Planetical for Windows Phone, this week's myAppFree Deal

Planetical is an interesting Windows Phone photography app. The app twists and rotates your photos to create planetary spheres. It is an interesting photo editor to have in your Windows Phone app library that can help you create some stunning pictures.

Planetical does have a trial with the full version normally costing $1.49. However, for the next twenty-four hours through the myAppFree partnership you can pick up Planetical free.

The app offers you the ability to capture a new image or edit an existing image from your Pictures Hub. The new images you capture are panoramic in nature. The process of calibrating the panoramas is somewhat tedious but when all is said and done, the final result isn't too shabby.

Once you have selected an image, Planetical will automatically twist your image. From there you can rotate, zoom, blur the image and add a variety of creative filters to accent your image. Creative filters include twenty-five artistic filters and nine enhancement filters.


The app is very similar to Tiny Planets but the panoramic capture sets it apart slightly. In just tinkering with Planetical for a short time this morning, it comes across as a nifty photo editor that can create some unique pics.

Planetical normally runs $1.49 (with a trial) and for the next twenty-four hours, you can pick the app up free, courtesy of the myAppFree partnership. It is a great opportunity to save a little and add another photo editor to your Windows Phone photography collection.

If you try Planetical, let us know what you think of the Windows Phone app in the comments below. Also, keep in mind that due to the time zones spanning the globe it may take some time for the deal to show up in all the markets and the myAppFree app.

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  • Cool
  • Its really awesome when you are having sky in your photo...
  • Just wondering how does this myapp free thing work?
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  • In a nutshell, myAppFree partners with Windows and Windows Phone developers to promote their apps by offering them free or at a reduced price for a limited time. You have a myAppFree Windows and Windows Phone app to keep track of all the deals, plus we highlight the deals periodically.
  • myAppFree is a really cool app, it's a must app for every WP and now Windows fan :)
  • So just Tiny Planets again then?
  • Tried it a while ago but haven't used it since Fhotoroom got Tiny Planets. Downloading and gonna give it another try.
  • Alternative of tinyplanet app which also offered by myappfree.
    But it comes with an additional panorama feature which makes it different from TinyPlanet app.
  • Torrex pro also free
  • It's not for free yet in the store :/ i guess I'd have to wait few more hours
  • Are you using Windows 10 Mobile? If yes, switch to Windows Phone 8.1 in order to see myAppFree's Deals.
  • Its not free here in puerto rico, ultimately every app, that says its free it really isnt
  • What version of the OS are you using? Currently Windows 10 Store doesn't show any deals, so switch to the stable one (8.1) in order to get the promotions.