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Okay folks, we asked and you answered. Yesterday we posted an open discussion on what you thought were some missing features from Windows Phone 8, knowing what we know so far (which is actually a lot due to the SDK leak). We were curious and Microsoft is curious.

In turn we received over 600 well thought out and detailed comments on the issue and we poured over it, trying to distil the top requests.

Looking over the comments we picked what we thought were the top nine most requested and talked about features that are evidently missing in ‘Apollo’. You can now vote on those nine by choosing the top three features that you want the most come to Windows Phone.

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The poll is open till Monday, 6AM EST


Don’t worry if your feature didn’t make the list—Microsoft is no doubt looking at your 600+ comments and we’re sure someone important is taking notes. 

Our results will be given on to Microsoft for future consideration, so please pass it a long for others to vote. If you are using our app, please use m.wpcentral.com to take the poll.