Pictures Lab joins the Windows Phone 7 app lineup

Pictures Lab is headed to Windows Phone 7. Developed by Shulte Software Development, Pictures Lab is a photo effect editor. It allows you to manipulate, adjust and add special effects to your photos.

The feature list includes:

  • Twenty-one advanced effects including; Seven different vintage and hipster-like effects, Tilt shift, Lomo, Soften, Auto Adjust, Sharpen, Comic, Bulge, B&W Conversion, Sepia, Saturate, Edge Detection, Night Vision, Negative filter and Bitmap.
  • Editable effect parameters with ready to use default values.
  • Multi-touch manipulation for certain effects.
  • Images can be saved at full resolution to allow printing straight from your Windows Phone.
  • Supports landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Trial version includes complete functionality with only the save feature disabled.

Pictures Lab is available over at the Marketplace for $1.99. After the break, catch a video demo of this interesting photo effect application.

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  • I love how the apps integrate with the hubs. This is a revolution in the smartphone UI.
  • Day one purchase, easily. i'd like to see batch operations and custom effects in a future version, but as it is this is a great app for a couple of bucks. i'd also like to see an OEM announce a WP7 with a kickass camera. Something akin to the Nokia N8, but obviously running WP7. Sony Ericsson's the only WP7 licensee i see that has the skill to do this, sadly.
  • Thanks for the kind words about my app. Just one little thing, it's "Schulte Software Development", not Shulte. No big deal. Thanks. :) @Rico: Yes, an effect builder is planned for a future version.
  • Found your blog ( and i'm also reading your MSDN entry on PicFx which is helping me understand Picture Labs' features and how it works a bit more. Love the fact that there's a trial version. i can't imagine many people trying the trial, messing with the effects on their photos, and not wanting to try the full thing. Glad to hear that custom effects will be coming, but i'd still hope for batch processing in a future version. i think those who've seen Picture Labs who use apps like Lightroom and Aperture would agree. Despite the added processing time, being able to shoot a set with your phone, process it, then upload it would be killer. Still, this looks great as is. :)