Yes the PlayStation VR and the Xbox One can form an unholy union

You've possibly seen a few murmurings on the internet along the lines of "ZOMG the PlayStation VR works with the Xbox One! Whaaaaaaaat?!" And yes, it's true. Sort of. It's also not really anything to get too excited about because you're not suddenly going to have lots of Xbox One super happy VR fun time.

It takes advantage of the PlayStation VR's Cinematic Mode, which is little more than a giant, cinema style screen before your eyes. Hence the name.

The Xbox One can use this by virtue of the 'wonders' of HDMI. By attaching an Xbox One and not a PS4 to the processor unit, you'll see a large projection of the Xbox One's output. And sure, you can play games this way, but there's no benefit to doing so over playing on your TV or monitor.

I played a mission of Call of Duty on my own PlayStation VR in Cinematic Mode and it was generally a worse experience. My eyes had more 'screen' to cover and the detail wasn't nearly as sharp. And while you can make mild adjustments to the size of the display on the PlayStation VR when it's hooked up to a PS4, you don't have any of those luxuries in this unholy matrimony.

All PlayStation VR adjustments are made on the console, so you're stuck with what you have.

If you have both an Xbox One and a PlayStation VR, then sure, it's a neat trick. But it's also largely a useless one and you gain basically nothing other than blocking out the world around you to look at the same, 2D interface and games. You could probably plug in an Xbox 360 with the right cable, even your PC. I could do my writing with the PlayStation VR headset on in theory. But I don't want to.

If you want to find out more about what PlayStation VR can really do, head on over to our buddies at VRHeads where you'll find a wealth of great content!

