PlayStation's Victoria Miller joins The Initiative

Recently, Darrell Gallagher, Studio Head of The Initiative, revealed that acclaimed developers like Brian Westergaard, Annie Lohr, Blake Fischer, Christian Cantamessa, Daniel Neuburger, and Lindsey McQueeney were now a part of the team. Microsoft founded The Initiative last year so that it could build quality Microsoft exclusives like God of War or Uncharted. It seems like the company has the team to do just that because individuals like Westergaard have worked on such games before.

However, it seems like the hiring spree isn't over yet. Today, many gamers noticed that PlayStation's Victoria Miller was now working for The Initiative. She's been with the studio since January 2019 according to her LinkedIn (opens in new tab) page. Miller helped ship acclaimed games like Detroit: Become Human, Hidden Agenda, The Inpatient, Until Dawn, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, No Man's Sky, Alienation, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Beyond Two Souls.

It's great to see Microsoft hire such talented individuals. Hopefully this will address the concerns many gamers had that Microsoft wasn't producing enough quality first-party exclusives which rivaled those found on the competition. Games like God of War and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild garner a lot of press attention and this is noticed by many gamers who own an Xbox One. Not everyone has the means to purchase every console. It's understandable that people crave comparable experiences on the platform they own.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about what The Initiative is working on. Hopefully the title will be an open-world game which pushes the boundaries of storytelling. More information is expected for E3 2019.

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  • At this point I am just wondering what kind of games will end up being made by this group.
  • I'm sorry but I completely disagree with the fact that MS had lower quality exclusive.... Or should I say Playstation had quality ones... They've had quantity over MS no question but quality hell no... PS is the mcdonalisation of gaming quantity over quality... Always has been since PS1... I don't say they have only bad ones but it's been lacking in originality for a lot of them more of the same with a different name.... Some are really good but still... With MS no matter how you flip it they have tried to be creative and that's what is attractive... Halo revolutionized fps on console since goldeneye, gears of War tps, forza destroyed Grand tourismo on many aspect... Xbox live showed the way how to do connected console right... All the Xbox one exclusive have been really different than the mainstream, quantum break scenarisation, sunset overdrive craziness, see of thief etc... Nothing I found in the PS catalogue... Now that being said PS did a good job securing the market with what the mainstream like... But mass market domination never ever meant quality ever....
  • God of War, inFamous, Spider-man, littleBIGplanet, Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human. All are PS exclusives and all are great games. I only got to play some of the earlier ones on that were available on PS3 because I never got a PS4. Don't get me wrong, I like Xbox and it has some decent exclusives, and maybe they're better than their direct counterparts on other systems (forza vs turismo), but they're not as popular as the top exclusives on PS. Forza may be better than Gran Turismo, but that doesn't help when you want to play a game like Spider-man.
  • God of War is an overrated button masher. Spiderman has been rehashed with the same formula since the Nintendo days. The rest of Sony exclusives are cinematic movie based games, one of them in which you wash dishes. Most PS4/Xbox users play third party games. Look at sales charts/active users/trophies and it proves my point. Do exclusives matter? Yes of course. But it's not the only thing that matters for console gaming.
  • God of War a button masher? How do you want people to take you serious when you say lies like that?
  • The old ones are, indeed, button mashers.
  • Not even the old ones are unless you play on easy.
  • They are quality Hack and slash games. Get over it.
  • You clearly have not PLAYED these games buddy.
  • Yes, true. if you look at the guy's posting history it's clear that he never actually playedany of these games. He is just some guy fighting a silly console war...
  • Those games... sold how many copies? How many PS4 owners, ignored them? 90m?
    Spider-man and Uncharted 4 did fine.
    Detroit: Become Human is interactive movie, low tech stuff, niche genre.
    Last Guardian, 10 years in the making... bad sales.
    Nioh, Persona5 sold around 2m WW, 90m PS4 owners ignored them.
  • That's usually the case with EVERY SINGLE EXCLUSIVE GAME. Halo 5 sold about 5m on Xbox (ignored by 30 - 35 million Xbox One owners) Gears 4 sold about 3m on Xbox (ignored by 32 - 37 million Xbox One owners) Forza Horizon 3 sold about 3m on Xbox (ignored by 32 - 37 million Xbox One owners) Spider-Man sold 9m
    Uncharted 4 sold 9m
    Horizon Zero Dawn sold 8m
    GoW sold 5m
  • FIFAs, COD, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, Apex Legends, etc are the ones that sell consoles.
    Single players might gross in people but its usually the multiplayer genre that tends to retain a larger audience.
