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The private beta app for BBM on Windows Phone may be here but you can't have it yet

BlackBerry may be the struggling for relevancy in 2014, but they still have a couple of valuable properties, including their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service, which is now on iOS and Android. Earlier this year, BlackBerry announced that a version for Windows Phone was also on the way, and July was last reported as the due date.

With that introduction, it should not be surprising to find the private beta of the app hiding out on the Store under the BlackBerry Limited publishing name. However, like all good things, you cannot download it yet. Private beta means you have to be on the tester list, and that involves using your Microsoft Account ID. As a result, you can look at the app on the Store, but you can not download.

BBM for Windows Phone can bring more parity between iOS and Android when released. As to how the app looks, we still don't know. Windows Phone Central reported earlier that Modern UI elements would be present, while preserving the familiar BBM design:

"…BBM going forward will strive to maintain a healthy balance between BBM maintaining its own identity while still honoring the best practices of platform's guidelines. In other words, BBM users moving between platforms should recognize and know how to use BBM in an instance, while at the same time the app should still look and feel like the best native apps on the platform. For Windows Phone, expect BBM to feature its own live tile and panoramas."

The release of BBM for Windows Phone is most likely just days, if not weeks away. Windows Phone Central is attempting to verify that this is this real BBM app, even if a private beta.

Update: We have confirmed that this is the official BBM app from BlackBerry. The app is not coming out tonight, but BlackBerry will be extending the beta to some users in the near future. BlackBerry will announce details about that beta soon.

