Pricing for Nokia Lumia 920 in Hong Kong revealed?

The recently announced Nokia Lumia 920 is set to be priced in Hong Kong at just HK$3,900 (approx. $500 / £300), according to a report over at Consumers will also be able to pick up the new Windows Phone with a Wireless Charging Base and a Bluetooth headset for just HK$4,399 (approx. $570 / £350), which would aggressively compete with the HTC 8X that has been priced at just £399 including VAT (approx. $650) at a UK retailer.

The price conversions from Hong Kong Dollars would be before VAT is added on, so we'd be looking at around about the same as the potential HTC 8X tag for the Lumia 920 once it reaches UK shores. No official word has come from Nokia (or HTC) regarding pricing, so we should of course take this with a cup of salt, but we can see Nokia pricing their new hardware to undercut both HTC and Samsung. This would almost fit in with Lumia 800 pricing when the Windows Phone was released last November.

Alas, it's always fun to speculate and have our dreams taken to new heights with great deals, right? How much would you be looking to pay for both the Lumia 920 and 820 SIM-free?


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • You cannot base it on that. If you think pre-order pricing is right, expect a surprising price tag.
  • We shouldn't focus on this being the launch price, but it can give us a rough idea to what we can expect if the information is at all accurate. This of course rides in the same boat as the Unlocked Mobiles HTC 8X pricing, as well as any other retailers listing pre-order estimations. While it's not as extreme as what we've seen with Windows 8 tablets, it hasn't been far off in the past to use as rough guidance.
  • Sim free 500€(with VAT of course) and I'll preorder the 920 right now
  • +1
    But I'm hoping it will be compatible with my T-Mobile sim card-
  • It is basically one of the best phones for network compatibility and probably has more band support than almost any phone on the market. Just take a look at the specs here where wpcentral compare the HTC 8x and the Lumia 920
  • It will certainly start with 5 here in Europe with VAT included. 
    Though i think 500e is not enough on launch at least. GS3 16GB is 589e and i doubt that unibody poylycarbonate with the OIS and screen costs less to make for Nokia.
    550e and i will be happy. Though i do think it will go more towards 599e. 
  • I won't believe until I see
  • That is a bit too good to be true. Every manufacturer would give a device of this calibre a rsp of 599€ (vat included), at least when it comes to germany so the prices in the other european countries shouldn't differ that much . This then would mean a street price of something like 550-580€ or so in the first weeks. 
    Even if nokia wants to be aggressive I just can't see them going down to the price of anything near 300£. The 800 was not even close to that much of a high end device as the 920. The best I see happening is an rsp of 550€ and street prices around 500€.
  • +1
    My thoughts exactly.
    Nokia's official price will probably be 599e, while some sellers will on launch sell it for 550-599e. Imo the lowest streep price in the first 2 months could be 550e, now way Nokia will set the official price to 550e imo. 
  • Nokia should price the 920 really agressively. The success of the WP 8 plattform hinges on adoption. If Microsft doesn't succeed neither will Nokia. Once WP 8 has a significant market share, 10% +, they can start pricing their flagships more profitable, but as it stands they should really try to get a WP8 handset in the hands of as much people as possible. Ecosystem is everything these days, hardware is not as important. You won't get people switch from Android or iOS where they have spend hundrests of dollars in apps just because you have a few MHz more or a better screen or whatever. Changing ecosystems is a hassle so first they need to make the change worth their while, then once people are hooked they can start pricing profitably. It's a long term solution. Thinking people will pay the same amount for an 920 as for an iPhone because the camera might be better is not realistic. People invested a lot of money in their respective ecosystems and Micrsoft and Nokia should realize that. People would need a reason to switch. And why should they. The new iPhone is, and don't hate me for saying that, a good phone and the people who buy it will probably be happy with it. So why should they switch when the 920 doesn't offer anything that blows their minds. And again, don't hate me for saying that, but the ability to wear gloves while useing your phone is nice, but it doesn't blow anybodies mind. So, i would say the only reason people might switch is simple money. If you want the new iPhone or whatever and it will set you back 600$ and you could get a HTC for 550$ you probably won't consider the hassle of switching. But if you'd get the 920 for around 400 it might just be the puch you needed. So my advice. First price really agressively to get people to your ecosystem. That might not be the way shareholder and investors want. They are always after the quick buck. But in the long run i would guess it will be the wiser thing to do.
  • I agree with you but don't forget there's still a lot of people that haven't purchased their first smartphone so it's not all about getting people to switch OSs; Microsoft also wants first timers to lock them into the ecosystem.
  • Sure, you're absoltuely right. And i know that Microsoft is after that target group. But still, the arguement remains that if Nokia prices their handsets agressively, it might get more of those people who haven't bought a smartphone yet, to the WP 8 camp. The point is that Nokia just can't afford to price their products like the iPhone or GS 3 even if they are euqally as good or better. It's tough and it's not fair but that's the way it is right now.
  • If Nokia can hit £399 to purportedly match HTC, it's a no-brainer for me. Having said that, I think it's highly unlikely.
    Edit: Carphone Warehouse has the Lumia 800 priced at £379.95 SIM-free and the Lumia 900 £429.95 SIM-free. (Strangely both are cheaper than the PAYG offerings from CPW.) As much as I want the 920 to be this aggressive, I can't see it undercutting the current 900.
    Edit 2: Phones4u has the Lumia 800 SIM-free at £329.95, but doesn't appear to have the 900 *at all*.
  • Amazon UK currently has the Black, Sim Free Lumia 900 priced at £296.99.
    The Lumia 800 Sim Free at £199.00
  • I don't see it being that price to be honest seems too low
  • AU$700, but ill pay up to $900.
  • Here in finland lumia 800 was sold for about 400€ at launch and lumia 900 for about 500€, respectively. My quess is that I can get lumia 920 for maybe 550€. Anything below 600€ is fine for me, though.
  • I wouldn't mind paying 500£ for L920...i gotta have this phone
  • I will pay almost anything to get this phone ( up to 800 US) althought I'm pretty sure it will cost less than 700
  • They will come in at under $649 because they need to undercut the iPhone 5 on price. Carriers are also looking for more devices without the huge $450 subsidy of the iPhone. That said I think the device is reasonably priced at $599, but I expect it to come in lower ($499-$549).
  • $600 and I buy that thing in one fifteenth of a heartbeat.
  • Lumia 900 was priced at $524.99 at Rogers (Canada) when it first released. I can't say if we'll see the 920 priced similarly given the fact it not only performs as well (if not better) than the competition, but is as well equipped (if not better) than its competitors.  However, it's not as if Windows Phone 7.5+ has broken much ground since 900 released, so lower pricing may be a good idea. I don't see the 920 costing as much as iPhone 5 ($649.99), so I suspect we'll see it at $599.99 at most, and $524.99 at least.
  • This seems a bit absurd. I am in Hong Kong and the Lumia 800 has been discounted to about this price at present. Hard to see Nokia releasing their new flagship at the same price point. 
  • If I could get a Lumia 920 for $500 contract free. I would be SMITTEN.
  • If the Lumia 920 is priced at $500 no-contract price I would have absolutely no hesitation in picking one up, as well as recommending one to everyone I know! 
  • £400-£450 in the UK, on Amazon for example, with a bundled wireless charger and I'm in...
  • Sim-Lock Free 600€
  • Ha ha ...your price is a joke...
    Check the latest new about the pricing:
    " in Hong Kong the Nokia suggested price is HK$5,598 (4,520 Yuan) and Lumia 820 is HK$4,398 (3,562) "