  • @Hirox
    Well not really. You won't buy a new system to play COD or FIFA if you already have system that can play the game.
    But you'll buy a PS4 if you want to play Spider-man or Horizon ZD and you don't already have a PS4.
    It's simple logic, I don't know why you guys can't understand that...
  • > Well not really. You won't buy a new system to play
    > COD or FIFA if you already have system that can play
    > the game.
    gta5, fifa18/19 on ps3? Sure, if you are that poor...
    COD: Black Ops 4 Witcher and Red Dead 2, etc are only available on ps4.
  • btw, didn't mentioned Xbox or Xbox games. I wasn't even comparing (I don't even care tbh), I was asking questions, for logics.
  • @Hirox
    What a ridiculous statetment. So what is it? Sales defines the quality of a product?
    So in that case, by current sales the PS4 and Switch are much better than the XB1. LOL I wish, you "fans" of XB/MS would think twice before writing bs. It would prevent your comment to backfire on the company you worship...
  • > Sales defines the quality of a product?
    Didn't said that. Quality and sales are not related. But those low sales that target to specific audiences, are not really worth mentioning when you talk about console sales. FIFAs, COD, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, Apex Legends, (and maybe) Uncharted4, etc are the heroes here. Switch isn't in a good state. There were interview and quotes from the new CEO. Read that.
  • No they are not. A PC gamer won't buy a new console to play multiplayer games he can already play on the system he owns. When you have tones of different type of games all these different genre just adds to the overall user base. Next, even when we consider someone who wants to buy a new console mainly to play multiplayer games what will he buy? The console that has the bigger library or the one with the smaller library?
    It's just logic.
  • Q: at what %, ps3 owners == pc gamers?
    Q: at what %, ps4 owners == pc gamers?
    Q: if 90% of ps3 owners == pc gamers, who's buying fifa18/19, gta5, cod, fallout on ps4?
    Q: if 90% of ps4 owners == pc gamers, who's buying fifa18/19, gta5, cod, fallout on ps4? What's hot on PC?
    LOL? Counter Strike? Battle Royales? Hearthstone? Minecraft?
  • In addition... In US.
    Q: at what %, ps3 owners == pc gamers?
    Q: at what %, ps4 owners == pc gamers? In EU.
    Q: at what %, ps3 owners == pc gamers?
    Q: at what %, ps4 owners == pc gamers? in Asia.
    Q: at what %, ps3 owners == pc gamers?
    Q: at what %, ps4 owners == pc gamers? This way, it reflects the market share better and it shows you why some games are more popular on PC, some are more popular on consoles.
  • Well done. You just proved why Sony has been very successful this generation. A wide Variety of great exclusive games which SELL SYSTEMS, generate RIDICULOUSLY high sales (seriously, in what world is 9 millions sales for a single game considered 'low' lmao). It's about return on investment What single game in the HISTORY of gaming has sold 80 million copies (to match consoles sold) no, sorry friend, I know you're running out of trolling material but it doesn't work like that in reality. Both xbox and playstation attracts millions of casual gamers who would only Play Fortnite, call of duty and fifa For example Sorry, I'd love to prove you wrong further, but you just destroyed yourself with your own comment. How ironic lmao.
  • > Both xbox and playstation attracts millions...Play Fortnite, call of duty and fifa
    That's correct. FIFAs, COD, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, Apex Legends, etc are the main driver. Not Persona5.
  • You are being silly, Hirox.
    console 1 offers multiplayer
    console 2 offers multiplayer + persona 5 + Uncharted 4 + Horizon ZD +...
    Where will consumers move towards? Console 1 or console 2?
    Use your common sense and maybe you'll understand.
  • Die hard fan excluded.
    1st wave of average joes will move to a platform that has better PR or CP. Then their friends will move in afterwards.
    So, a normal gamer wanna play COD, BF, FIFA, Witcher, he goes for ps4 (prior to mid2016, xbox is just like any old-gen console, more expensive with PR issues), then he brings in his friends. > That's correct. FIFAs, COD, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2,
    > Apex Legends, etc are the main driver. Not Persona5.
    Where's the conflict?
  • Here's the thing. Playstation exclusives this gen have been superior to Xbox exclusives. The consensus and overall sales suggests as such. I still like my One X, but PS4 has sought after games on lock.
  • No not superior..just more of them..
  • @JMV
    You do know that quality is subjective.
    Here the comment is based on the opinion of critics and on average ratings it got.
    The last Halo and GoW were the worst rated main games of their franchise.
