App Folder

Last Thursday Nokia had a very, very busy day. Not only did they start rolling out the Lumia Black update, but they introduced folders to Windows Phone via their App Folders application. It was received with mix results, mostly because it’s more or less a shortcut to apps and settings versus a native folder solution. Either way, we’re starting to get reports of random resets after users installed the app. Are you among them?

Both on Twitter and in our forums we’re hearing of devices like the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 920 having a higher than usual number of random resets. Tom Warren has been seeing it on his Lumia 1520 and Daniel has had it happen to him as well. In the forums there’s an entire thread where people are discussing their experience with resets after installing App Folders from Nokia. After removing the app, the reboots seem to stop

So we gotta ask, are you seeing random resets after using App Folders? Take our poll below!

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