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Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Need it badly ... Then I will not need whatscrap
  • Whatscrap, LOL!
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  • Another theme for idiots.
  • Of all the tech people I know literally zero of them use "WhatsCrap" i was shocked that FB paid what they did.
  • Here in India, everyone uses WhatsApp. It is not crap, it's a way of life
  • Well in also from India .. Majority of my friends use bbm .. So you can't say that ..
  • Fight fight fight!
  • LOL
  • I need BBM. I don't whatscrap
  • In Indonesia also majority is using BBM and WhatsApp. I can said most of peoples is using WA to chat with Blackberry owner since Blackberry previously market leader here. and BBM at that time only exclusive in BB. furthermore Line version for BB is bad and drained batery so fast at that time WA is the only option to connect with BB owner. I think now everyone starting to move into Line or Kakaotalk. I think because of free 1 year WA already expired for some people and Line nor Kakaotalk have a huge advertisement and promotion here..
  • Oh really bade log badi baat..
  • Well, my friend's cusin's buddy saw a man play an American Indian on TV once, and he uses neither...just SMS.
  • "Everyone"....yeah, no.
  • I am from India ... and I hate to use it.. i am using it because  some of my friends forced me to use that :P, And for "the way of life" part never try to generalies your own beliefs for rest of the population.
  • for one it's not crap and no offsense this time but i'm assuming you're american(or maybe canadian) you guys seem to mostly have cheap texting and i rarely hear about you guys with whatsapp i was shocked when i went to canada for school and found nobody who's from canada who uses it and when i visted my cousins school in america didn't find anybody there who used it either but i know from internaitonal studens that it's just as popular to them as for where i'm from
  • I'm from India ..
  • Don't you bring Canada into this. Blackberry is Canadian.
  • Not since they've used foreign factories for repair/manufacturing
  • All repairs for devices sold in Canada are done in Canada.
  • Americans have cheap texting? That's laughable, here in Ireland for €10 a month off contract I get unlimited texts along with 1GB of data and 300 call minutes.
  • Your last name is Wiener!!?? Bwahahahahahaha!!
  • That's a German name.  So?  Stop showing your ignorance.
  • They paid for the access to all the young people that use it.
  • The thing is, most of the people I knew who seemed to only ever use BBM, have now mostly migrated to iMessage or to a, surprisingly, lesser extent Whatsapp. I feel once it's released, most headlines will say, "breaking, Frozen T-Rex released on Lab-Grown T-Rex".    Either way, a welcome app I'll be downloading.
  • iMessage? That should just vanish.
  • Well it's been out for a while for iOS and Android, so some people must already know how that's affected usage of WhatsApp and iMessage. We're sadly just 4% as WP users so won't make much difference to the overall picture. I have never used BBM but would like to see BB become important again, they were pioneers and deserve some credit for messaging over upstarts like WhatsApp and others who are copying what has come before. That said, would be nicer if Skype had a better and lighter client and everyone used that for messaging, another MS mess up there when they killed Messenger.
  • im pretty sure imessage is only on apple? or did i miss somthing
  • Nope, you're quite right it is iOS only. But that's the thing you see: Despite things like kik, ping and Whatsapp, people were still buying BBs because, well, you couldn't get on to BBM without it. Similarly here, some who could go either way, buy an iPhone so as to not be left out of their circles, believe it or not. Plus, you now have access to the supplimental servies (kik etc) and an exclusive one, on a device that's considered premium with the first go-to market place. So it is a (huge) selling point for many.
  • I agree. If Skype was a good bit lighter and less power hungry and deeply integrated with the OS (even a little deeper than in 8.1), then yea, I'd see it being worthwhile as competition. It's not an all inclusive messaging platform a-la iMessage, it's a really good messaging platform that's considered just an app barely many use. Muchless in 4% of the market (granted, saying 4% is better than 3% we were saying last year). If we had a sizable dent in the market... I strongly feel it's a mixture of noise and the low end market as to why there are even (some, half assed) official apps making releases these days. 
  • If Blackberry had been switched on and released BBM for every platform a few years ago then iMessage would not have taken off and it would be easier to move back to a Blackberry from an iPhone.  But people get entrenched in a set of friends who live through iMessage...
  • Well at least this is faster than flipboard
  • "Sorry you don't have permission to download this app".. This is what it tells me..
  • Did you read the article or the title atleast? lol
  • lol, you're maybe one of the fandroids who reads the first word of the title then go straight to comment.
  • I like it.
  • BBM is more or less outdated in my opinion.
  • I assume so but then again I've never used it to see how many friends actively use it. It is on iOS & Android, but last time I asked they also all used Whatsapp.
  • In my case... Almost all people I know has BBM... It became the main communication method in my family after normal call and text messaging... So, I do need it..
  • Its a matter of having as much as official apps as possible on the platform.
    I'm one of those few who still using BBM, I'm using my dads iphone for that sometimes.
  • If BBM is less battery thirsty, then I'll work on switching peeps to it. I think WhatsApp is a main source of my battery woes.
  • Totally agree...Whatsapp its a battery hog!
  • I don't find it too big a drain. I wonder how many people on iOS have moved from WhatsApp to BBM? Interesting to see big companies like MS and BB as former market leaders going from being exclusive to having to be more service based and have their products on all platforms whereas Apple and Google have things more exclusive (though Google has had to put most of their services on iOS).
  • +1525
  • How is having more features than the competiton outdated? You either don't know the definition of the word or you've never used BBM on iOS, Android, or BB10.
  • Good one
  • Trust me.. It's not outdated. I like it more than WhatsApp cause BBM has more features and security.... and best of all it's ad free (unlike Line or Wechat). People often disses BBm due to the falling market share of Blackberry. But BBm-the app, is probably one of the best IMs out there.
  • I would like a beta invite. Where do I sign?
  • You don't.
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  • Hello Daniel. I can download
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  • *Jack Bauer voice* Make it happen, Rubino.
  • Dan Rubino sleeps with sunglasses on and puts on another pair when he wakes up
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  • But "install" button appearing on the screen. That means I could download it, right?
