SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 coming to Clove Dec 1st, pre-order now

A while back Clove, a UK mobile phone retailer, announced on their blog that their stock of unlocked Nokia Lumia 800s would be delayed until January 2012 (opens in new tab). Today, they've stated that the date has been pushed forward to December 1st. Ordering via Clove (opens in new tab) will set the buyer back by £369 (excluding VAT), not a bad price at all.

So how many of you will be picking one up? Remember, it requires a microSIM card, so hot-swapping phones on your carrier of choice could be an issue. And while you wait, check out our review of the Lumia 800.

Source: Clove Blog (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That seems a great price, although the picture above does say £442 inc vat.
  • Clove always show their prices excluding VAT, so you'd be paying the £442 price tag.
  • Amazon UK are showing 14/12/11 for the Black and 01/01/12 for the Cyan, both priced at £499.
  • I just pre-ordered one 385 inlcuding VAT + shipping to Canada (2-3 day) so I should have it first week of December cant wait beats any price out there! Thank you WPCENTRAL I was just about to buy it on Ebay or Expansys for like 700 not a good look
  • I'm in canada as well and was thinking of ordering one, but decided to wait for the cyan model. Can you post back eventually and let me know what kind of duties or brokerage fees you got hit with.
  • oh snap i totally forgot about brokerage fees ughhh i will keep you posted where in Canada are you located?
  • I'm in Canada and I ordered it too.  Hopefully the brokerage fee's aren't killer.  According to DHL's website, brokerage fees are 2.5% of the total value of the item excluding shipping.  So it'll be around $15 dollars for brokerage fees but with taxes i'm assuming we'll be paying about $90 in total above the price of the phone.  Still cheaper then all other online stores so not to worried. Super Excited!! :)
  • Nice I e-mailed them to see if I can get a Cyan or Pink phone instead going to go with the Pink just to get peoples attention (smart marketing I know :)) Are you guys located in Vancouver? Its an iPhone city over here very dissapointed
  • Getting the Pink...that's awsome. I'm in Calgary and I see iPhones everywhere I go. One size fits all may have been ok when consumer smartphones were a niche product, but why would I want to wear the same shirt as everyone else. Anyways, enjoy the phone & keep us posted.
  • Nokia Lumia 800 Black and Cyan is available for £399.95 SIM Free from Phones4U.
  • There are adaptors for using a microsim in a regular sim phone. Maybe everyphone from this point on should be microsim. But then there's that nanosim standard comming to ruin it all again. Then you need  nanosim, inside a microsim adapter, inside a regular sim adapter. hehheh
  • If you look at the Site spec of the phone, Can you pick the error??
    Features of Nokia Lumia 800
    Windows Phone Mango 7.5 1.4GHz Processor Slim Unibody Design 16GB Internal Storage & 25GB free Drop Box Storage 8MP Camera with auto-focus, LED Flash, Carl Zeiss Lens Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G Nokia Music, Nokia Drive & Nokia Pulse XBOX Live, Zune, Microsoft Office & Outlook Mobile 116.5 mm x 61.2 mm x 12.1 mm 142 g Since when does a Windows Phone use DropBox, Hello SkyDrive!!!
  • I pre-ordered this last night and already this morning I got an e-mail saying they expect it on the 6th now... Hopefully there won't be more changes!
  • Samsung Focus S better phone. 
  • Looks like expansys dropped the price of the phone.  It's now $754.99 Canadian compared to $849.99  before.  Shipping within 3 days according to their site.
  • When is the Lumia 800 coming to SA, I seriously need that phone, it's only wave 1 omnia 7 that's here.