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  • I think the question is more whether the PSVR will be a compatible VR headset once the Scorpio is released. If it's already working at all with the Xbox One, it's a hopeful sign. And let's be realistic: it'd be the Scorpio's best chance at a wider VR audience if they don't release an Xbox VR headset. Very few people would buy an expensive Vive for the Xbox. As for Sony... Well, it would sell more headsets. Which would be good for them. The problem is that they've shown in the last few months how idiotic their PlayStation division can be... *coughPS4Procough* Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Problem is that the processing for PSVR is done on the processing unit, not the console. And it uses the PlayStation Camera to track the movements.
  • Have you tried connecting the PS Camera to the Xbox? Does it work? Yeah I know it brings the external processing unit, but doesn't the headset connected through two HDMI cables to the unit? If the Scorpio does the VR processing internally, the PS headset should theoretically work without it on the Xbox, no? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Kind of. One is a HDMI cable with a notch on it. Dunno if it's actually different or just so people plug it in right.
  • No.  Its a different connector with more pins than hdmi. The camera isn't pin compatible with anything non-sony either, however because the PSVR uses visible light for tracking the headset any sterero camera should be enough with the right driver / API.  The kinect would be more than capable, and I'm wondering how long its gonna take for some bright guy in his parent's basement to get the PSVR doing VR (not just cinema mode) on a PC.
  • Must be hdmi plus power. Like the Kinect 2 cable is powered usb.
  • Scorpio seems to be quite far away. Recently Xbox executive said that even the most basic things like whether there is disc drive or not are undecided. Launch year from now is unlikely.
  • So because you have a piece of info on the disc drive you know just how far the unit is in it's deisgn phase? Adding/removing a drive is trivial.
  • And he specifically said it will launch in 2017, in the same interview
  • I know that you need to stay with your usual "make stuff up to try to scare people away from Microsoft" shtick, but you really need to at least try to think things brought before typing. In the past consoles have not started development until about a year before they were released. There were no 2-3 year development times on he 360, XB1, PS3 or PS4. Even the PS4 Pro was not in development before this year started. So why would we need a very large lead time for the Scorpio? It has obviously been in development for at least a couple months, and since it will be more like a PC than any other device we have seen before development time can be even shorter. Taking off the shelf parts, adding in some of the work that has already been done with modifications to the off the shelf parts in the XB1, then enhancing them even further does not need years of development. Decisions such as if a blu ray drive do not hold up overall development since they already have the ability to download games - many people do downloads only and have never used the drive. But thinking these things through is not exactly your strong point, is it?
  • sorry to tell you but SONY will have an answer for project Scorpio and its not PS4PRO  
  • What wonderful insight you have captain obvious. That's how competition works. Each company tries to best the other. I'm really glad we had you around for that.
  • When I see your avatar, I know there is some face slapping going on... I just have to laugh. Keep the good fighing and such. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @James Easton. That was the funniest comment in the forum.
  • don't have to tell me that...if you had read what I wrote when that fail that is the PS4 Pro was announced. They will most likely be rushing out the PS5. There's no way they can fail massively with the PS4 Pro and hope that it stands its ground against the processing power of the Scorpio. Heck, I even said I wouldn't be surprised given that their mobile division saw no problem releasing a flagship phone 3 months after releasing their last one (X Performance and XZ).   It still doesn't change the fact that, if the PS VR can run on the Scorpio as a VR headset, Sony will be selling units to people who would otherwise not buy them.
  • People like to talk about how Microsoft was going to make everyone mad releasing the XB1s so soon after the XB1, and then release Scorpio only a year later. You are saying that Sony will be releasing three different consoles (PS4 slim, PS4 Pro, and then PS5) all in about a year. Why would Sony fans not be even more upset than XB users? Or is it because you and all the other Sony fanboys just like to create fear around other products while buying new console year after year after year?
  • We'll be 4 years into this console cycle next year and most only last 5 years, the 360 cycle lasting 8 years was very unusual. Sony is no doubt working on their next generation console and will have a answer for Scorpio. That's a good thing cause competition drives innovation and that benefits the consumer.
  • The problem is cost in that case. If Sony were to release a console that's "better" than the Scorpio, I can't imagine how much that would cost. The Scorpio is already expected to be quite expensive for a console. Whatever Sony releases will be just as expensive, if not more. Unless this is going to be the trend from now on.
  • "Whatever Sony releases will be just as expensive, if not more."   Well, to be fair to the always-expensive Sony, their PlayStation division has always been the exception to the rule. The original PS4 is better and more powerful than the original Xbox One and they released it for 100€ less than the Xbox. Microsoft was forced to remove the Kinect from it to lower the price. So I don't think Sony will want to overcharge for the PS5. They've already got themselves burned once for trying to spike the price of the PlayStation. If they put out the PS5 for more than the Scorpio will cost, they'll be delivering customers on a silver plate to Microsoft, specially if they continue to do stupid things like skip the UHD player.
  • "Well, to be fair to the always-expensive Sony, their PlayStation division has always been the exception to the rule." Except for the PS3 which was $500-$600 at launch. But why let facts get in the way of your trolling.  
  • What's next? PSN codes supporting xbox live ;)
  • maybe,  I would like to know why anyone with an xbox would try this?  VR is a gimmick and useless as far as xbox/pc gaming fans are concerned....however.    Why o why would you want to try the PS VR on your vastly superior gaming platform using 2d video?  I don;'t understand the thought process of the people here ?   I mentioned how cool PSVR is going to be and everyone clammered to tell me how "gimmicky" it is and how crappy VR is,  then they turn around and use it on their Xbox....hmmmmmmm
  • I wont be suprised if psvr will be compactible with PC so as to rival oculus and vive. Sony is scared that xbox/vive/oculus collaboration, brouhaha/interests behind scorpio and windows holographic might spark another monopoly in the virtual reality,the best way to remain in d game is to make PSVR compactible with xbox .thus,garnering supports from developers
  • I'll wait for scorpio, thanks.
  • Comment of the day congratulations...
  • From what I read the other day the hardware for Scorpio hasn't even been decided yet, it is doubtful that it'll release in the next year. I'm not saying it's impossible but it takes awhile to get production going even if you have a finalized product.
  • It was said in the same interview that it will launch in 2017
  • I would love a PS Now UWP app and play Uncharted 2 on my X1.
  • Something funny. Don't you think that PS screen looks like Metro? 
  • It's 2016. Almost everything looks Metro/Modern. We have Microsoft to thank!
  • Yes,  and you can thank microsoft for DITCHING METRO!
  • The UI for the PS3 was a direct copy of the UI used in WMC, the only difference was WMC was horizontal while the PS3 UI was vertical. The PS4 UI is just an evolution of it. Even the typically anti-Microsoft sites like Engadget were talking about how the WMC UI was great and Sony copying it was good. Most UI, even for how much hate it received, looks metro. iOS's music player looks very similar to Zune, the home app has panoramas like Win8 had, and I could list dozens upon dozens of other similarities. I have even noticed places where text goes beyond the edge of the screen, but it is Apple so it is great design when they do it.
  • Please tell me PSVR will work with PC too. Vive n rift is too expensive really!!!
  • The PSVR does the processing on that box, but it's processing PlayStation 4 games. You can't play PlayStation 4 games on a PC. So, for the PSVR to do VR PC gaming, the PC would have to do the processing itself and it would be processing PC VR games. For that, well, you need an equally expensive gaming PC. If you can't afford the Vive or the Rift, you probably can't afford such a PC either. But hey...who knows?
  • I have an i5,16G, GTX 1070, so im pretty sure my pc can take it. The problem is that vive/oculus would cost me close to a $1000 because it's not officially available where I live.
  • Yes more expensive But I can do this with my Oculus, can run my Xbox and PS4 through it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • PSVR is weak for games though. Bethesda already said Fallout 4 VR is only possible on Scorpio in terms of consoles. VR on consoles will be vaporware until Scorpio drops. The original Kinect sold more than PSVR at launch. And went onto to 20 mill + units. But was still considered a failure.
  • I mean...we're like 4 days into PSVR being a thing. Little early to say there's not enough games or it's a flop yet. Sony sold basically all of its launch stock, I'm sure its happy so far.
  • Your forgetting, Kinect lainched at over 2 million sales. Much better than Psvr.
  • Kinect was also force-bundled with the Xbox...but I guess that point isn't important. I think it's too early to say with PSVR. To be honest, it's the only promising thing Sony has going on with Playstation right now, especially considering the One S is so darn good.
  • Which I hate that it failed... I am debating unhooking my kinect.. I think I have it up there for no reason. I don't talk to it, there is no motion for TV controls... Would removing it save HP. Is there any use for it other than Skype, which I don't use much... But the tracking feature with it is amazing... Man, I wish I could live stream to my YouTube channel with it. That would be great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So PS VR just as a display/screen. so in that sense it can work with continuum too. but the whole idea of PS VR is input using the headset.
  • If the games had, SBS 3D option this would be perfect
  • If anything you could laydown playing ps4......I wanted to try and do this through remote play with google cardboard headset....but haven't been able to try it yet.
  • I read a review on New Atlas that ripped PSVR on their hand tracking using the remotes and camera.  Maybe Sony should buy rights to use the Kinect instead.  MS uses Sony's Blu-Ray player, would make a nice role-reversal.  And then at least SOMEONE would be using Kinect.  I want to get one to go with my XOne, but mostly for voice control and Skype calling.  The game selection is pretty much non-existent.
  • I would rather controllers.... using camera with nothing in your hands for tactile feedback would be silly.  Imagine playing GTA and not feeling a gun and trigger,  or steering wheel?