    SoT, SoD2 got very low ratings. Yes, Forza got good ratings but that's one game. And we should not forget that it's a yearly franchise. Sure you may love game like SoT where there is no real story or goal. Where you just wonder in an empty/lifeless world doing an infinite number of randomly generated fetch quests but that's not what the majority of professional gaming journalist prefer... The PS4 provided a number of new IP and their studios just moved on doing new things like Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon Zero Dawn instead of the usual Infamous or Killzone.
    If anything it as MS who were the mcdonalisation of this industry serving us the same usual sequels. Forza 5,6,7..., FH 2,3,4... Halo 5, GoW 4, Crackdown 3, SoD2...
  • > You do know that quality is subjective.
    Fans, magazines and critics praised games like Okami or Last Guardian, Okami == low sell and low sell == quality games to majority? (Some) Single players might gross in people but its usually the multiplayer genre (including e-sports) that tends to retain a larger audience. Those are the ones that are selling consoles. Killzone... good sell? Passed BP? Quality? e-sports for continuous revenue? Well... it's not Uncharted, maybe that's why Sony moved away.
  • 1) didn't understand your point 2) Do you have proof of that? 3) I don't deal with speculation. The fact is these studios do something else and not the same neverending sequels...
  • Fans, magazines and critics praised games like Last Guardian (10 years in dev?) and Detroit.
    LG's sales == sxxt. Fans, magazines and critics praised games like Apex Legends.
    AL's sales == jealousies among publishers. Sure. from someone who knows nothing, that's all you can say.
    I'm not obligated to do your homework for you.
  • "i'm sorry but I completely disagree with the fact that MS had lower quality exclusive...." You're excused. At this post the gulf in quality between xbox one and ps4 exclusives couldn't be WIDER. This is not even an opinion anymore, no matter how much it kills you inside and no matter how much you try and spin it to suite your clear agenda and love for xbox (which is perfectly fine, we all have our opinions and tastes). Just be prepared to get trounced when making ridiculously stupid and false statements like "PS is the mcdonalisation of gaming quantity over quality..." - jesus Christ, that's the most desperate thing I've ever seen an xbox fanboy spew out his mouth to Try and make himself feel better about the fact his favourite console is way, way behind the competition's. just another jealous xbox fanboy that can't accept the PS4 has overwhelmingly dominated this generation and one who can't accept that Sony first party has been killing it in delivering some of the best games this generation, whether you like it or not. Honestly, you lot are unbelievable with your bullshit. It's like you're living in a parallel universe. What's even more pathetic is that you say this in light of microsoft releasing half baked pieces of trash (comparatively to Sony's first party) like state of decay 2, sea of thieves, recore, upcoming crackdown 3, etc. Top it with the fact that master chief collection was hopelessly broken at launch, halo 5 having the worst campaign in the franchise and gears 4 kind of just coming and going without doing much to enhance the reputation of the franchise (which is far weaker now compared to when GOW 1 released) there has been nothing special or great about Microsoft's game output. The only exception is Forza, which is literally the only franchise they have taken to the next level. Everything else has taken a step backwards come, try argue otherwise. There is no way in **** microsoft has a better line up than bloodborne, uncharted 4, uncharted lost legacy, the last Guardian, infamous second son, killzone shadowfall, ratchet and clank, shadow of the collosus remake, horizon zero dawn (lmao o man, the way you lot try and downplay this Game makes me laugh and feel sorry you) persona 5, God of war (lmao, GOTY 2018, sorry that this masterpiece kills you inside) detroit, until dawn, gravity rush 2, Spiderman, resogun, gran turismo sport odin's sphere, PSVR's Astrobot bot (which got numerous GOTY awards and nominations) . Yea you get the point. There is not even a contest when comparing the respective line ups. With ghost of tsushima, dreams, day's gone, TLOU 2, medieval and death stranding coming out before next gen, it should be pretty damn clear which console manufacturer has won this generation where it counts the most. That is games, and it is reflected in hardware sales. Sorry.
  • In terms of top quality AAAA visuals, animation and game design I expect The Initiave, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment and The Coalition to be the current 5 big storytellers and RPG creators of the first party lineup. Next Xbox will likely release with Halo Infinite, Fable 4, Forza 8 and whatever NT is working. The Iniatives fort game will probably be 2nd year of next Xbox.
  • I just one a sneak peak of what a hell are they doing in that studio, I mean, they have been hiring the best talent in all industry, What they are doing?
  • We shall see. I'm ready for something new and groundbreaking.
  • Really looking forward to what their AAAA studio will come up with.
  • This isnt news...stop with these articles