.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), PicsArt describes how AutoEdit, which will be an exclusive feature for the Windows 10 version of the app, works:

We like this image of the woman surrounded by flying, powdered paint — but we want to make it even more amazing. To do that, we tap on "AutoEdit" from the bottom toolbar in the Editor. PicsArt instantly displays a list of beautiful filters that represent the latest and greatest editing trends in the PicsArt community — giving you a fast, easy way to make your images look great.We chose the Popart Effect to give the image a little more pizzazz (see above). And that's it — it's really simple and fun.

PicsArt is also adding another feature to the app called the Square Fit Tool. It allows for regular images to fit in the shape of a square:

You can adjust the color of your background, use a blurred version of your photo as a background, or choose from a selection of fun background images to make your pictures look amazing. And finally, never miss a moment with our enhanced notifications. Get instant updates for your pictures and for the people you follow.

Download PicsArt from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • The last time I tried this app a while ago, there was no way to change the physical size of the photos used in a collage. I guess I will have to see if that's been fixed.
  • Download button doesn't showing in this article..
  • Crashes every single time i try to download on mobile 950xl
  • Download on mine but didn't say Completed, just stuck on the d/l bar. It works but it's bloody laggy applying some fx and crashes quite often.
  • Slightly related; Download arrow in the WC app has gone again.
  • Exclusive feature.. Now that's great... But screenshot in this article is older
  • Wow some of these features are pushing the phone to its limits (takes time till autoenhace loads on my Lumia 950), but cool though.
  • Still can share a photo to this app. Huge inconvenience having to go to the app first then import photos.
  • apps are looking good now