Problems with Twitter? Don't blame the client

Has anyone else been having trouble with your Windows Mobile Twitter clients?  Specifically when you first launch, or have to have the application re-sign in you get an error message?

Turns out you're not alone. But before you blame the client you may want to know that it appears to be a Twitter issue, not a problem with your application.  For instance, these are the various error messages:

  • Twikini: "Something went wrong. Please try that again."
  • PockeTwit: "Communications Error"
  • moTweets: "Failed to Sign in"/ "Unable to retrieve your timeline"

Annoying, eh?  Even Jake Stevenson, head project manager of PockeTwit, blamed his program at first until others noted it seems to be not unique to PockeTwit.

Unfortunately we'll just have to wait and see if Twitter (who notoriously don't update/fix much) will address this or if any developer can come up with a workaround. (I also get a re-direct on the web version now, where one did not exist before--possibly related).

Any thoughts on the issue?  Sound off in the comments.

Phil Nickinson

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