  • Nope, tried it, it just returns Sorry, you do not have permission to download the app after showing Downloading... in the middle of the screen for a few seconds.
  • You can sign on a cheque for wpcentral
  • Chances are its the same way they did it with ios/android thru bb beta zone
  • I just signed in with my old beta zone account - but I couldn't see it anywhere
  • I heard its gonna be in store on 15 july
  • Oh really? Reliable source?
  • Shhhhh! the words "reliable" and "source" are like WPCentral's Voldermort words...
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  • Show us "you know who" about this rumor!
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  • No doubt Daniel is so sassy.. ‼
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  • HAHAHA +T-1000
  • Seems like just yesterday when everyone I mean everyone I knew had a Blackberry... Poor chaps
  • And us poor Windows people were stuck with shoddy Windows Mobile 6.1. lol!!!! Of course people used Blackberry or Palm...... pre-iPhone.
  • I have little hopes for WP8's futrue sadly :( all these Android Lumia rumors coupled with all the complacency among my fellow WP users.
  • You're not one of the optimistic ones are you.
  • He's just calling what he sees. We shouldn't be a pacified community...keep voicing concerns. It helps the cause (though it can be depressing for fans, too)
  • Good thing is... Lots of my friends who's an old used of Nokia still change to Lumia as their first Smart Phone... Just shows how user's loyalty matters. Microsoft just need to do more catch up so it won't make the users feel left out.
  • In terms of what? I'm assuming apps.
  • Can't save contacts on sim card, Skype is hopeless, "running out of memory on line 1", usb tethering, auto update time & date, the xbox music, video and the list goes on! Need to poke the phone to see missed communication? Btw interested in Nokia. Would check if the x family is more capable!
  • Auto update of Time and Date already in WP 8
  • I suppose saving contacts on SIM is still essential for some, but when you have the ability to back your contacts up to your email, it's quickly becoming outdated, IMO. When I use to save or back up contacts to SIM, I still had to go and add other information that didn't get saved. As for Skype, I haven't used it enough to have the memory problem. The date and time on WP has always been able to update automatically. The notification center takes care of the missed communications, assuming you have 8.1. The official release, along with the Cyan update will bring features not included in the Dev Preview. Xbox video and music is improving. Although, I will admit that the recent update to Xbox video did something funky on my phone. As for music, I suppose there is always room for improvement, but it does what it needs to do. USB tethering would be nice, but most phones have hotspot built in. Now, for the low end phones that do not have hotspot, tethering is important. Although, I'm not sure if that is a WP thing or carrier. I've never tried. But, I believe the official release of the upcoming updates will bring WP in line with Android and iOS.
  • How can you judge the future of windows phone where you even don't know the spelling of 'Future' @Sir William Wiener
  • I actually preferred WM 6.x to Blackberry.
  • What? BBM? What is it? Is it an app? It it good?
  • BBM let you enjoy the features of black berry service without buying their devices
  • Sounds familiar
  • I love when others don't understand the sarcasm!
  • Well it is hard for some people to derive emotions from text, that is why ending a sarcastic remark with /s or /sarcasm helps :P lol.
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  • Be careful!! You might actually find a nice one.... My current GF, the one on my profile picture,,, I actually met on POF..... We've been together almost 8 months!!!! I owe it to POF big time!!!
    Edit... Wrong article... Lol!!!!
  • ये बहुत जटिल होता जा रहा है!
  • Honestly who uses BBM? I havent used BBM since 2007 when I had a Blackberry.
  • In my country (Indonesia) BB is still considered as a great device for communicating with other people... Although now BBM is in Andro and iPh (WP soon), the Z3 Jakarta is selling like hotcakes here because of its low price (despite normal specs)
  • And there are many 'alayers' using it -.-
  • Alay -.-
  • Alay mana? Alay pondok gede? _._
  • Wkwkwkwkwkw. Kacauuu!
  • Like it or not, we gotta accept that it's still preferred service for lots of people.
  • Lol No. Those alyers moved to more "hip" messengers like Line or KakaoTalk.
    BBm is still a great app. And it crossed over to other OS too. Even if you don't like BB, you can't deny its usefulness and great features.
  • Please don't use some 4lay word around here that's emabarsing you know still I love Line better than BBM why? because i can't still get whatever message i missed unlike BBM :v and it's stiker is damn intersting
  • Well my 18yo daughter refuses to give it up.
  • Only in Indonesia (maybe). Person can be tell and sell the bussiness with, "pinnya berapa mas?" Dan ini jamak :(
  • Well why don't people ask "Username lina apa?" or " ada E-mail yang bisa dicontact?" seriously if you talk about bussiness E-mail way better. and nowdays opening e-mail lot of easier than before  
  • Goddamn right!
  • Hey Dan, you could have used the bbm icon on a windows phone instead of showing it on X(Android).
  • It's subtle but not so subtle they're prepping us for the surrender
  • What are you talking about ? The picture shows a Lumia, not X.
  • I can download the app
  • sorry. I Just tried to install and nope I dont have permission to install
  • Did it install?
  • Is it working...put up a pic as proof
  • How did you sign for the beta program?
  • No pic meand nothing!
  • Lol! Bluffing
  • Daniel do an article about the Android Lumia. I'm curious what's your take on it.
  • I don't think it's worth making an article about that, as it's only a rumor, for now anyway
  • Have you seen WP's US market share it's tanking faster than Myspace and VCRs... Cloud Man Nadella doesnt care and everyone here calls me a dooms day nut for saying the market is in a nose dive when it is.    
  • Stop
  • It's tanking cos no new device. No Lumia 520 successor or 1020 successor. Shelf life for a phone now is 9months after that if there isn't a newer model, its dead
  • Wow. Some of yall really do live blog to blog. 
  • it hasn't gone up this quater but most importantly it hasnt gone down, it has remained flat but has added new users in the process. Also btw android also has remained flat with zero growth in the USA.
  • I have a rumor.
  • i want THREEMA!
  • Oh noes! Whatever shall I do!?
  • The guy on the reddit link said it will be online worldwide in some hours
  • Yeah Thats Me xD
  • How sure are you? Where did you get your details from?
  • From A Windowsphone French Group
  • I guess the group was wrong afterall
  • I don't care about BBM anymore, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger are enough for all purposes.
  • Don't underestimate my power of suggestion :-) But generally I do agree with you.
  • I don't I hate FB messenger
  • I used BBM on blackberry 10 device and I like BBM a lot. Looking forward to this one! I hope they don't screw up like Viber on Windows phone...
  • Viber on Windows Phone is the worst app ever!!
  • Haha
  • May be u forgot SKYPE ... ! The standard of Worst app.
  • Please do release it fast.