Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the browser formerly known as Project Spartan and the name which divides opinion. Announced last week at Build, we put the question to you, the Windows Central community, to get your opinions on the new name for the Windows 10 browser.

And unsurprisingly, Spartan got plenty of support.

Of the 6,625 votes cast, the top choice was "It's OK." Meaning that you don't dislike it, nor do you love it. As it happens, "love it" was the third most popular choice, a good 10% back from "Spartan was better."

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More interesting is that these three options accounted for most of the votes. Overall less than 8% said they weren't that keen or downright hated the name. So, perhaps Microsoft didn't do so bad with it after all.

Of course, more important than the name, is how it performs. But, almost a week on, have you changed your mind? How do you feel about the Edge name now? Sound off in the comments below!