PlayStation Studios rebrands, copies Xbox Game Studios

Playstation at GDC 2019
Playstation at GDC 2019 (Image credit: GDC)

What you need to know

  • Sony just revealed a new PlayStation Studios rebrand.
  • The name and logo are very similar to what Xbox Game Studios does.
  • Both of them are similar to what Marvel did years ago.
  • It's unclear why PlayStation Studios is the new brand for its development teams.

Everyone says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it looks like PlayStation really likes what Xbox Game Studios did with its rebranding. The whole Marvel-like animation is quite striking because it shows the different games offered on the platform. It's an advertisement in itself, not just a logo. You can take a look at the new Xbox Game Studios and PlayStation Studios animations below.

Xbox Game Studios


PlayStation Studios appears to be an except copy of the Xbox Game Studios rebranding that happened many years ago. While the video they used is from the old PlayStation Originals designation, it still looks exactly like what Microsoft did a year or so ago. Both of them have copied Marvel so it's not really that original to begin with.

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  • How could PlayStation be copying Xbox when PlayStation used the same animation for 2016's Ratchet & Clank…and the same animation wasn't used for Xbox Games Studio until 2018? In my opinion, they both copied from Marvel…And even Sega did something similar decades ago
  • I agree... Didn't know about the rachet and clank bit, but as for everything else, yeah.
  • Here's a link to the 2016's Ratchet & Clank animation…It looks just like the new PS one & Xbox Games Studio one…but it was done a year or 2 earlier
  • Because it's Asher, just run with it.
  • well...
    the Playstation Originals logo has been live at least from 2015 , more than copied from xbox it has been copied from Marvel, but everyone copied this from Marvel
  • Everything will copy or be similar to everything eventually.
  • Well... I think you need to brush up on your journalism skills when practically everyone (but you) have noticed that Sony pushed this back in 2016. But ok lol Go to YouTube and type in “PlayStation Originals Logo” You’re welcome.
  • How about this... Microsoft studios is even older.
  • Author of this ****-news is probably an incompetent to his job or just dumb. Sony already had this opening 5 years ago, but now they just used this and rebrand to PlayStation Studios.
  • Yeah, and obviously Sony are time travellers, they saw what Microsoft did, then went back in time to implement it before Microsoft, so clearly they copied them. Death to all Playstation, or something. On the plus side, the final sentence of the article literally makes the entire thing a waste of time anyway, because they clearly both copied Marvel.